August 17, 2022


Conditions of Being an Immigrant

In the article, “Alone at the Boarder” by Patricia Smith, detention facilities for immigrants are in torture like conditions as they provide little to no treatment for younger children and adults.  The conditions in these facilities are harming as the people are in extreme cold temperatures and have sleep deprivation due to lights being on all 24 hours of the day.  Immigrants usually seek asylum in America for a better life and flee from horrible conditions in their own country, however Trump has seen these immigrants who flee as “criminals” and any misdemeanor one has made may result in family separation.  Family separation has been a significant topic as they’re only allowed to be separated for only 20 days, that statement however hasn’t been entirely true as children have been separated from their families for over a year.  Congress has given over 4 billion dollars to administrations to improve facility conditions as well as ensuring that families stay together.

The conditions in detention facilities demonstrate the atrocities immigrants have to experience in order to find asylum.  In hopes that the government uses the money from congress to improve facilities, this should’ve been a requirement from the beginning.  It needs to be a priority for families to stay together, especially when all they want is to start a new better life.  I hope the conditions and treatment of immigrants improve drastically.

Is the treatment of immigrants upsetting to you and how would you improve conditions?


In recent years the topic of immigration has become one of great importance in both political and personal ideas. According to the Pew Research Center in 2018 the US admitted 22,491 immigrants into the US, this number is down 31,225 immigrants admitted from 2017. The reason for this is possibly due to the lowering admissions cap. The admissions cap is made by Congress and is the set number of immigrants allowed into the US. There are many reasons why people choose to migrate to America. The main one being that America is seen as the land of opportunity and the places in which these people are coming from have economic and societal hardships that they are trying to get away from. Many of the people who immigrate to America, whether that be illegally or legally, come to look for a better future for themselves and their families. 

Many people decide to immigrate illegally to the US due to the low admission cap and the rigorous and long process of becoming a legal US citizen. Those who immigrate illegally choose to do so because they feel they have no other choice and feel threatened in their home country. In 2017 the Trump administration decided to create the “zero tolerance policy.” This policy made it so that 2,800 families have been separated at the US-Mexico border. Supporters of the zero tolerance policy claim that it is to help trace illegal immigrants and to ensure that all members of a family are actually with their real family. According to Jessica Vaughn with the Center of Immigration Studies, “smugglers know that migrants who cross the border with a child are often released until their asylum court hearing. So many migrants cross the border with children who are not their own.” It is understandable why government officials would want to insure families are truly related to one another but separating young children from their parents is not the way to go about it. Although there may be a few who are truly not related the majority are related and it is unfair to assume the worst of someone when their situation is unknown.

The topic of immigration has become very popular in the field of politics, especially with Trump and his proposed border wall. The topic of a border wall has been a center point for Trump since the beginning but would it really work? The quick answer is no. Immigrants are desperate to get into America and will do anything they can to achieve it. Having a border wall would lead to more people dying trying to get into America. This is because people will find more dangerous ways to get across the border such as swimming through the ocean or digging under the wall. There are many problems with building the actual wall some of them including: the cost, natural barriers, and Native American land. According to Ron Nixon with the New York Times, “it would take 70 billion dollars to build the wall and 150 million dollars to maintain it.” Natural barriers would include the Rio Grande River, and the Otay Mesa Mountain range. According to the American Immigration Council, “the Tohono O’odam Nation runs along 75 miles of the southwest border, and members of the tribe have already stated they will not allow a border wall to be built on their reservation…federal law requires the federal government to consult with tribal governments before constructing on the land. Without the tribe’s support, the federal government could resort to condemning the land and removing it from the trust of the Tohono O’odam Nation.” Overall building a border wall would not be good for America because of the immense cost and the fact that it is against federal law to build on the land of the Tohono O’odam Nation. 

I believe our government has a very long way to go regarding immigration. I believe border security passes should be required to come in and out of America and extensive background checks should be required to those who are planning on living in America permanently. I do not believe that we should shut out those who are in need of help the most. We as a nation should not discriminate on people based on where they were born. These people coming into our country should be welcomed and cared for not rejected and pushed out. All they want is a better future for themselves and for their families and turning them away is not the American way. We are a country made of immigrants and we need to welcome our new age of immigrants who are coming to America, not to cause chaos and corruption but to create a better and more fulfilled life in their new home.

Why Do People Immigrate?

When the assignment of digital activism came up, I didn’t know what to pick. There are so many issue in the world that I wanted to fix. It was so difficult to isolate just one issue. However, immigration was a hot topic during the time. I love immigrants. My parents are immigrants. I go a school where most of the students’ parents are immigrants. I live in New York City, a city founded off of immigrants. It’s such a diverse city and that diversity is beautiful. This diversity is because of immigration. I want to help immigrants since they are around me every day. I wouldn’t want to be separated from my immigrant parents, why should I stand here and let that happen to other families? I sympathize with immigrants since I know that they are all coming here with the intention of simply having a better liufe for them or for their children. That’s something everyone should be able to have.

My video is an attempt to gain sympathy for immigrants. I wanted to show that immigrants don’t always have an easy trip here. They struggle through a lot and often don’t want to leave their home. My video explains reasons why people might need to leave their home in a simple to understand matter. If people learn why immigrants are coming to this country and put themselves in their shoes, maybe there will be more tolerance and respect towards immigrants. It’s not easy to move your whole life; its both emotionally and physically difficult. 

My video is an attempt to give a voice to the many immigrants that aren’t being heard and automatically being put into a category for trying to get a better life. It’s supposed to show that immigrants aren’t coming into this country to “steal jobs” or be criminals, they are coming to this country for a chance at life. I would fight for anyone’s chance at life, especially when they’ve done nothing to lose that opportunity to begin with.

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Immigrants get unfair discrimination

I am researching the question of bias in immigration policies. I found a lot of useful research studies on pioneer that directly address the issue of bias and immigration. The first study was about California’s Proposition 187 which deprives immigrants from many benefits included with U.S. Citizenship. A person in the study was asked for their opinion, and the results showed that ethnicity and opinion were dependent on one another. While their responses were independent of reasoned economics and legal considerations. The second article I found was about ethnocentric enforcement was most closely related to
people who favored a culture based society where people had citizenship and spoke english. This shows signs of racism against immigrants. The last article I found was about how prejudice and discrimination occurs because of a restricted view of justice. This shows that in order to get a healthier, unbiased country we need to educate our people about immigrations and the people it involves. Pioneer gave me a lot of real time, hard facts that really help support my conjecture that there is a bias in immigration policies.