November 27, 2022


Hurricane Ian: Is preparation enough?

In the article, “Florida Begins Hurricane Ian Recovery,” (btw, 2022) I learned a little more about Hurricane Ian which has been on the news the past couple of weeks and has severely damaged parts of Florida. As of October 10th, there were at least 120 deaths in Florida and 5 more in N.Carolina; there are a number of missing person cases that, along with deaths that may occur as a result of injuries from Ian, mean numbers will likely increase. That being said, it comes as no surprise that Ian caused catastrophic damage, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity as well as thousands homeless. As for the recovery process, the government, through FEMA, and volunteers have been helping by aiding Floridians and restoring their homes.

I believe that this hurricane has shown that sometimes being prepared still isn’t enough to brave a disaster. Down South, natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding happen more frequently than in other regions of the U.S. so people who live in the South often prepare and make sure that they got things in order just in case, but Ian showed us that sometimes that just isn’t enough. Powerhouse natural disasters are too powerful to be stopped by simple barriers or sandbags, so what should we do?

Should more funding be set aside for natural disaster preparation and post-natural disaster aid? Seeing the damage a hurricane can do to a region that faces these disasters often, how prepared do you think your own state is to handle natural disasters like hurricanes and severe floods?

Gun Control and Mental Health

After the events of the Florida Shooting, I wanted to do some research into how mental health and shootings such as these are correlated. Even the president commented on how those with mental health issues were to blame. According to statistics, there have been 18 school shootings so far this year, that’s about one each day. These shootings have become a part of society, and yet they still happen. Is mental health all that’s behind this? Or is it he lack of gun control?

It is seen that “2.9% of persons with serious mental illness alone committed violent acts in a year, compared with 0.8% of people with no mental disorders or substance abuse—a statistically significant relative risk, despite a low absolute risk of violence in people with serious mental illness. Those with co-occurring substance use disorder and serious mental illness had a higher rate of violence, 10.0%, but this still meant that a clinician would be wrong nine times of 10 with a blanket prediction that someone will commit a violent act merely because they have a combination of, for example, depression and alcohol use disorder”. So it seems that mental health does increase the chances of violent acts, but how easy is it for someone with mental health disorders to get a gun? In the state of Florida, one can get a gun in 15 minutes, as long as you are of legal age. If one can get a gun with no background checks, then how can someone who is mentally disabled be held accountable for being allowed to get guns?

The shooter in Florida is a 19-year-old man. That’s one year older than a senior in high school. There was clear evidence that the shooter was in poor mental health before the shooting, and yet, it seems like there was no help given to him. However, in Japan, where gun ownership by citizens is illegal, there are no (or very little) shootings. Why has the US not changed its policy? Is it the heavy slew of Republicans that refuse to act, or is it the Government? How can people help? What can we do as a society to get help, other than posting on facebook or social media about it?

Jordan Davis: Killed for loud music







He was shot

At a gas station

Jacksonville, Florida.

November 23, 2012


Michael David Dunn

took his hopes and dreams away

He took his life away.


Jordan Davis was 17 years old


Dunn was furious red  

because their music shook his car

with no worries


Jordan was with his friends

when he found his death.


Shot when they went to buy

some stupid cigarettes and gum.


The bass pumping to Lil Reese

before Dunn shot 10 rounds

into the SUV.


Where’s the justice?

Michael David Dunn tried twice

Finally faces up to 75 years

in prison for shooting


But never found guilty

of murdering

Jordan Davis.