December 1, 2022


Should schools be allowed to control students’ social media posts?

In the article, “School Social Media Free Speech Case”(BTW) I learned about Brandi Levy’s case that involved her first amendment getting violated. It all started off when Levy tried out for her school’s cheerleading team and unfortunately didn’t make the cut. So she took out her anger on social media by trashing her school and saying negative things about it. Later on, the School took notice of Levy’s actions and decided to punish her for it. Brandi’s parents believed that the school was in the wrong for doing so since it violated her first amendment, it was off-campus when she published it and the school isn’t in the place for them to tell her what she can and can’t post. But schools should have somewhat of a say in what they are allowed to post. For example, they can get involved with something if it deals with hate speech, bullying, threats, and so on. 

So, what do you think? Shold schools participate in what students publish on social media?

In this case, I’m 50/50 on it since both sides hold great points. I understand that the schools should intervene in some of the student’s social media when it involves hurting someone, physically or mentally. But, schools shouldn’t also get someone in trouble for expressing their opinion when it doesn’t cause anyone harm.

How Much Freedom Do We Actually Have?

In the article, “Is Freedom in Trouble?” concerns about freedom has struck every nation into actually looking into the amount of freedom everyone has. Studies have shown that “in 71 countries political rights and civil liberties have declined”.

Due to this report, it has shown that only some nations have only improved their rights and liberties instead of all nations around. Other reports from the Freedom House have proven that there are nations that keep declining in their freedom status which shows that our world has yet to fulfill their founding promise. Freedom is slipping away from the nations that need it the most or that are lacking it, if the levels stay the same or declining any further nations will be in a deep hole.

I think that the level of freedom some nations lack is a huge crisis as freedom is one of the most important factors that help lives grow and improve. The lack of freedom can in fact contribute to the loose of hope in communities which can start problems internally.

What is your opinion about the lack of freedom in nations?

Protest your Right!

rights protest photoEvery American citizen has the right to protest. Protesting is a freedom that is given to americans and is protected by the first amendment. The amendment gives us the right of freedom of speech which includes the right to protest. Today, there are issues with protest all around america. The NFL has received a lot of heat from the media of their players not standing, instead taking the knee and locking arms with other players during the national anthem. NFL players are not standing to protest racial injustice and police brutality in America. NFL team head coaches are getting involved by not letting their player taking a knee and to stand during the national anthem. Miami Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, has his players wait in the locker room or tunnel during the national anthem if they are not going to stand. NFL players can get fired for not standing during the national anthem if the coach makes that decision. There are even people that their job is getting impacted of this protest. ESPN’s co-host, Jemele Hill, got suspended for two weeks after tweeting about the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for not letting his players taking the knee during the national anthem. Jemele tweet violated the ESPN’s social media guidelines and it resulted in her getting suspended. Jemele is an american citizen that was violated of her freedom of speech. Today, there is a lot of Americans that get violated of their rights and we need to fight to protect our rights.