October 3, 2022


Old Mixed With The New!

Dear Mrs. Jacano:

Over the summer, I participated in a profession learning experience with LUTE-STEM at Lehman College. I learned a great deal about online programs that can help students such as Scatch, Youth Voices, NowComment, and Kumospace. 

There was a lot to think about and to consider how to apply in the classroom, and in this letter I’d like to focus on how to incorporate Kumospace into our teaching because I believe it will help us to connect ad help our students with students have more time to practice with us outside of the school. One way I thought this will help will be with practice time. With Kumospace we are able to set up different stations on a floor where the students can move to and us as teacher can teach them in groups. So we would be able to put each instrument in its own section own section and teach each group together. My personal experience was great with this online program. I found it easy to use and navigate and I believe it will be easy and good for the students to be introduced. I believe this will help with their learning.  

I would like to propose that we start to teach the students how to work this program. We will ask them to bring their ipad or laptop ( that they received from school with their headphones) and put them in groups with the instrument they play and we teach them. The first example is we should start them using scales( which is something they already know) to get them use to using the program and seeing us use the program. We can play the scale and have then play it after us.  We are also able to   Broadcast which will allow the students to see us bigger on the screen and hear use clearly.   

The students will learn to operate kumospace and make their meetings that they can use to practice music or talk to friends. When the students complete this activity they will have made progress on these two standards which are students learning and building relationships with one another and learning new techniques that can help them become better musicians.  I would also propose that the students give each other feedback on their work. They could use this checklist to self-assess and to give each other feedback:

  • Students can log in correctly 
  • Students will be able to navigate to the designated area for their instrument. 
  • Students will be able to take turns playing the scale on broadcast mode. 
  • Students will be able to know how to meet on their own to practice together. 

This activity should take at least 30 minutes  to complete, which should allow time for productive struggle. To encourage persistence, I think we might assign students that have the same instrument to go home and log on together to practice. When they have finished this activity, I would be great if we could ask the students to write and talk about how they used one of these two Habits of Mind.

  • Taking responsible risk
  • Remaining open to continuous learning

I will also use these Habits of Mind to give the students both written and oral feedback while they are working and once the finish their work!

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. I hope you see how valuable this activity could be for our students. Please let me know if you have any revisions that I might consider for this activity. I look forward to working with you on this.

Habits of Mind, Habits of Life

Hola!  I am Harry Brake from Woodbridge High School (A Library Media  Specialist) and created an online video portfolio

that focuses on these three Habits of Mind #16, #1, and #10.  Now I COULD go into detail on these here, but I do that in my audio and I want you to listen to that!

I do believe it is more important, now more than ever, that students take the lead in their education. Now more than ever is a time for students to introduce concepts that teachers could consider when it comes to information being presented,, a collaboration of creating class if you will. Using Kumospaces, as well as Youth Voices, and NowComment, you , the student can have a commanding lead of what your education will look like.  You can dictate and help facilitate new directions to go and that in itself involved new Habits of Mind.  I feel I tried my best to represent these three habits of mind, in showing very diverse interests and paths that I have taken in my educational journey.  Check out my blog at to see more of the areas I have dabbled in.  

I am excited to hear and read yours!