August 15, 2022


George Floyd’s Death

In the article “Dereck Chavin to be sentenced” I learned that in April 2021 Dereck Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. The maximum number of years the state recommends him to serve is fifteen years. However, the prosecutors were asking for a thirty-year sentence in prison. They were asking for more because they were stating that his knee on Floyd’s neck was intended to kill him. They also argued that George’s death had a tremendous impact on his family, community, and the nation so a longer sentence was only reasonable. 

My initial reaction to this whole tragic event was that I was very shocked and upset that someone would have the courage to do such a thing. I feel like it needed to happen in a sense. The black community wasn’t receiving the justice it needed. They needed to be heard so they started the Black Lives Matter movement. This brought so much attention from the media and lots of people wanted to be involved. Even if we couldn’t help physically most of us joined the movement by sharing posts on our social media stories and some went to protests. 

Were you involved in the BLM movement? If so in what ways?