June 26, 2022


The Impact of COVID-19 on Individuals, Families, and Businesses

COVID-19 has affected businesses all over the world. It is an issue being analyzed and researched to help decrease the cases in the pandemic. COVID-19 has been an impractical burden on the lives of many. It has forced thousands of businesses to shut down or has forced them to place many restrictions within the business.

Individuals have struggled through this pandemic which has led to issues within the family life. Many individuals have lost their jobs out of force and cannot provide for their families financially as they did before. Especially for families who own family businesses, COVID-19 has torn families apart not only financially, but within their own relationships. COVID-19 has placed an abrupt impact on families and has been very harmful to the economy.

The reason that it has been harmful is that families are losing their incomes that used to be reliable and consistent. This has been significantly hurtful to families who live their lives check to check (people who don’t have enough for their income to put into their savings). Without their jobs, they cannot even live check to check. COVID-19 has taken control of the lives of many beginning in March 2020. Over time, COVID-19 began at low cases, continued to increase in cases, and will hopefully decrease after more people become vaccinated. This issue has affected individuals all over the world, not just the United States. People of all ages have been affected by COVID-19 due to the shutdown of businesses.

Currently, nobody knows when the problem of COVID-19 is expected to come to an end. With the vaccine, it is slowly supposed to get better over time. If we do not do anything about this problem, people will become dependent on financial support, and families will continue to struggle with their lives. We should care about this problem because no individuals who are willing to work hard for their income should have to face the closure of business and miss out on a consistent income.