November 29, 2022


Are We Close To Ending Poverty?

In the article, “Can We End Extreme Poverty?” (Upfront, Smith, 2022) I learned that poverty around the world is a great issue. Extreme poverty to the World Bank is considered as living on $1.90 a day. In 1990, poverty was a big issue. About 36 percent of people worldwide were living in poverty. But as of 2017, only about 9 percent are living in poverty, which is a big improvement. But when the pandemic hit, about 97 million people fell into extreme poverty. A jump from 36 percent to 9 percent is about a billion people who were able to get out of the worst poverty. Although poverty isn’t fully diminished many countries are still giving great efforts in trying to end it and they have seen great changes and improvements. This progress is spreading quickly. In Ethiopia, it used to be 7 out of 10 people who were living in poverty. But now, it has dropped to 3 out of 10 people. Indonesia had about half its population in extreme poverty in 1990, but now it has dropped to 3 percent. That is a drastic improvement in about 30 years. 

I believe that poverty can be ended. I feel like if everybody who has power and money actually used it and put it to use for a good cause like this one, then world poverty would be diminished quicker. Instead, they blow their money on something else. But I feel like the world has come a long way since 1990. For example, there were millions and millions of people who were in extreme poverty at that time. But compared to now, those numbers have decreased drastically. If we keep going at the pace that we are at I feel like eventually, poverty will end. But like I said, if people who had the money and power to help decrease poverty, it would end way quicker than the pace we are at currently. But the main point is that one day people will not have to be living at

Reflection: POP Project

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a student at BSGE. I worked with Lina and Lidia on this project. The project we were asked to formulate was to make a blog with other members and bring awareness to an issue. Our goal is to bring awareness to the issue of Poverty both in NYC and nationally. Despite this being a page made because of a project we were very serious about the topic and we made sure to inform on this problem. Weekly blogs were made and weekly social media posts as well. I was really excited for this journey and see the growth of both this project and of ourselves. Despite having very little success we were just glad to bring awareness towards poverty.

One example of our failure is through our petition, on We titled the petition “People over Poverty! Advocate for your fellow New Yorkers” and we chose the New York City Department of Homeless Services as the organization who can and will take action if we get enough support. We started the petition on March 10 and due to our task to promote the petition we have been able to get 19 supporters! This is very little due to the goal of 100 supporters and thus proving how we were unsuccessful. But do consider signing the petition, we appreciate every signature!

Another example is through our Instagram page in which we only 36 followers. Looking through our statistics and we only average likes per post is 10 and average comments per post is 1. If you would like follow our Instagram page as well!

As seen through the failure of our social media and petition it is evident that we were not able to spread awareness further or even to a wider demographic, ultimately proving our failure. If I were to do it over again is to promote both the petition and Instagram page better, either sending the link to the entire school and obtain many more supporters. As well as include tags on our blog posts to obtain fellow blogs to support our cause as well. We were very grateful for this experience and despite or lack of success we were glad to able to go through this journey together.

Check out the blog for our posts and farewells!

Misconceptions about Poverty: Presentation

As the weeks have progressed I created an informative video based on the myths vs realities about poverty.

The reason I created this presentation was in order to inform people of the many misconceptions of poverty. Many are unaware that these misconceptions are false and interpret them as facts, without any evidence to prove it. With this video it can be backed up and explained into more detail and visual and audio uses.

I hope that it might reach a wider audience but due to the lack of popularity it is most likely not going to occur. Despite this, to whoever watches I hope the message is evident and that with this presentation to spread and inform other so we all can understand the truth. Stay informed!

Also go check out my blog with two other students whom which we alternate posting content and posts!

Poverty in NYC

My name is Zacharia and I want to take action against poverty in the United States. I am not originally from the United States, I came here at the age of four with my family from Morocco. I am 14 and I live in Queens, New York, I also go to The Baccalaureate School for Global Education in Astoria. New York is depicted as a very nice place with a lot of skyscrapers and such, however, there’s a side of New York that people don’t really see except for its inhabitants. Every day I see homeless people struggling to survive and get some help or money to get daily needs such as water and food. I want to take action against these injustices and find any way that we can help people struggling in poverty.

As a 14 year old student I can not really do much but with support we may be able to help those out there not really living the lavish life. Poverty has been such a terrible problem everywhere, and I hope my project can help spread the word.

Poverty In New York City

This video was created by me and I discussed poverty rates in New York City. The rates are increasing dramatically and we need to take more action against poverty. The government officials in our city are taking enough actions against poverty and we need to get their attention so we can help people save their lives.

My video tried to bring attention to poverty and my group and I opened up a petition to get people to join our cause. You can view it at and by going to the petitions that are related to poverty and ending poverty in New York.

Our blog discusses different parts of poverty and how we can stop it across New York and the country. We also make memes about poverty and how true it actually is.