September 28, 2022


What is Gene Therapy

“Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery”

This Gene therapy is dangerous if tested on humans how do we know what is safe anymore but if doctors try to get rid of a ll diseases we cant stop them we can somewhat modify the steps of process but this experiment can be harmful because what works with one human or animal won’t work so well on the next organism.

Genetic preference

My understanding for Genetic Engineering is as followed: to manipulate an organism’s genetic material. I still don’t know why people would want that maybe to help those with diseases or to prevent diseases. Which can also be dangerous.

Understanding Genetic Engineering

I understand how genetic engineering is modifying the characteristics  of an organism. I also understand and learned how it manipulates the genes and how it can be used for medicine.

The gut feeling i had once knowing about Genetic Engineering was nothing really but at the same time i was confused about it.

Application in Agriculture

A. Application in Agriculture

B. I chose this application because this has to do with food and crops that people are eating. I think this is important because because people deserve to know the things that are being put into their bodies when they eat.

C. Why are things put into are foods? Why don’t they tell us how they make and mess around with the crops? Are those materials they use healthy for us or no?

Genetic Engineering: A Discussion

Dear , Guadalupe

I am interested in post because GMOs in food always caught my attention. I want to see how fast or slow these GMO foods grow.

One thing you said that stands out for me is: “The mandarins ” Cuties ” are also genetically modified and this is a great example of how with genetic engineering you can change the characteristics for example the size, because if you pay close attention they are always the perfect adorable size and don’t forget the perfect color and taste” I think this is interesting because when i see regular oranges, they are ugly and stuff but when i see the cuties, they’re cute and clean with no marks.

Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i seen a stack of small potato’s that cost $6.00 and then i seen a pack or big flawless potato’s for half the price.

Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i want to find out the effect that GMO foods have on humans.

Dear Kemonjie

I am interested in your post because plants are being genetically engineered. I never knew that any of that was possible to do. How do they change plants without destroying it?

One thing you said that stands out for me is: “I feel that they should make certain laws to perform different things on food like the way they put parasite stuff to help the plants and stop the bugs from eating the plants.” I think this is intelligent because people may actually be eating poison or stuff that puts them at risks.

Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i seen a flower in the store that was rainbow and I have always wondered if it naturally grew like that. Flowers are too fragile to fiddle around with.

Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because plants are very fragile and I want to know the goods on how the scientist can not harm the plants.


Genetic Engineering: Taking a Position

Dear classmates,

Glow in the dark fishes are a safe genetic engineering experiment. They help out the environment by letting us know when water is polluted or not. If the fish glows, its telling us that the water is safe. If the fish doesn’t glow then its telling us that the water is polluted. Glow fishes are beneficial to the environment because it helps us determine water pollution quick without any issues. However, there should be more research put on the fishes because everything has a con and its weird how glow in the dark fishes do not have serious cons.

Genetic Engineering: Researching an Application

The genetic engineering application I decided to use was entertainment, glow in the dark fish.  The scientist studied the fish  and genetically engineered  embryos in the fish to glow in places overtime where an endocrine disrupting chemical is present in the fish. The pros of glowing fish are: the glowing fish tell the scientist when the water is polluted, they are safe for the environment, and they are easy to multiply due to them being able to produce fluorescent offspring’s. The cons of glowing fish are: humans are not able to eat the fish, if they escape into waterways they cannot survive and they are banned from marketing in certain countries.  The United States and drug administration approved glowing fish for human use .Glowing fish helps out the environment by letting us know when water is polluted or not. An ethical issue that my application raises is that there is no oversight to ensure that new animals that result from genetic engineering are really safe for people and the environment.


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Genetic Engineering: Choosing an Application

I chose to research the application entertainment: Novelty item.

I chose this application because I’ve always wanted to see what scientist did to find a way to make a goldfish glow.

How do they make the fish glow? Does this harm the fish in any way? Have they attempted to make another animal glow?

Genetic Engineering: An Introduction

Genetic engineering is cheating growth. The scientist fiddle around with DNA to change how things grow. I find is disgusting how its possible to make food bigger than it already is. It make me turn green when i think about what they do to the animals to make them bugger. Is it even healthy for us to get GMO food?

video thoughts

Honestly, it was hard to pay attention to the video. Science is not something I’m interested in. At all. I have no passion for it and I never have, even in school. I just did the minimum to get the passing grade. But I do see how the DNA can be manipulated by scientists by using enzymes. I think that is kinda cool to make something natural to artificial in a way (What is genetic engineering).  That then leads to an entire new gene being created. That’s pretty much all I can remember. I do feel like the way technology is used now is making us lazier as a nation though.

Genetic Engineering Introduction

From my understanding genetic engineering is  the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. My gut reaction to genetic engineering is that I am very afraid because it can seem very dangerous if it gets in the wrong person’s hands. An example of this would be someone bad modifying genetics to have people who are all types of sizes or make an army of evil minions.

Genetic engineering

Genetic  engineering is the process of taking a specific genera trait and putting it in a different living organism so that it can have the trait. Scientist do this for many different reasons.  They can do use for our food for example if they want apples to  grow bigger they may find the gene in an apple that is big and  put it into a smaller apple to make them bigger. They can also use this in medicine for example if someone is lacking insulin then doctors will find the part of the body that produces it and take it out  then insert that gene into bacteria so that we can have  more insulin produced for you. When I found out that scientist can do this I  was really shocked. It surprised me that scientist can do amazing things like this in  the 21st century. It mad me wonder what cool things can scientist do.  I also wondered if we can do that how close are we to actually cloning organisms. What are you guys thoughts  on genetic engineering?

Understanding Genetic Engineering

On my understanding of  Genetic Engineering, it is the action of modifying the genes of living organisms in order to form a new and better result. Scientists can alter the genes in the DNA by changing the genetic code in vegetable or fruits to have a certain trait. For example, many of our food gets altered in order to have them bigger or even last longer like strawberries becoming bigger or lettuce lasting longer. It’s pretty cool how they are able to spread a certain gene on living organisms like mosquitos and by having them inheriting certain genes, so you can begin to control what they have. However, I wonder if these things can be reversed and if they can make a certain gene to be more dominate again.

Genetic Engineering: An Introduction

Something I learned from the videos I watched is that genetic engineering is like someone or something designing a specific formula just to generate or produce a certain type of DNA with specific genetics. Genetics like color, shape, etc. As a result, we get new DNA with new and mixed genetics.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the process of adding DNA to an organism. The goal is to add as many traits that are not found in the organism such as crops with oil content, plants that resist to insects etc. Before watching the video my initial gut reaction was that it was awful. After I saw these videos and read the article I realized that genetic engineering can be helpful by making medicine with people with illnesses.