November 29, 2022


About Me, Myself and I

I’m Jennifer, but I prefer to be called by my second name, Nicolle, with two Ls, please. I just turned fifteen in August of this year, 2022. I was born in Honduras in the year of 2007. I lived there for about nine to ten years of my life. For four years, I lived in Choloma, my exact place of birth, then I moved to my mom’s hometown, in Jano, San Luis. I was there for like four years after I moved back to my place of birth and lived there for like a year or two before coming to the U.S in 2019. When I got to the U.S, I lived in Texas for four years, where I finished 5th grade to 8 grade. I did 5th-6th grade in Pasadena Houston, and then 7-8 grade in the South side of Houston, in sunny side park. Although I moved from apartment to apartment, which forced me to move around schools, I didn’t mind that much because I got to meet lavish and dreadful people along the way. An example of lavish people would be my guy best friends/crush, Noel, whom I haven’t gotten over, and that was in 5th grade, I don’t remember much, I know he was about 11 or 12 years old, he also called The Grinch, that was my nickname he could only called me, yet I still chased him around the whole school after he called me that, he just laughed and ran as fast as he could, ah, good times. I lost all contacts with him after he moved, to who knows where, “Snapping 1, 2, where are you? You’re still in my heat. Snapping 3, 4, I still need you here with me right now-“ yet I still hope that I will get to meet him in the future, ‘Cause after all this time (4 yrs), I’m still into you(him).” An example of Dreadful people would be Jaqueline, the girl I thought I wanted to steal her ugly boyfriend, and the fact that she stole him, from her best friend is very, promising and also very concerning, I am not that type of friend though, also just so you know, they broke up, because he found out she was cheating on him, and that she was only with him for his money, which I told him after me and her stopped being friends. There was a lot of drama at my school that year, but it was worth it! Now I live in Brooklyn, and so far, it’s going great! 

I have a lot of strengths, but my top three are: being super positive, adapting in no time, and being flexible. I make everyone laugh. I also match everyone’s energy. I can get used to any new situation in a couple of minutes. Being flexible comes with the first two, and since I am good at both, it means almost nothing “concerns” me that easily. One of my work progress might be me still learning Korean. I’ve been attempting to learn Korean since I discovered kpop in 2020, but like any other teenager, I haven’t focused on it. That might be one of my bad habits or something like that. One of my accomplishments until now would probably be getting a medal for being good at history and graduating from middle school. I was in a pink dress with black blossoms. I also got to learn English in a month, so that’s an achievement.

About my family, well, I have three more siblings from my dad’s side, whom I have never met and only know about their existence. I have never met them, but I know the name of two of them, Kenett and Camilla. There is one before Kenett, but I am not well aware of her name; then my all I know is that she is the oldest at the age of 22, then Follows Kennett with the age of 20 and Camilla with the age of 18, then me with the age of 15, then all my younger siblings. My older siblings and I don’t have a relationship at all. On the other hand, my younger siblings and I have an okay relationship; but I think I have a better relationship with my brother. Even so, my relationship with my sister is not that bad. I have two parents, my mom, and dad. I don’t have a good relationship with either parent, my mom may think we do, but we don’t. I dislike both parents, mostly my dad, but even so, all seven of us still try to live as a family, although he doesn’t try that hard, and neither do I. Also in 2019 my parents got separated, because my dad was being abusive. My siblings, my mom and I moved to my aunt’s apartment, with her, 4 cousins of mine, and her boyfriend, but after five months we moved back with my dad, because we were having problems with my aunt’s boyfriend. They got separated after we left, because my aunt was mad at him for doing that to us, especially because he had them live with us for like 3 months, and both of them didn’t even pay rent. My mom didn’t pay rent at my aunt’s, but she bought food, and everything a house needed. (just fyi, my aunt’s boyfriend got mad at me for sitting on his favorite chair, while attending online classes, that’s why he kicked us out.)

Hispanic Month

In the article, “Hispanic Heritage Month: Sylvia Mendez” (BTW) I learned that black heritage month is recognized for the history of Mexicans. This situation lets people know more about their cultures and contributions. Mexicans sometimes have hard lives and come to America hoping for a better one. Sylvia Mendez was segregated to California when it was at the lowest, they didn´t allow them to speak their own languages or separate them from the rest.

I think what is happening during this time with Hispanics is not acceptable. It must be horrible to come to a new state just to be treated the same or worst than before. Sylvia is just an example but there are many more Hispanics with the same story or even worst that’s why she met with president bush to create this month where national Hispanics were celebrated for the events they overcame and just, in general, take appreciation of their culture.

Do think Sylvia made a good decision going to bush about her idea of Hispanic heritage month?

Hispanic Heritage: Latina American Writer

From the month of September 15 to October 15, Hispanic heritage month happens in the U.S.

Recognizing Julia Alvarez for her book, “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” written 30 years ago. She explains how 4 sisters from the Dominican Republic age in New York City. From a female perspective, it celebrates the experience of immigrants in the U.S. Happy of the work, it has been translated into 11 languages in 15 countries. She was 41 years old when she published her book.

Born in 1950, New York, she moved back with her parents and influenced her life experiences to inform and balance family culture in her native. She received lots of recognition and received lots of awards, like the 2014 National Medal of the Arts.

A moment for Julia Alvarez! AMAZING. How would you react if you won so many medals!?

Shadow Box

My Truths

By: Yadira Bugambilia
I don’t have many objects in my shadow box, just images of my family and friends. It might seem plain to others but not to me. Friends and family are all I really care about. I don’t have many hobbies; I just go on my phone and play video games. There are many Dominant narratives of me that people have. Some may be that I’m a drug dealer, have bad grades, or that my hair is fake, that I am mean or nice. There are so many dominant narratives for me that I am not aware of because everyone has different narratives for people by how they perceive that certain person and their race. Some may be true and some false but my Counter narratives show who I really am. I am Black and Mexican, nice, and funny, there are so many assumptions of me but I am the person who chooses who I want to be. People may not see that because of the dominant narratives people say about me and how I should act. Not many objects are shown in my shadow box, and that’s because I don’t have many objects with sentimental value and I’m not a crafty person.