Hawaii’s Gun Laws and How They Reflect on the Nation

Gun control has been the subject of much back and forth within the past decade. Many believe that guns are the problem and the solution is to restrict those who can buy them. Others are on the complete other side of the spectrum and believe that people are the problem and the solution is that more people have guns to stay safe. However, the main thing thing that both sides agree on is that gun violence is an issue that must be solved.

Those who argue for Gun Control often point to Australia, a country that due their harsh crackdown on guns, has nearly no gun violence. However, the author of this article argues that we have out own island we can look to, Hawaii. The author begins by talking about Hawaii’s specific laws that they have put in place to restrict those who can receive guns and how well it has worked. These laws include background checks, waiting periods, elaborate registration guidelines, and strict limits on concealed-carry permits combine to seriously vet prospective gun owners, and limit impulse and illegal purchases.

As previously stated, quite a few Americans are on the opposite side of this argument. They believe that more guns are the solution. However, the author debunks this too saying that Hawaii is the perfect experiment because of it’s controlled setting. It is an island that does not have to deal with the extenuating circumstances of the main land and therefore we can look to it for guidance. If it’s gun laws are effective, as they had already shown that they were, then we can most likely apply them to the whole country with the assurance that they will work.

That also raises the question that the fact that Hawaii is an island may also be the only reason that it’s laws worked. For reform of this type to work on the mainland, it would require a federal change that is easier said than done.

The Benefits of Strict Gun Laws

Gun laws are laws that should be taken into serious consideration when any person can walk into a store and buy one. The article “Should There be more restrictions for purchasing guns and ammunition?”, says that policies discussed for buying guns have included “raising the age to buy a gun, requiring a federal background check before buying a gun, and raising taxes on ammunition to discourage its purchase.” All of these actions are laws that make it harder for just anyone to go in and buy guns which in turn make guns safer all around. People who are not mentally stable or that do not know how to use guns, should not be able to own one because it puts themselves and others in serious danger. 

The article “Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?”, says “Gun control laws have always sparked one of the most controversial debates in the United States”. Proponents of more gun control laws state that more restrictions will decrease gun violence. People will use the second amendment and argue that gun ownership is an individual’s right for self-defence. People should be able to have the right to self-defence, but there are certain people who should have access to guns, and there are certain people who should not have access to owning a gun. This is why there needs to be restrictions on who is allowed to have guns, restrictions need to be better and harder to meet the requirements. 

Gun laws are always a very controversial topic because some people agree that gun laws need to be more strict, and some people believe that everyone has the right of owning a gun. Gun laws become very political because of the two opposing views of the topic. Gun violence will decrease with more restrictions and with more restrictions, guns become less dangerous to humans but better for self defense or other things guns will be used for. 

Gun Control in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has some of the most extreme gun control in the world. According to Gun control and ownership laws in the UK – BBC News, in 1996 the United Kingdom “outlawed” handguns in hope to decrease violent crime and domestic homicide numbers. The government did not create legislation that completely eradicated the population of handgun owning individuals in the country but made obtaining a license and a legal firm arm very difficult. The legislation was primarily seen as a response to the taxi driver Derrick Bird killing 12 people during a shooting rampage. 

In 1996 the United Kingdom cracked down on gun control in order to try to limit and decrease the number of violent crimes. With the removal of a majority of handguns from the environment violent crime continued with perpetrators finding other ways to arm themselves. According Knife offences hit record high in 2019 in England and Wales | UK news | The Guardian, In 2019 the United Kingdom recorded a record number of knife crimes with 45,627 offenses. This is a 49% increase from the knife crimes in 2011. 

The gun control situation in the United Kingdom is directly related to the gun control situation in the United States. Gun violence rates are the highest in the United States because of the wide availability of firearms. Leftist political views expressed the necessity to implement similar gun control laws to the United Kingdom to decrease the amount of violent crimes. As seen in the United Kingdom stricter gun control does not stop violent crime but simple changes the mode of violent crime.

Should people have guns?

I mean, for me, I think people should have guns only if they are responsible for it cause it’s not the guns fault that kills people it’s the people whos behind the gun. You make the choice of pulling the trigger or not. The gun will not be pulling the trigger cause it’s impossible. But if you have a gun you just have to be really careful and keep it locked up if you not going to use it. So no one can grab it.  

I know that we are still going to be fighting about this topic because people think that we shouldn’t have guns. But if you think about it police officers be killing more people than any other people. But we don’t say anything like that’s unfair cause they can kill but not get charged. They will not get charged because they will be making random stories up so they can cover them up. But if you think about it “The police cannot protect everyone all of the time. 61% of men and 56% of women surveyed by Pew Research said that stricter gun laws would “make it more difficult for people to protect their homes and families.” People should have the right to protect themselves too cause police officers to take so so long to come to the scene and then if you think about it they will be dead when they will arrive so like wheres our safety. 

But if we do put more gun control laws people will not obey them no matter what because we shouldn’t have so many laws about gun control. Cause if we do then what’s the point of even having a gun and then even officers should obey them no matter what. Cause people are still going to buy them but not use them like that. Like some people collect them for fun. 

Here is my link if you want to read more about the gun control.

Outright banning guns won’t work. What will?

In today’s day and age, the topic of gun safety is commonly discussed. The increasing amount of violence, and specifically mass shootings, has called for some to pose the idea of gun control. Gun control is a system where the government would confiscate automatic to semi automatic weapons, as well as strictly enforcing who can or cannot possess a gun. Their main argument is that by keeping access to guns limited, we will in turn prevent the amount of violence occurring in our country. 

With this, there a some statistics we might want to keep in mind. According to GunsDownAmerica, “American teenagers are 82x more likely to die from a gun homicide than their international peers.” This is a serious problem we need to address, are many would quickly point to gun control being the best option so solve this problem. Along with this, the majority of homicides in the US have been caused by guns. According to Wikipedia, “66 percent of single-victim homicides and 79 percent of multiple-victim homicides.” Despite these alarming statistics, there may be a better option than our definition of gun control. One of the best options we currently have are called Red Flag Laws. Red flag laws are, in a sense, a lighter version of gun control. Instead of confiscating all weapons, they allow a judge to take away weapons from certain individuals who are labeled a severe threat. According to the New York Times, “Connecticut was the first state to pass a red flag statute, in 1999, after an accountant who worked at the headquarters of the state lottery fatally stabbed and shot four of his supervisors and then himself.” Prior to the shooting, the perpetrator had shown some warning signs of mental instability. While there are of course holes in this idea, it may be our best option at the moment, rather than outright banning guns.

Gun Control the only viable solution

Throughout recent years gun violence has become a more discussed topics, with the disgusting regularity in mass shootings and the suicide rates of the youth gun violence has cemented itself as a pressing issue. But people still believe we don’t need gun control and haven’t offered any finite resolutions. 

In 2017, three fourths of all murders were gun related and a little more than half of total suicides were caused by guns. Gun related deaths reached its highest point since 1968 in 2017. The deaths buy guns in the per 100,00 people is 10.6 compared to other countries like spain or germany which have rates of 0.9 and 0.6 per 100,00 respectively. This isn’t acceptable  anymore for a 1st world country. Mass shootings have risen from 6 in 2001 to 30 in 2018.

So when you look at the statistics and the grief and mental trauma the stats don’t show it’s clear that this is a real issue. Few alternate solutions have been made other than gun control and right now it’s our best answer.

How can we limit gun violence?

The issue of guns in America is one of, if not the most important issue that envelops the country right now. As more shootings take place in this increasingly polarized climate, the debate over what role guns play and who should own them is always pushed more to the forefront. It is a problem that needs to be addressed or else it will remain. Everytown Research states, “Every day, 100 Americans are killed with guns and hundreds more are shot and injured.” This very high number of people who are killed by guns every day is why this issue is so important. The effects reach far beyond just deaths. Fear and psychological hardships also come with the violence and destruction a person that should not have a gun can create.

There are an average of 36,383 deaths per year that are caused by guns. One third of these deaths are homicides. In the U.S. there are 4.1 gun homicides for every 100,000 residents. This is quite high, even higher than some third world, war torn countries. It is higher than Canada (0.3), Germany (0.2), Italy (0.3), Greece (0.2), etc. Compared to these developed nations, it is extremely high. One reason that can be attributed to this is the ease of access to guns in America. In certain areas, after one turns 18 and goes through a simple background check, you can buy a gun. This makes it much easier for the mentally ill, for example, to buy and use them.

Another way that any meaningful reform is slowed down is the second amendment. Gun advocacy groups, such as the NRA, use the right to bear arms as a means to keep politicians from restricting gun laws for reform. In order to ensure guns fall into the hands of good people, there needs to be a more extensive screening process before authorization to purchase anything. Many countries require a psychological screening before receiving the ability to purchase them. Keeping guns out of the hands of bad people while still maintaining freedom is the difficult task before us. Only when we find a good balance of those two ideas can that value of 36,383 be brought down. 

Why do school shootings happen?

The first school shooting was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764. However, the increase in school shootings started in the late 1980s. In 2005 there was a big decrease with only 5 shootings, but then it rapidly increased in 2006 with 38 shootings. Since 1990 there have been 195 fatalities from k-12 schools, which is 195 too many. There have been 374 injuries and 182 incidents. In less than 20 years there have been almost 200 people dead and almost 400 injured. 

Live science tries to break down why America is so prone to mass shootings. They say the history of gun violence and then talks about a study they did to try to figure out why it’s so bad here. They said, “The reasons for these numbers are complex, researchers say, but the data suggest that the availability of guns, and perhaps the American obsession with fame, may be to blame.” The availability of guns is clear to why school shootings would be so high, but the obsession with fame catches my ear because I’ve never really thought of it that way. Life science suggests that because people want to be known they think the only way to get known is by being a killer. 

Then Netivist lists all the reasons for school shootings. It also mentions the worst school shooting with Garissa University College with 147 deaths. Some big reasons for school shooters are school bullying, the culture of violence of entertainment and social media, and mental health issues. The US as I mentioned earlier is very bad with gun control. People own military guns and the process to get a gun is not that tricky!

Gun Control

Gun control is a topic that has been gaining the public’s eye as the years have gone by. This topic has created a division within the American public as some people are for it and others are against it. The people that are satisfied with our current regulations and are against gun control believe that: “the crime rate will not change if we take automatic firearms from the public” or “the current background check is as good as it can get and the most significant one is” and “it is not the guns fault but the persons state of mind of the owner.”

All of the points listed above I would consider them to be false besides the last one. You do have to consider the persons state of mind when you look at all the massacres that have occurred. I am on the side that is pro gun control because we have this a topic I believe is not being taken seriously enough. The number of mass shootings there are in the U.S continues to rise and nothing is seeming to change.

Finally, I hope change can come and that we never see a shooting at a school, workplace or anywhere. Some solutions I have include investing in smart-gun technology. We can eliminate promoting guns and we should pass gun laws that actually reduce gun violence.

Gun Control

Gun control is controversial in plenty of nations, particularly in the United States. Before exploring more in-depth on the topic of gun control, we should quickly understand what the law of gun control is. Gun control refers to the law or policy that restricts the trade, possession, and use of guns. In the article, Gun Control in the U.S., it mentioned, “The gun-control debate in the United States also necessarily concerns the proper interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which reads, ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,’” the law guarantees that U.S. citizens have their right to have their own firearms in their own territories.

The contradiction in gun control is dramatic apparent, and people hold various opinions on each side. For instance, proponents of gun control generally believe that the widespread possession of guns can be dangerous. On another aspect, opponents argue that gun control cannot reduce gun damage, murder, or suicide. Nevertheless, some believe that gun control is a tool for protection for their rights and benefits and for totalitarian government repression that would infringe on individual freedom.

We must do everything in our power to prevent the tragedy from happening to increase our safety under gun control laws. In the article, Gun Violence Must Stop. Here’s What We Can Do to Prevent More Deaths, it stated, “Through a public health approach that focuses on drawing from evidence and addressing the factors that increase or decrease the risk of gun violence, particularly in communities that are disproportionately impacted, we can save lives,” it provides plenty of ideal thoughts to prevent gun violence. In conclusion, to reduce the risks related to guns, we should address the contributors to gun violence and the prevention infrastructure necessary to ensure effectiveness. This is including proposals related to new frontiers for research and practice, to ensure that we continue to learn and increase our impact over time, then innovate the better policy about gun control.

Should semi-automatic guns be banned?

  1. Law-Abiding Citizens Do Not Need Assault-Type Rifles
    1. The writer’s claim in this article is that assault rifles are not necessary for citizens to own. One piece of evidence he uses to support this is that one of the only uses for assault rifles is going to “practical shooting” courses, a realistic environment where participants aim and shoot at human silhouettes. According to the author, Truscott, these courses are disturbing and “eerily” similar to courses he took in the military. He says that serial killers have been known to go to these courses. If the only use of an assault rifle – other than actually murdering people – is mimicking or practicing murdering people, there is no reason that citizens should have them.
  2. A Ban on Assault Weapons Would Not Reduce Crime
    1. In this article, the author, Marino, states he believes that assault weapons should not be banned. His reasoning is that semi-assault rifles are different than fully-automatic rifles, which are used in the military. He claims that they are no more powerful than other guns. Marino says banning semi-automatic rifles would not reduce crime rates.

I believe that there should be a ban on all assault rifles. If Marino’s statement is true that semi-automatic rifles are no more powerful than other guns, why do we need them? It is a safer option to ban them anyways. They might not be significantly more powerful than other guns, but they do automatically reload. Regardless, they are used specifically for killing – unless you are a murderer, you should have no use for a semi-automatic. If you need a gun for self-defense, a handgun will work just fine – especially if Marino is correct in that they are equally as powerful as semi-automatics.

Transition Sentences:

  • Some people believe that there is no point in banning semi-automatic rifles because they aren’t powerful, and although this may be true, they are still created with the purpose of killing or practicing killing.
  • Since semi-automatic rifle owners utilize them to imitate the action of killing people, all automatic rifles should be banned to discourage such behavior.
  • Semi-automatic guns may be equally as powerful as common civilian-owned guns, however, they automatically reload, faster than the other more common guns, meaning they are more effective for killing multiple people and should be banned.

Concessive Clauses:

  • Despite claiming that semi-automatic guns are not powerful, and that common guns work just as well, Marino still believes he needs a semi-automatic gun and thinks they should not be banned.
  • While it may be true that a weapon is necessary for self-defense, a semi-automatic rifle is not.
  • Since semi-automatic weapons were originally created specifically for military use, they are crafted to effectively kill multiple people in a short span of time, making them unnecessary and dangerous for any civilian to own.

Opinion on gun control




Youth Voices post 1

Why do people think that owning a gun is part of their freedom?

A major issue in modern America is the controversial topic of gun control. In recent years gun related violence has gone up and people are wanting more and more restrictions. It seems like gun control is a good idea that would benefit people but I personally disagree with it.

I believe it’s a good idea for people to own a weapon to protect themselves, others, and their freedom. For example if a family member is getting attacked and you have access to a firearm I think it’s a good thing to use that weapon to stop the attacker by hurting them or if necessary killing them. It’s cruel but it’s important to protect your loved ones. Also, as stated in the 2nd amendment to the Bill of Rights “A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”. This means that the right to bear arms is an important part to protect other rights in the instance where those rights are being violated or taken away. Many politicians nowadays want to take away firearms, the most prominent for me being democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke and his “mandatory buyback plan of high power firearms”. I really disagree with this as I believe it makes people vulnerable, especially in the instance where the United States government starts oppressing its people, which I think is happening right now.

Despite the protection a gun can offer how it’s used ultimately comes down to the person who uses it, but not everyone should have access to one. I think background checks are very important and I think that the more strict they are the better, but not so much so that few people have them. As stated it’s good to have one for your protection and to protect the people you care about or even someone in danger. However it’s never ok to use a gun, or any type of weapon, to attack innocent people. Whenever I hear about a shooting it disturbs me and I hate seeing how willing people are to kill random people. I also don’t like it because usually when this happens the weapon used is blamed rather than the person who used it. Guns and other weapons don’t kill people, people kill people. No matter what type a weapon is simply a piece of machinery and it doesn’t have sentience so it can’t decide what it does. I think this ideology of blaming what’s used rather than the person who committed whatever crime is a big factor of political division in the United States. I think these debates also push an excuse to take guns from people who put them to good use and make people vulnerable. 

In conclusion I think a gun is an important part of preserving your freedom and protecting people, but not everyone should use them. How one is used is up to the person and I believe there are both right ways (protection of self and others, recreational use such as hunting) and wrong ways (killing random people, using a gun in a hostage situation) to use one. As long as you meet the requirements to have one I think it’s a good idea to own a gun.

The Complex Relationships Between Americans and Guns

Americans have a complex relationship with guns because plenty of americans have different opinions about them. Many think that gun control takes away their freedom when others also think they are necessary because of the rise in gun violence and mass shootings. People against more gun control laws usually think it violates their 2nd Amendment right.

Guns are not anything foreign to Americans, in a survey 3 out of 10 people claim they personally own a firearm and an additional 11% of Americans claim they live with someone that owns a gun. In a PEW research center survey  it says “Americans have broad exposure to firearms: Nearly half of U.S. adults (48%) grew up in a household with guns”. Two thirds of gun owners say the number one reason they own guns is for protection and security. In this same survey 60% of Americans say that gun laws should be stricter “these views differ sharply by party: 86% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say gun laws should be stricter, while 31% of Republicans and GOP leaners say the same” . Most Americans agree that new laws need to be created but there is lots of argument what that law should be and how restricting it can be and if this law is a violation of our second amendment right.

Americans  are often split on if the restricting of legal gun ownership would lead to fewer mass shootings and gun violence. 47% of adults say that restricting access to guns would fewer mass shootings and 46% say that it would make no difference and a few 6% saying that it would increase. This shows the different views on gun control and how complex this relationship between Americans and guns are.

Pros and Cons of Gun Control

The article, “Guns and freedom: The American Way” from Youth Voices is discussing the necessity and rights of guns to citizens in our nation. The major claim that the author makes is that citizens take living in American for granted. Additionally, he turns to say that in the first and second amendments, we are granted the right to bear arms; it is the defining quality of being american. He uses the Constitution to argue of the human rights, and that there is no better country than one where you can protect yourself. It is believed by many that bearing arms is an essential aspect of our humanity and rights as a United States citizen, however this right has proven itself ineffective and extremely dangerous to citizens in our country. 

The article, “Transparent Backpacks,”  from Youth Voices talks less about actual gun violence and more about actions people have been forced to take against it. The author explains how events such as school shootings have led to actions taken such as transparent backpacks to ensure students safety. The author claims that if more drastic measures were taken against gun violence and supporting gun control, drastic measures such as this wouldn’t need top be taken. The supporting evidence is that Flordian educators and administrators now need to check backpacks and have full time security officers and a precautionary measure. 

Personally, I believe that gun control laws need to be revised, as citizens safety is at risk. One valid point from the first article that I summarized was the inclusion of the first and second amendments. It is true that the right to bear arms  is in the Constitution, so legally it is the right of all American citizens. However, I agree with the second argument in that clearly gun control laws need to be revised. With the recent school shootings and mass shootings, everyone is at danger from these weapons. Overall, I agree more so with the second article, as the claims and arguments made more closely resemble my personal opinions. Although it is included in the Constitution, the rights to bear arms and gun control laws need to be revised to ensure gun safety to citizens of the United States.

How do we hold up these freedoms?

American values, cultures, and creed can be interpreted in many different ways by very different people. This is what makes America, America. One thing that is very prevalent in American culture, is the freedoms we have, this is one of the most defining things about America. It can be seen in defining American documents like The Bill of Rights. These freedoms have been challenged by the current problems we face. Gun control is at the forefront of these problems. How do we embrace our freedoms and liberties, but also protect the safety of our country?

To some people the right to have a gun and protect yourself Is very interwoven with being an American, some may even say owning a gun is as essential to our idea of an American as the freedom of speech, of the press, and of religion. Rachel Segal compares gun owners’ beliefs on guns to their reluctance to new and harsher gun laws in her article  “Which Gun Policies Could prevent Mass Shootings”. She says “there’s the risk that certain proposed background checks may require government databases to keep gun owners’ personal information indefinitely. This could lead to future database searches unrelated to the information when it was first collected”(Segal) this could invade on gun owner’s privacy in a way that isn’t fair. Lauren Frias talks about possible answers to this issue in her article “Which Gun Control Policies Could Prevent Mass Shootings, According to a Gun Violence Expert”. She believes universal background checks can sometimes be unreliable. She says. “…that there are several incremental holes in the implementing the policy that could still allow potential mass shooters to obtain a weapon, according to a VPRP study” (Frias).

Gun control is a very current issue that has been in the news very often. Later in her article, Segal talks about gun control and says “…it will take more than universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders to prevent future mass shootings”( Segal ) she implies that this issue probably has to be solved by changing our views on some of our rights. We have the ability to protest and bring about change to our government, but how do we do this while also upholding our core American values? In Rachel Segal’s article, “Is There a Need for Tighter Gun Control?” she explains that “Gun control proponents aren’t interested in taking away citizens’ guns. They cheer the Second Amendment”(Segals) she argues that people who advocate for gun control aren’t trying to take away people’s rights they just want to interpret the amendment in a way that is relevant to the time and keep guns out of the hands of people who want to cause destruction. Segals insists “ Research asserts that federal checks could cut gun deaths by an estimated 90%

This recent problem has brought us to the question of how do we uphold our American rights but also ensure the safety and prosperity of our country. This question can be answered by many different people and they can have contrasting ideas about it. This brings me back to my main point on what an American truly is. Americans aren’t just one idea or philosophy, we are the combination of all different philosophies and points of view. 

Works cited

Frias, Lauren. “Which Gun Control Policies Could Prevent Mass Shootings, According to a Gun Violence Expert.” Business Insider, Business Insider, 14 Sept. 2019,

Segal, Rachel. “Is There a Need for Tighter Gun Control?”, 12 Aug. 2019,

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Gun Control

I truly believe that there are benefits and drawbacks to gun control. For example, having gun control can decrease the risk of accidental injuries. “From 2005-2010, more than 1,300 people who were the victim of an unintentional shooting were under the age of 25. Over 30% of unintentional deaths caused by firearms could be prevented by the addition of a loading indicator and childproof safety lock. Even in gun control legislation included safety measures alone, lives could be saved.” ( Another reason we should have gun control is that having access to a gun increases the risk of violence. A study by Linda Dahlberg shows that “simply having a firearm in a home increases the risk of a homicide or a suicide occurring. That increase remains no matter how many guns are owned or how safely they are locked in a gun safe.” Another example of this is a study done by Arthur Kellerman, showing that people that live in a home with a firearm look towards a homicide risk that is 40 times higher than people who live in a home without a firearm. “The risk of a firearm-related suicide is 90 times higher when a gun is in a home.”

Although there are benefits to gun control, there are also drawbacks. For example, guns are not the only weapon that can be used for destruction, therefore fewer guns do not change an individual’s intention to harm others. Also, most deaths caused by guns in the United States are from suicides, not homicides. “Out of the 10,000+ firearm-related deaths that occur every year in the United States, more than 7,000 of them are suicides. That data point shows a need to improve access to mental health services, community support, and other resources that can help people in crisis.” ( Lastly, having gun control cannot and will not change the value of human life. In most cases, gun violence occurs because people do not have respect for the value of human life. 

As I said before, there are benefits and drawbacks to gun control. Many people are afraid of guns because they don’t understand what they are and what they’re real purpose is. I grew up around guns, so I am not afraid to hold one in my hand or shoot one because I know that its purpose isn’t to kill others but to protect people. Most people, including myself and my family, own a gun because they use it for sport or to hunt game. I believe that if a person gets to know how different weapons work, including guns, then they can make better decisions on how and when to purchase or use them. When the United States was first founded, some of the only reasons guns were used for war and hunting game. There is no mention in early United States history about mass shootings in the early days of America. There is a reason for that and that reason is that the people in those days respected life. I believe that if we instill that value in us once more, then that is the biggest protection against gun violence. 

Gun Control in the US and the World

The political topic that I chose to explore was gun laws, namely how gun laws in Utah and the United States compare to the rest of the world.


The first article that I annotated was just a straightforward listing of important gun laws in Utah. I learned that Utah gun laws are surprisingly loose: Utah does not require a permit to buy a rifle, shotgun or handgun, a permit is not required to keep a gun inside a vehicle, and machine guns are not restricted. The article ends by saying that magazine restrictions are associated with fewer mass shootings.


The second article was about a national handling of gun laws under the Trump administration. I learned that 74% of millenials don’t trust the Trump administration with gun policy. Both millennials who don’t own guns and millennials who do own guns don’t the administration with gun laws. Overall, millennials think that gun control is a problem in the U.S, and are pro-2nd amendment with regulation.


The third article was a long overview of how the United States compares with other developed countries regarding gun control. From this article, I learned that every other wealthy country has much tighter gun restrictions than we do, and fewer shootings. It seems to me that part of the issue is how much animosity exists between our state and national governments. The other countries in the articles have one central government with the power to regulate guns. The United States has 50 governments that are constitutionally allowed to regulate arms, and one national government that can only regulate interstate commerce caused by firearms.


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Gun Violence: A Rundown

Gun control is a hot-button topic in the United States. With high rates of school shootings and other gun-related deaths, the United States is a hub for debate on gun regulation. There are many different stances on how tight regulations should be or whether there should be any at all. The authors of these three articles write about gun-related issues and discuss possible solutions to the numerous gun-related deaths in America.

I learned through my research that he focus on gun control spikes whenever mass shootings occur. The most recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida sparked a major conversation. Advocates for gun control across the nation took a stand and voiced their opinions. One positive response they received was from businesses and organizations who vouched to sell firearms only to persons of age 21+ and dispel assault rifles from their shelves all together. Large companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Kroger gave those in support of stricter gun regulations a glimpse of hope, but the debate still continues as actual political policy on the matter has been few and far between.

Another article I read focused on the availability of ammunition in the United States. This piece surprised me in many different ways. It starts off by stating just of few of the odd locations one can purchase ammunition from: jewelry stores, feed depots, pharmacies, and even vending machines. Bullets are widely available throughout the nation and face far fewer restrictions than actual firearms. Many of the standard regulations in place for purchasing guns are not required for ammunition. Background checks and presentation of identification and licenses are not common practice when buying bullets. One step taken to reduce gun violence are bullet logs. Bullet logs record each ammunition sale and are great resources in police investigations and the seizure of illegally owned weapons. Some other restrictions have been implemented such as prevention of online sales and deliveries, stamping bullets with indication numbers, and limits on what types of ammunition are legal.

Finally, the last article gave possible solutions to gun-related deaths and covered the idea of gun control more holistically. Some suggestions for change were banning all assault weapons, strengthening background checks, improving reports on mental health, and instituting a gun buyback program. The author supported his ideas with statistics and facts and presented sufficient ideas for solving the important issues surrounding gun control.


Here are my annotated articles:


This article presents an opposing viewpoint:

Gun Control in Politics

The idea of gun control is one that has permeated modern politics a lot in elections for many years. Different groups on either side of the issue put money into elections for candidates that they believe will influence certain movements in their favor. While gun control isn’t the only issue that has had a heavy hand in politics, it is certainly one of the most public and well-known, with large groups such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) being a source of controversy for many. This particular issue and group dominate media coverage and the public’s outlook on this topic. There are both sides to the story, and with many other factors at play in the government’s decisions concerning gun control, making this issue one of the most divisive and controversial in recent memory.

These two groups on either side of the issue have fought for control in many states across the US. Miami, for example, has seen both the NRA and other gun control groups working to back separate candidates, some of whom do not even have strong viewpoints on guns at all. This helps to demonstrate how while this issue has permeated modern politics, it has further implications of the polarization of political ideologies based around singular issues, such as gun control. People find themselves basing their entire political standings off of one or two issues, and letting that cloud their viewpoints entirely. This has continued into larger political groups as well, such as the NRA, who can be seen here largely throwing money at candidates who will not affect their cause as much as they probably would prefer, and who may have completely differing opinions on separate issues. This contributes to ignorance as a whole, and leads to further political division.

This does not mean that feeling strongly about certain issues is a bad thing, however. Many students and activists can be found trying to promote their viewpoints by protesting what they believe in. One particular instance occurred on Capitol Hill, where these people gathered in memorial of the Las Vegas Massacre to promote better gun control. This gathering of passionate individuals allows for viewpoints and opinions to be heard and spread to people who can make a difference. Unlike just contributing incessant amounts of money to certain candidates, peaceful protesting allows for greater awareness of political issues, while maintaining the idea of integrity that our democracy was based on.

Articles used:

The Safety of America

The controversy over Gun Control in the United States has been a very big issue, especially in recent years. The people most affected by this problem are students from different schools, because the increase in school shootings has targeted this group of the population. Even though this debate goes as far back as the U.S. Constitution, the distinction between the two opposing sides has slowly become more and more evident as people advocate for more changes to Gun Control. Everyone hopes that the politicians behind this issue will come to a compromise that best ensures the safety of America.

Through the articles I read, I was better able to understand the perspective that different people have on Gun Control. For example, Emma González is a survivor of the Parkland Florida school shooting, and in an article she shared why it is so important for students to voice their opinions on this topic. I learned that once one student begins to speak out, it has a domino affect and many people begin to follow. Through these strong actions, González believes that there will definitely be a change in the future.

I also learned from these articles that this issue goes very far back, but the separation between both sides of the argument has become more and more distinct in recent years. The differences begin with those who interpret the second amendment as saying that there should be more regulation of firearms, and those who interpret it as saying that these restrictions infringe our individual liberties. Despite this controversy, It’s important to realize that this is still, however, a growing issue in the history of the United States, as more and more people are purchasing guns as a means of protection. I also learned that due to this sparked debate on gun control, more politicians are analyzing ways in which they can ensure the safety of the United States and its people.



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Are the Current Gun Laws Sufficient?

The first thing I would like to say is that this is my opinion on the matter, and other people are entitled to their own opinions, whether it be for or against gun control. Gun control has been a very pressing matter in the media due to situations occurring that demonstrate a violent misuse of firearms. The issue of gun control isn’t an easy one to address or pick a side on. This is the case even for federal judges which you can read here. One primary issue is that many U.S. Citizens are basing their opinions on one thing they heard on one news source which shouldn’t be how we form our opinions. People should do research and form their own opinions about any particular topic.

Gun Violence Across America: When will it end?

My informational video focuses on Gun Violence in School across America. I am passionate for this topic because it is affecting children and teens across America everyday and nothing has been done to change it. The teens in Parkland have started a movement that has swept the Nation and picked up popularity. Their activism has inspired me to create this video to bring awareness to the fact that there has been no change, and that this problem was happening way before the Parkland shooting. Since the Columbine shooting in 1999 there have been countless school shootings and numerous victims whose names have been neglected. The government is doing nothing, so it’s time for the teens of the future to speak up.

Before I started this research project I was aware of the general issue surrounding gun violence. I knew that plenty of teens and kids were affected daily and killed without any change from the government. I also knew that the National Rifle Association funded a lot of the people that are in power which makes it hard for the people’s voice to be heard while the government is pushing the NRA’s agenda. After this project I learned of the exact statistics that involved gun violence in America. In addition, I learned that Australia bought back guns and tightened gun laws and they have not had a mass shooting since their change in gun laws.

Put the guns Away!

                                             Put the guns away!


I am nervous

I am afraid

Nowadays anyone can buy a gun

This only gonna hurt us in the long run

Kids are not even safe at school

They’re even trying to get teachers to curry them

Because of these half enforced gun laws

People are going to protect themselves regardless

But I will stand here even if the odds are against me

I will play “tag” with the police but this time I’m it

I will stand up for my rights not sure if I would be heard

I will fight until there is no more fight left in me

And in the end I will be heard

I am nervous

I am afraid 

Never Again

On February 14th, 2018, there was yet another mass school shooting South Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This heartbreaking act left 17 innocent victims dead, and many others wounded. This event has prompted acceptable outrage by many distraught citizens of America.

The sad truth of this event is that our government leaders are not taking enough precautions and measures that they need to in order to ensure the safety of our students and children. People are sick and tired of being afraid to go to school, and parents shouldn’t have to live in constant fear that they will drop their children off at school and never see them again. We need stricter gun control laws enforced and we need them now. We will not wait once again for another shooting to happen before our legislators decide to ponder creating new gun laws. We do not want this to happen again. We want to stop this pattern before tragedy strikes again. I am asking you to please use your voice to advocate for yourself and for the people of our country. We deserve safety.

In an article written by Devin Hughes and Mark Bryant right after the Parkland Shooting, the authors state that all of the research and data that has been collected all leads to the same results: “More guns mean more crime and more death”. Personally, I believe that this is completely accurate. We need change, and we need it now.

There is an absurd amount of evidence that points towards a serious problem with our gun control laws in America. In our country alone there have been at least 31 school shootings since the beginning of the 21st century. This is an outrageous amount of tragedies, and too many families have been torn apart by each and every one of them.

Yes, owning guns is often seen as or called a hobby. Hunting is indeed a hobby. Personally, I am not a fan of hunting and taking the lives of innocent animals. However, I can totally respect that it is a fair activity for people to participate in. However, hunters use rifles, sot Semi-Automatic weapons. Nobody has any reason whatsoever to own a Semi-Automatic gun, regardless of the circumstances.

We need to act. The time is now. Teenagers all around the nation are using their voices to stand up for what they believe in and for what is ultimately just. We all deserve to feel safe in this country, whether we are in classroom or in our homes. Please, use this time to help be the change. We are on the cusp of something big right now, and the more voices that are spoken, the better the odds are of being heard. There will never be a mass school shooting in our country again. Enough is enough. Never again.

Gun Control

After the Parkland shooting in Florida on February 14th, gun control must be implemented. I have decided to write a research paper regarding gun control, especially in the aspect of school. I am very interested to hear anything that you all might have to say. Whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun. Please share your opinions and any helpful outside resources in the comments!

Never Again.


Gun Control and Mental Health

After the events of the Florida Shooting, I wanted to do some research into how mental health and shootings such as these are correlated. Even the president commented on how those with mental health issues were to blame. According to statistics, there have been 18 school shootings so far this year, that’s about one each day. These shootings have become a part of society, and yet they still happen. Is mental health all that’s behind this? Or is it he lack of gun control?

It is seen that “2.9% of persons with serious mental illness alone committed violent acts in a year, compared with 0.8% of people with no mental disorders or substance abuse—a statistically significant relative risk, despite a low absolute risk of violence in people with serious mental illness. Those with co-occurring substance use disorder and serious mental illness had a higher rate of violence, 10.0%, but this still meant that a clinician would be wrong nine times of 10 with a blanket prediction that someone will commit a violent act merely because they have a combination of, for example, depression and alcohol use disorder”. So it seems that mental health does increase the chances of violent acts, but how easy is it for someone with mental health disorders to get a gun? In the state of Florida, one can get a gun in 15 minutes, as long as you are of legal age. If one can get a gun with no background checks, then how can someone who is mentally disabled be held accountable for being allowed to get guns?

The shooter in Florida is a 19-year-old man. That’s one year older than a senior in high school. There was clear evidence that the shooter was in poor mental health before the shooting, and yet, it seems like there was no help given to him. However, in Japan, where gun ownership by citizens is illegal, there are no (or very little) shootings. Why has the US not changed its policy? Is it the heavy slew of Republicans that refuse to act, or is it the Government? How can people help? What can we do as a society to get help, other than posting on facebook or social media about it?

Gun Control Inquiry

Gun control seems to be a very relevant and controversial topic in our national affairs.  Gun control is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians.  After recent mass shooting tragedies, more attention has been brought to the use and possession of firearms by civilians.  Many believe there shall be a laws passed to protect the people from such crimes.  Many believe placing laws that limit the sale, possession, and modifications of firearms will reduce gun violence.  Many against gun violence argue that the second amendment grants them rights to bear arms.  Many questions are left to linger, and in my research I’m going to validate both sides of gun control (those for and against it) and how gun control effects society or could possibly affect our nation more if laws are passed.  I’m going to make sure I gather information from reliable sources probably from the school databases.  

If you have anything to add and ideas or sources please add a comment, and join my conversation.

Could Mass Shootings be Prevented by Gun Control?

Gun violence is an unsolved issue that is a problem in America. Although there are some restrictions on guns, there are innocent people being murdered and injured due to a lack of gun control. There should be more restrictions on gun control to make it harder for criminals to put people in danger. Currently, guns in the United States are easy to access, creating the problem of an abuse of how the guns are being used and people are dying due to this problem.

With the laws on gun control that the United States have currently, it is easy to make guns more accessible. At the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st of 2017, the shooter used a bump-firestock. A bump-fire stock allows the shooter to fire bullets at a faster rate (Yan para 3).The bump-firestock essentially allowed the shooter to be using an automatic rifle because of how fast the bullets can be fired. Buying bump-fire stocks is legal in the US, so the shooter technically did nothing illegal and managed to murder 58 people and injure much more. There have been 378 mass shootings in 2017 alone (Mass Shooting Tracker). Just in one year, too many people have died as a result of gun violence because it is out of control. Gun control is a serious problem that must be fixed as soon as possible for the greater good of America.

The use of firearms should be allowed, but there should be more restrictions put in place for the safety of civilians. The 2nd amendment of the US Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”(“The Constitution of the United States,” Amendment 2).Guns have been being used for the wrong reasons more frequently in recent years and there have to be laws put in place to stop future issues because of gun violence. Las Vegas is just one example of tragic events happening because of gun violence.  Along with the Las Vegas shooting, there was also a shooting in Orlando this past June as well as the recent shooting in Texas. The Texas shooting, which happened on November 5th, is a reminder that something must be done to end the killing of innocent people. Similarly, there are more instances where gun control has been an issue such as the gun violence in Chicago, or the tragedy at Columbine. The Las Vegas shooter had 47 guns and the purchases for the guns were completely legal. John Cohen, a former undersecretary of Homeland security said: “It’s not legal to purchase a fully automatic weapon, but it’s not that difficult to convert legal semi automatic weapons so that they are fully automatic” (Cohen para 22). It is disappointing to see guns used in the manner that they are as murder weapons, terrorizing americans. Guns should not be utilized as ways to kill people and the only way to prevent this is to set more restrictions on gun control.

There have been some attempts to place more restrictions, nothing has moved through or taken effect. A Bipartisan group of representatives proposed bill that would end the ability of guns to be converted to mimic semiautomatic rifles. Brennan Weiss from Business insider says: “The measure aims ‘to prohibit the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semi automatic rifle into a machine gun’”(Weiss para 2). If this bill passed, many Americans would feel safer with the ability to make a rifle into something comparable to a machine gun. This bill is satisfying to both democrats and republicans because it was worked on by a bipartisan party of 10 democrats and 10 republicans. In regards to stricter gun laws in general, a poll that was done by Politico “found that 64% of voters support stricter gun laws…83% of Democrats support stricter laws whereas 49% of Republican voters support them.”(Weiss para 3). This data shows that even though there are differences in percentages of Republicans and Democrats who support gun laws, there is still a solid amount of voters who would like stricter gun laws. There is always argument and different opinions between Democrats and Republicans, but these poll results prove that they both want some form of a change to what America’s laws on gun control are currently. Even with disagreements, both parties are acknowledging that gun violence is a problem and stricter gun control may help to solve the issue.

Gun control is a problem that is resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Americans should not have to live in terror of going to a concert, school, or even church because of the fact that there might potentially be a person with a gun who might choose to use it in the wrong way. Gun violence has affected our country greatly and our government is starting to realize that they must act and do something to minimize the amount of murders and injuries the United States is having right now.

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Research Discussion

I want my research paper to be about gun control in America. The idea of gun control has been tossed around since the idea of the second amendment. It’s problamatic because America has been known for having the most amount guns per capita and the most amount of gun shootings per year. I think this problem should be solved soon to stop having as many shootings as we have right now. I will look at both perspectives to know why people would be for/against gun control because it’s important to know why people do or don’t like gun control laws. Please comment down below and tell me what you think about gun control laws. Are you for or against control laws? Why?

More gun control doesn’t mean less violence

Dear President,

I write to you today to discuss an issue that many speak blindly about. Of course, there are many issues that this happens with, but the one I am talking about is the issue of gun control. Anytime something bad happens due to violence people always want to ban guns or they ask for harsher enforcement towards them. People make assumptions that creating more laws that pretty much make it impossible for the average person to get a gun will be the answer to reducing violence; however, no one stops to really think about it. If guns do become outlawed or have hardcore restrictions, what makes people think that criminals won’t still be able to get their hands on it?

People assume that outlawing something erases it from existence, but they don’t realize that guns would still be around even if they’re illegal and people will find loopholes and other means of getting them; I mean drugs are illegal, but people (especially criminals) are still able to manufacture, sell, and buy them so why won’t they be able to do the same with guns? These are the questions nobody, especially politicians ever thinks about.

In the article More gun laws won’t work; gun opponents’ true aim is confiscation it talks about how “Americans own over 300 million guns. Gun confiscation means taking away a huge number of guns from a huge number of gun owners. We tried something like that with Prohibition, and it didn’t work out so well. And then, of course, there’s that inconvenient Second Amendment that would need to be repealed.”

Taya Kyle the wife of the famous NAVY SEAL sniper Chris Kyle quoted in a CNN interview ‘American Sniper’ widow: Gun control won’t protect us saying “If you put an assault rifle in my hands or yours, I am not going to murder anyone, and I am guessing you won’t either. But what makes gun control advocates think that someone who decides to kill will not use any means necessary to do so?” Being the widow of Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history who was shot to death by an ex-soldier,she talked about her husband’s murderer and was quoted saying “ Simply having a weapon did not make him a murderer. His life choices did.” Taya Kyle is right and proves my point because guns don’t kill people, they don’t have minds of their own; people kill people because they make the life choices that lead them to do so.

People always argue that the Second Amendment should be repealed because at the time it was drafted it was during a revolution against the British Army, so it is reasonable for why it was written the way it was. While laws should adjust with the time, I still think that people should have the right to own guns because they’re tools just like a hammer or a hatchet, guns are just tools and just like how hammers don’t strike themselves against nails or hatchets against wood, guns are the same way in that they will only work if someone makes them and anytime they’re used for harm is more about the person’s life choice rather than their ability to buy the gun to do so. Those that intend harm will use any means necessary so there is no point in taking away a given right that many people love.

Should Toy Guns Be Illegal?

Dear Future President,

An important issue that I care about is toy guns. I care about this issue because kids are buying a lot of toy guns these days and they are getting used to having guns. This might make them want to buy a real gun. Also now companies of toy guns are making more realistic toy guns that look,feel,and fire like a real one. Some examples of realistic toy guns are bb, airsoft, and another type that has foam darts.

In my experience, I have known some people who have gotten really hurt using airsoft and even Nerf guns. I personally used to have a huge collection of toy guns, most of them were Nerf. I broke them all because one day I let a good friend of mine play with a bb gun and he shot a pallet to a wall and the pallet bounced off the wall and injured his eye. He had to go to the hospital because of that, and today, he is blind in his left eye. I hope, Mr. President you can take control of this situation.


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The Truth about Guns

There have been many thoughts and ideas shared about gun control. The political left seems to think that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is a good idea. Not only is this not a good idea, but it is just plain insane. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with  greater confidence than an armed man.” Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th-century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776. Most legal gun owners use their second amendment rights as protection for themselves and their families.  

Cities that have implemented gun control laws actually have the highest rates of violent crime. For example, Chicago has made it illegal to own a gun, but they have the highest violent crime rates in the nation. Chicago was responsible for nearly half of the 2016 national homicide increase. This is directly related to the ownership of guns because Chicago has made it so law abiding citizens can not protect themselves from violent criminals.        

So now this brings up a question I hear all the time, “but shouldn’t we least make obtaining a gun more difficult than buying groceries?” The problem with this statement is that guns ARE more difficult to buy than common groceries. No one had to have a background check to get some food from a Walmart. This is just another leftist propaganda statement meant to scare people.

And the last myth that I am going to debunk with this post (I know there are others) is the idea that all semi-automatic weapons should be illegal and not sold in stores. This comes from the misunderstanding of what semi-automatic really means. The term “semi-automatic weapon” means a gun that fires one bullet for every trigger pull. An example would be a pistol, you pull the trigger and one bullet is fired. It does not mean automatic. Automatic weapons are illegal to obtain for civilians unless you have been given a special license to carry one.            


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Gun Control

The political issue I am most interested in is.. GUN CONTROL.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about guns and whether guns should be taken away or if they should incorporate some more laws ensuring that the owners are credible with more of a background check.

Gun control has been an American issue since before 1934 and the firearm act. Since then policies have talked about, put into play and rejected but yet after almost 22 years after the Brady law -a provision of US federal law that requires a waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns.- we are still having problems with guns getting into the hands of the wrong people. There have been many mass shootings and instance in which guns have been used as a weapon of terrorism and fear. Speaking for my self guns are the scariest things that I can think of, the fact that one miniature machine can do so much arm and give someone so much power over another’s life is incomprehensible. The candidates have addressed this subject in deciding how they should handle a new policy, whether the addition of improved background check is needed or the infringement of the second amendment in order to keep people safe.

Trump’s view on the issue is: that we should be protecting the second amendment but also be doing something to get the guns out of the hand if gangs, drug dealers, criminals and mentally insane. He stated that “Democrats want to confiscate all guns, which is a dumb idea because only the law-abiding citizens would turn in their guns and the bad guys would be the only ones left armed”. On the other hand Hillary’s view is “More than 33,000 Americans are killed by guns each year. It’s time to act. As President, I’ll take on the gun lobby and fight for commonsense reforms to keep guns away from terrorists, domestic abusers, and other violent criminals—including comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes that allow guns to fall into the wrong hands.” They both agree that if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane then you’re too dangerous to fly.

Overall, guns are weapons, very scary weapons at best but they don’t need to be. Either way the candidates have seen the importance in the need for gun change. I hope that both candidates stand by their word to work towards a solution.

Gun Control

The political issue I am most interested in is GUN CONTROL.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about guns and whether guns should be taken away or if they should incorporate some more laws ensuring that the owners are credible with more of a background check.

Gun control has been an American issue since before 1934 and the firearm act. Since then policies have talked about, put into play and rejected but yet after almost 22 years after the Brady law -a provision of US federal law that requires a waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns.- we are still having problems with guns getting into the hands of the wrong people. There have been many mass shootings and instance in which guns have been used as a weapon of terrorism and fear.

Speaking for myself, guns are the scariest things that I can think of, the fact that one miniature machine can do so much arm and give someone so much power over another’s life is incomprehensible. The candidates have addressed this subject in deciding how they should handle a new policy, whether the addition of improved background check is needed or the infringement of the second amendment in order to keep people safe.

Trump’s view on the issue is: that we should be protecting the second amendment but also be doing something to get the guns out of the hand if gangs, drug dealers, criminals and mentally insane. He stated that “Democrats want to confiscate all guns, which is a dumb idea because only the law-abiding citizens would turn in their guns and the bad guys would be the only ones left armed”.

On the other hand Hillary’s view is “More than 33,000 Americans are killed by guns each year. It’s time to act. As President, I’ll take on the gun lobby and fight for commonsense reforms to keep guns away from terrorists, domestic abusers, and other violent criminals—including comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes that allow guns to fall into the wrong hands.” They both agree that if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane then you’re too dangerous to fly.

Overall, guns are weapons, very scary weapons at best but they don’t need to be. Either way the candidates have seen the importance in the need for gun change. I hope that both candidates stand by their word to work towards a solution.

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Gun Control In America

There are many problems facing America today, and many threaten the lives of citizens. I believe that one of the most pressing issues is gun control. In many states, it is easy to obtain guns, easier than it is to obtain an abortion or kinder eggs. It seems like every time I look at my phone, another person has been shot and killed.

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, every day 90 Americans are shot and killed, 8,813 every year. The National Observer reports seven times less firearm related homicide annually in Canada. These statistics make the argument that there is no way to prevent gun violence seem invalid. In countries like Canada where it is difficult to obtain firearms, gun violence takes fewer lives.

What do I recommend to keep guns under control? We could mimic the systems of other countries, Canada clearly has a better handle on the issue. The safest thing to do, though, is to get rid of almost every gun. Even police officers wrongly shoot people more often than most are comfortable with.

Guns are nothing but a danger and should be reserved for only when the most extreme protection is needed (war zones, etc.) Without guns in America, people won’t have to go about their daily lives wondering if they will be the next victim of many to get their face on the news and their own twitter hashtag.


Why Gun Control Matters

Dear Future President,

I am touching base with you concerning my opinion on gun control. There is multiple of issues that are related to gun control that needs to be addressed and worked on. Before I begin, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Freya Laguna and I am an upcoming freshman at California State University, Chico. I am an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, basic human rights, gun control, gender and racial equality. Although there is an amount of issues that needs to be recognized, I’m choosing to talk about gun control due to the uprising of tragic events that is currently happening in America and I do believe that you have the power to improve the act of wrongly using armed forces.

That being said, we need to improve the process of obtaining a gun permit and purchasing one. In my research, it is much harder to get an abortion than to get a gun. I am pro-choice, what a woman does to her body shouldn’t be entitled to others opinions. I do believe that they should tweak the process of getting an abortion to make it easier and smoother for ladies, but the government and yourself should make a law to make it even harder to obtain a gun. For a person to obtain and purchase a gun, they should go through a psychological test, explanation of why they want a gun, and change the pricing of machinery weapons. Which leads to my next statement, did you know that to proceed with an abortion that you would have to pay around $1,500 or more? Whereas, buying a gun ranges from $5 to $500+. Create a law to make it more aggressively hard to purchase a weapon that can harm innocent of people than to worry about women choosing what to do with their own bodies.

Did you know that statistically the death rates and suicide rates for the United States on gun violence are outrageously high? Out of all the countries, the U.S. is the top country that has the most deaths due to guns. Statistically, between the year 2000 and the year 2014, America had 133 mass shooting while other countries, such as Germany, had about 6 mass shootings. Excluding gang and domestic violence, public mass shootings such as Luby’s to Columbine to Virginia Tech each had a 200 days gap between them. Starting from Sandy Hook shooting, each mass shooting had a 64 days gap. There’s 365 days in a year, or 366 days for leap year, those gap days are close and that’s a huge amount of mass shootings. Another major issue is suicide and the fact that it’s easy to receive a gun makes it much easier for those to commit suicide based on guns. Based on statistics, more than 60 percent of people in America had died from suicide by guns. Guns are easy to access to easily harm your people of America. It’s only half the year of 2016 and there is a total number of 27,732 deaths due to guns. Each year, mass shooting and gun violence increase rather than decreases, that is a huge problem that your country is facing.

In recent events, two of the most heartbreaking shootings that had happened was the Orlando Shooting at a gay club and a well-known singer named Christina Grimmie that had been shot with no purpose when she was signing autographs for fans. Starting from, the Orlando shooting, there was 49 people who have died and 53 injured. It aches my heart that the time where it’s supposed to be filled with love and positive energy, someone had to ruin it because they didn’t accept the thought of love. About a year ago, gay rights had been finally legalized in all 50 states of your country, but the fact that even though it’s legalized the LGBTQ+ community is still a threat from those who are against it. Love is love and every human on this planet deserves to love, no one should be against love or even get in people’s ways of being in love. Not only that the LGBTQ+ community is endangered, everyone is exposed from gun violence and mass shootings. Concerts are supposed to be filled with joyous energy and happiness, Christina Grimmie gave so much love to the people she cared about and the people who admired her. On June 11, 2016, she was pronounced dead from the impact of a gun. The shooter’s motive is unknown, but what is known is that she had come outside from finishing up her concert and went outside to meet and greet her fans. The shooter, by the name of Kevin James Loibl, had just gone up to her and point-blank shot her. What is mind-blowing is how easily a criminal can escape the consequences by committing suicide. Grimmie’s brother, Mark Grimmie, had tackled him down; but in doing so, Loibl had shot himself as an easy access for him not to get any penalty for the crime he had committed. If Mark hadn’t tackled him down, himself and multiple of innocent lives would have ended on that night. Do mind that these are not the only accidents that had happened, there’s so many hidden stories that others have not told nor reported and a huge amount of criminals that got away with killing or harming people with the use of a gun.

The statistics are there, the facts are there, and yet there is not one gun control law that can maintain this issue. How many innocent lives will be taken from loved ones by mass shootings and gun violence? When will the misery end? What will you do as President to make America safe? There are so many questions that need to be answered, but the first step is to actually pursue the end of gun violence. People can advocate against guns, but the action has to start now and with you, Future President. Speaking behalf of my youth and generation, this is an issue that is affecting lives of others. I have high hope that your personal opinions wouldn’t make you bias on this topic and you will make America, not only great but safe and secure for your people.

July 25, 2021