November 30, 2022


WANTED: Humans

If humans disappeared, our footprints would slowly diminish.  Buildings would slowly crumble, nature would take over and become fruitful.  Animals would take our place as keepers of the land and would fight over the territory.  Pollution would not be nearly as harmful to the environment as it is now because there would be less of it.  Without us, many species would still be alive and new species would have formed.  The world would literally be, “the mighty jungle.”

According to an article by Sploid, the first things to go out if we disappeared would be: lights around the world would shut off within hours, ten days without human interaction animals would switch to survival mode and survival of the fittest.  Mammals would slowly inhabit the world again.  The world would look like current day sub- saharan Africa; the majority of larger mammals would still exist.  There is a group of people called Antinatalist who think the world would be better off if humans didn’t exist at all, because humans have a negative impact on the planet.