October 3, 2022


A Little Bit about Me


My name is Lugeili Duran I’m 16 years old and this is my history. I’m from the Dominican Republic (Salcedo) and I speak Spanish.  My family is Hispanic and Catholic and we love baseball. I have lived in DR and the US currently I live in Brooklyn NY with my father, her wife, her son, and my two brothers. Something important that happened to me was moving from my country to another. is hard and sad because you’re leaving your life to start another one. 

My 3 strengths are that I’m really good at playing softball, volleyball, and I know how to dad started teach me when i was 14 , my work in progress is finish, high school, have good grades, and buy a car. my greatest achievement is that I have a job and I’m making new friends. my next big goal is to save money because I wanna go to Italy, and move with my friend. and I want to learn another language. 

I haven’t lost any family members thank god. But I used to have a dog when I was younger her name was Minie, and I love her so much. For some reason, she got sick and died. I miss her so much and I will love to see her again. I’m lucky to have in my life my mom, she is my everything and I love her so much her name is Maria and she lives in DR. I haven’t seen her in a year and I can’t wait to see her again.

Regina’s Biography

I was born in the Dominican Republic and my parents named me Regina. I was one of the eleven brothers and sisters who made my immediate family. Our main language is Spanish. My educational history in the Dominican Republic began after I left the village I was born in. I completed my elementary, intermediate, and secondary schooling in the Dominican Republic. Upon completion of high school, I entered college and became a substitute teacher. This marked the beginning of my teaching career. I attended college in the Dominican Republic known as Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) enrolled in a childhood education program. 

My life took a sharp turn after migrating to the United States. After moving here, I was able to become the person I am today. I developed a connection to the habits of the mind, persisting, thinking flexibly, and listening with understanding. Persisting is not giving up easily when pursuing a goal or objective. Challenges and differences of opinions are elements that need to be overcome as one persists in reaching a goal. This idea is a reflection of when I tried to transfer my school transcript from the Dominican Republic to a CUNY. I persisted for around five years trying to get the transcript until I finally got it. Having a flexible mind, I decided to enroll in a private school to get a medical lab degree and even with the transcript issue, it was still part of my agenda. Few years later, I made a few trips to the Dominican Republic and received the school papers to enter a CUNY school.

I started to see the implementation of the skill of thinking flexibly after working in an after school program (SCAN NY) in a public school in the Bronx. This skill showed me how to use different strategies in different situations to either meet the student or family needs. There were times when I changed my mind when disciplining or designing a lesson after thinking it over. At the same time, the skill of “listening with understanding and empathy” became apparent because while working with families in the poor community, many parents were facing different challenges and were able to listen and find solutions to some of their needs. The same occurred while working with young students in the program who were non English language speakers and I had to listen and find solutions to their problems. During this time working with these families and children, I found out that I had to persist in becoming a teacher because I am able to listen, understand and work with them to meet their social, academic, and any other possible needs. 

My story

 I am from the locket my mother gave me.
From mirrors and white tulips and a guitar.
I am from the lobby downstairs, screaming and laughing with the other kids
I am from sirens on the walk to the corner store to hang out with the cat. 
I am from loud music and sancocho, tostones, mangu, and rice and beans.
I am from Gloria and Luis.
I am from party people and gossipers,
from Luisa, ven aquí!
y ¿Cómo te fue con tu clase? y ¡ Cállate! 
I am from holiday praying and thanking God.
From the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, 
and getting stuck in a winter snowstorm. 
A shoebox of polaroids and baby pictures under my bed, and photos of grandfather and grandmother on top of the staircase wall. That’s where I’m from.

Samil’s Life

Hi My name is Samil.   My family is very important to me. It is important to know that I am very shy.  I was born on November 13, 2002. Recently something familiar happened to me that I would not like to talk about now, I prefer to keep it to myself. Well, right now I want to be in my country, but I have to be here in the United States to have better opportunities and be someone in life in my country.  I don’t have the same possibilities that I have in the United States. I lived in the Dominican Republic where I was born and at this time I have been living in the Bronx New York for 2 years.

 At school I like to be with my friend while I study. I am very good in classes when I concentrate on classes. I am a very good student but there are times when school stresses me.  For example, when every teacher gives me work every day. I like Gym. I also like lunch if I can talk to my friends without anyone taking my attention away. After school I work in a warehouse. For example, when a person calls to the warehouse to order, for example, a sandwich, I take it. Because I earn money without having to do the wrong thing, without having to attack a person, I like it because I earn money working.   

Many teenagers try alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Some teenagers test these substances only a few times and do not reuse them. Others cannot control their impulses or cravings for these substances. This is known as a substance abuse problem. Teens can try a number of substances, including cigarettes, alcohol, household chemicals (inhalants), prescription and over-the-counter medications, and illegal drugs. Teenagers use alcohol more than any other substance. Marijuana is the illegal drug that teenagers use most frequently.  

Most of this thing that is said in this paragraph happens in my community. I see many people lost in drugs and alcohol. In the school I studied, I met a friend who used drugs and when he did not have drugs he could not be calm in a place because the drug reached a point where he was already addicted.  I have a friend who has become addicted to the drugs we have at the same time in this country. I remember the day my friend used drugs. My friend can’t leave the world of drugs. I try to help him but he doesn’t listen to me. 

I Love My Life

My name is Chesary and I was born in Dominican Republic. I am 15 years old.  I have lived in Moca. In school, I like to good take part in class and when I am out of school, I like to chat with my friends a lot.  I am particularly good at dancing bachata.   I became good at this because I watched TV and learned it.  In the future, I would like to be a teacher.  I dream of teaching university.

In my free time I dedicate myself to helping the people most needy because that is a fair justice just for me and makes me happy.


An Introduction of Me

My name is Nicole De la Cruz. I was born on November 19th, 2002 in La Vega, Dominican Republic. I am 14 years old. Something important to know about me is that I’m a very active person that is always smiling and laughing at things that are not even funny. Also, I get mad quickly and I’m a sensitive person. I have lived in many places that have been important to me but also it has been an obstacle for some things of my life. I had lived in Hatico, Villa Francisca Segunda, La Primavera and Camboya. In school I like to go to gym class because I like to do exercises, and when I’m out the school, I like to go to my friend’s house, to the park and to visit my family. I am particularly good at dancing. I got that way because since I was little my mom put me in a dance class and since that time I started to feel some special for dancing. My plans for the future are finishing high school and going to college. Also, I would like to be an important person who contributes to the country. Specifically I want to become a pediatrician. Finally, my dreams are to travel the world and to learn multiple languages.

 I immigrated to New York on October 16th, I was 11 years old. Leaving my country was so difficult because i left all my family from my mom’s side and they were always supporting me. When I came to the United States, my family structure changed because my sister, my mom and I were going to live with my dad. These changes were positive because we were finally living all together as a family and my dad was also supporting me. I feel fortunate about the languages I speak because learning many languages would help me in the future.

There was a time in my life when i witnessed injustice.  One normal day in the afternoon, in my neighborhood there was some girls that were saying that they wanted to fight a girl. This girl that they wanted to fight was a shy girl, she was friendly and she never got in trouble. They fought her, she by herself vs the group of 6 girls. There were many people around but they let those girls fight this girl. I think this is an injustice because they let innocent people get hurt instead to helping them. In my opinion this is unfair because many people like to hurt others just because they don’t like them.