September 29, 2022


Fusion Power and Future Technologies

At the rate that humans are producing greenhouse gases, we are likely going to cause irreversible changes to the earth in a matter of decades. Already, global temperatures and sea levels are rising significantly, completely altering the planet’s current climate. The only solution to this growing issue is a revolutionary technology that will allow us to generate unlimited energy at little to no environmental cost. Currently we’ve put together a few pieces of the puzzle, but we are still a long way from unlocking the secret to limitless energy.

Three years ago MIT decided to form a research partnership with Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a new private company, in order to conduct rapid, staged research of fusion technology. From this research they discovered an innovative way to replicate a fusion reaction that actually outputs more energy than is inputted into the reaction. This is a revolutionary finding because, so far, fusion experiments have only ever consumed more energy than they produce.

Another major problem that the team had to overcome was the extreme heat produced by the reaction; hot enough to melt any solid material. To solve this, the collaborators utilized a new type of superconductor to create small, powerful magnets in order to suspend the reaction in the air and prevent it from touching solid objects.

With the major drawbacks out of their way, the team began to build their conceptualized reactor, which is predicted to be commercially viable in just 12 years. This breakthrough in fusion technology demonstrates the innovative capacity of the human race and proves that, with enough research and experimentation, we can conquer any obstacle in front of us. I wonder what technologies the future have in store for us.

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