September 28, 2022


Genetic Engineering: Gut Reaction

Genetic Engineering is the modification of different organisms in order to manipulate their genetic code. Genetic Engineering can be used in lots of different ways, such as modifying crops to feed more people, or by creating medicines such as Humulin to treat Type 1 Diabetes. I think these are good uses of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering in my opinion, should be used to help wipe out certain diseases and to help more people. I don’t think it should be used in a superficial way to affect what type of genes human’s offsprings will have unless it is for a medical purpose.

My Understanding of Genetic Engineering

I know that Genetic Engineering can be helpful and harmful at the same time. When scientists use it to make plants resistant to herbicides or chemicals to kill unwanted plant or insects that eat the vegetation. That can be good, but it damage the earth. It works taking DNA that will be helpful if other animal o plant would have it, and inserting it into the DNA of another animal or plant, to make it resistant against chemicals, delicious, or to make it grow more thus it will give more food. Photo by IAEA Imagebank

Genetic preference

My understanding for Genetic Engineering is as followed: to manipulate an organism’s genetic material. I still don’t know why people would want that maybe to help those with diseases or to prevent diseases. Which can also be dangerous.

Annotated Bibliographies – Medical

The meaning of Annotated Bibliographies is a different type of ways to do a research with a different type of cited ways. To use helpful research and valid ones it could come from books, journals and website using MLA, authors names and date publish etc. There has been the help of medical help at homes and at clinics where people are able to do it. Not everybody is been selected but it depend on what they ask for will depend if you are been selected and eligible for it. There are people out there they are trying to change the world and trying to learn new things and work ad help the community. There should be more help for the community at home or at the clinic. The pros and c0ns are that there is enough of help people with problems and help is not giving to them which they are not helping with their sickness. Now there are more people who are trying to change the community and they will help people who need help. There is a program call NDP and PCMH which is hard to get in. in the NDP is easy to work with and to get in get the hang of it but when it was done and done with the terms it moves on to the PCMH which is more complicated. There are things that are trying to stop from happening but there are more people who are working together and trying to make it work. It’s hard to make it but it’s worth to help the community and help the people who need help at home or at the clinic. 

Introduction into Engineering

At first I did not really have a understanding of what Genetic Engineering was but after the watching  Introduction to Genetic Engineering I have a better understanding then I had before. I know that many tools are used when you are working with things.  I have a understanding that you use the DNA from a organism and put it to pass on a trait. I did not know that you can also use genetic Engineering on food and also on things that can help people with diabetes. My gut reaction to watching the videos is that it’s awesome that you can do so many things with the DNA of humans and food anything. Technology is important becuase many things can come from using different tools and materials.

Genetic Engineering

Simply fascinating. Imagine having full control of the genes of your children, different species to limit or give them characteristics you desire. That is Genetic Engineering.

“Genetically Engineering Almost Anything” written by Eleanor Nelsen and Tim De Chant opened my eyes to the world of geneticists. Think about it, Esvelt and Caplan are creating possibilities that could lead to genetically modify mosquitoes to either be less susceptible to malaria or have this endonucleas that could change the gene drive. The gene drive can be used to override the 50-50 chance of the gene being passed down and possibly eradicate malaria with a 100%. Crazy, but is it safe? These geneticists want to bring it to the public to see if there is acceptance of these studies. People are worried of the safety if it is put into the wild environment. Yet malaria medicines and vaccines are not helping as much. It is developing more quickly and in the article it states, “Church says. ‘We have a population of 7 billion people. You have to deal with the environmental consequences of that.’” If change is to happen, let’s start now.

Application to Medicine

The application of Genetic Engineering is the medicine that I have chosen to write about. I have chosen this application because it is a way to help people who need help and it is hard for them to find help from. There is 6 top of different and they are Cancer, Vaccination, produce of blood factory, Somatostatin, Lymphokines, Hormones. The reason those are more top because it is hard for people to get help and they look at DNA to be matched with the right medication they need. Without the DNA and giving any kind of medicine it can harm them and it can go bad. Giving medication to every action with their sickness they have to look at DNA and use it to find the right perfect medication. It’s important to know hoe it works before giving anything to anybody.

Introducing Genetic Engineering

I was able to watch a video called “What is Genetic Engineering”, and the general idea I got from the video is that they would take a genetically engineered organism and fuse it with the modified DNA and having it become a better result. For example, they would take corn, and give it a specific DNA and make the corn more bigger, taste better, and/or last longer. For me, I believe that this is a bad idea because they are simply putting more DNA into organisms to make them seem more appealing. I think it represents GMOs and how they modify food into making them last longers and taste different and better to some.


Another video I saw was called “Recombinant DNA”, and the general idea for this one is that they would cut up a part of an organism’s DNA and connect it with bacterial plasmid and have it make copies of itself and get that desirable gene. It would go inside a bacteria at create more copies and later extract the DNA they want before doing the process all over again. For example, in the video, they would take a specific frog gene and stick them together with new plasmids into bacteria, they would multiply like crazy, then get tons of copies of your gene of interest. For me, I think this process is interesting and pretty cool because people were able to figure out how to cut up DNA and then make copies of it to have that trait become noticeable, resulting in them having the organism they want. The technology is very advanced, and it shows how it’s evolving.

An Introduction to Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is taking part of the DNA from an organism and connecting it to another organism to modify it so that it can have a certain trait it didn’t have before. Even though Genetic Engineering has been around for years, they’re still at the beginning stage to perfecting it. Ever since they have invented Genetic Engineering they have been able to create many things, like, insulin for diabetics, antibiotics, hormones, and have been able to alter ours foods. Before I started watching the videos and reading the articles about Genetic Engineering, the first thing I thought of was animals and food. I had read that in many labs they used animals to alter their genes, like making rats and fishes glow in the dark, and changing the genes of foods to make them bigger. After watching and reading about Genetic Engineering, though, while some companies might use it in a very negative way, I realized that it can also be used for good, like, creating medicine for people with diabetes, and creating vaccines for us.

Genetic Engineering

The idea I had about that Genetic Engineering is about DNA and it makes up with a simple of DNA. The DNA code has the same in everything but it is form and different way and it shows and makes up a spacial thing. When the scientist wants to make something new they take away a piece a DNA and they look at it and use a different DNA form and connect it together and make something new. It’s really interesting in which they make different forms and make something new or change something and make it better with just a simple DNA or replace a piece of DNA where it is in the wrong spot or it seems wrong in the ordinary.

The understanding of genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering is when a certain DNA is being inserted into another DNA to get the wanted results. It’s interesting to see how DNA can be inserted into to bacterial DNA, and since bacteria increases faster, the result that you want will be increasing fast, this’s good when it comes to medicine. But what was really surprising to me was the fact that the DNA acts as the instruction manual for the body, different parts of the organism are made when certain genes code for certain proteins. I learned that the Enzyme ECOR1 is used to cut the DNA and the DNA LIGASE is used to tape/put two different DNA’s together.

Genetic Engineering

My understanding of genetic engineering is taking DNA from another living organ and inserting it into another living organ. My gut reaction to genetic engineering was kinda disgusted by the way how many engineers use bacteria but it was reasonable considering it helps multiply the final product the person want’s. I wondered while watching both videos if we (the humane race) will take advantage of being able to genetically engineer  and start creating monsters and new species that are unnatural this was one of my most strongest gut reaction.

Genetic Engineering: An Introduction

My general understanding of genetic engineering is when scientist change the dna of one plant or put it on the other and make it create something new that almost the same. And my reaction was that mostly all companies do this and we eat it and is it good to eat.

What is Genetic engineering by Curtis Angelo

My understanding of what genetic engineering is that, it’s a DNA mixed with others genes to make modifications of crops  and medication. People who thinks  genetic engineering is great might not oppose of my opinion because I argue that genetic modification is causing environmental damages by pesticides being more resistant and more immune to generic crops. The fact that the scientists are using these technology to produce more genetic gene is unnatural.

Genetic Engineering: An introduction

Genetic engineering is the modification of organisms’ characteristics/ traits by editing or alternating its DNA. Genetic engineering techniques have been applied in numerous fields including research, agriculture, and medicine. My gut reaction to genetic engineering was the feeling of astonishment. I felt this way because it is very interesting and shocking being able to know that people can change an organism’s DNA, something that people weren’t able to do years ago. But, today, we are able to have people do these things, and knowing that it can change science in a whole new way, such as having cures for diseases is amazing.

Understanding Genetic Engineering

My first reaction, about genetic engineering, was quite confusing because I never heard of a way we can add genetic genes to something. I feel like we are using it the right way because it’s helping people eat, then again we shouldn’t go overboard. For example, trying using them to have your own genetic child, basically the perfect child.