December 4, 2022


Miss working out? Follow these “ten” steps.

During the pandemic and school year it is hard for most students to stay physically active consistently. Once lockdown started we couldn’t go out and exercise all the time, and even now with the rising cases it’s hard to want to go anywhere, but staying active has its benefits. After exercising you’ll feel happier, relaxed, and you’ll sleep better. The best part is you can do simple exercises at home that have the same end result. After a little research here’s some things that I’ve found that you could do to stay active. 

After reading the first article I learned that staying active is not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health. It will pull your attention away from whatever you were stressed about which will give your mind a break and prevent you from being overwhelmed and add to your productivity. One thing I’ve personally noticed is that even just sitting outside to change scenery has improved my productivity and stress levels. Also it’s great to just play with pets too. 

After reading the second article I learned that staying active in quarantine isn’t as hard as it seems, there’s no need for equipment or massive spaces. With a few fitness apps it’s pretty easy to do body weight workouts for beginners. The results from at home workouts on your mental health will be almost immediately beneficial, it also is something you could do during a thirty minute break just to get away from your screen.