December 2, 2022


Dr.Rios Book Recommendation

Street Life is a book about Victor Rios life and the struggles that he went through while growing up. He started in Mexico living in poverty but his mother saw an opportunity if they went to America so they did, failed once but didn’t give up and tried once more then succeeded. Once they crossed to the “Land of Freedom” it was nothing like they hoped, they still lived in poor conditions, school was a big challenge and the streets forced Victor Rios to change how he was. After seeing mistakes on the other hand he changed for the better, went to school got his degree go a job found the love of his life. He went back to school for his P.H.D while having kids but succeeded and he is the successful man that he is now.

One part of the book that really stood out to me was when Dr.Rios was getting help from his favorite teacher Ms.Russ and he said that you have to put in your work and make yourself accountable. This part really stood out to me because it is something that I have to do, just like him I am receiving all the help that I can get but I need to make myself accountable. In order for me to succeed I have to begin to put in the work and not let the help that I am receiving go to waste.

I think that this was a really good book, when we began to read it, instead of doing the assignment right away I would instead read the chapters that we received because of how interesting his story is and then go back to finish the assignment. I think everyone should read it but especially those in the low-income community so that they can read some of the same struggles that they are going thru and then read the success that he had so that they can get motivated and strive to have the same amount success or more. If you are not a low-income student then you can still read it because it is an interesting story and it shows you a different perspective of life, a different way that this person lived from how you are living or how you lived at around his age. So my final say is yes do read this book, it is very good and gives real-life problems happening in low-income communities but a very good ending.

Street Life

The book Street Life is a book about Victor Rios, a Mexican kid who grew up in poverty in Oakland and joining gang life and doing the criminal activity to changing his life around and became a different person who got his doctoral degree. My favorite part of the book is when he changed his life around and went to college so he can provide and be a better role model to his family. Yes, I would recommend this book to anybody who is feeling bad about themselves and wants to make a change or to somebody who is doing badly in school and doesn’t have any hope that it’s too late to be successful.

One Step At A Time

In the last month, our class has been reading an Autobiography. The book is called, “Street Life” by Victor Rios. In the book, Victor talks about his life. Starting from when he was a child until he became a grown man. He talks about his different struggles growing up and how he got over it. My favorite part of the book is when Victor decided to make a huge transformation in his life. He decided to go back to school and get his degree. What I learned and what Victor made clear in the book is that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to no matter how you were raised.  I would recommend this book to everyone especially young teens who live in the bay area. I feel like it would be more interesting to read to know it is a true story and it is coming from someone who has been through it all. More people can relate and hopefully feel inspired.

Streat Life

Streat life is a book with many Adventures and irony. Victor is a boy who meats lots of sad moments. The part where he sees his uncle get killed in front of him, or how is friend smiley gets killed over a fight between gangs.Victor experienced lots of fun times too, like when he got accepted to college and came back to help his family. Personally, I think the best part was when he got to his senses and stopped hanging out with his gang members and focuses more on school.There are lots of lessons that I learned from this book like never be peer pressured by your friends, like when Victor’s Gang met the rival Gang than the peer-pressured each other to fight.I recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand about boys who struggle to succeed in  Oakland.

Should You Read “Street Life”?!

The book ‘Street Life’ written by Dr. Victor Rios, is about Victor and the decisions he made throughout his life and how he changed his life of being a delinquent to graduate college with a PhD. He is now living a better life because he changed his life for the better. My favorite part of the book is when he changed his life around from someone who was doing drugs, disobeying and part of a gang to someone who graduated and got accepted into and wrote his very own book. I suggest people to read this book because it has very interesting events and it’s fun to read. It also shows you that even the tiniest of decisions can impact your life a lot. The people that I suggest to read it is people who are thinking of stop going to school and think of doing things that will get you in trouble.

My Version Of Street Life

The reason why I chose the pictures for my book cover is because they relate really well to the quotes, and it is also the most relating pictures I could’ve found. I chose the plain black background because and I didnt want to go all out and I wouldn’t have to modify the font color so much because the background would mess with it and you couldn’t clearly see it. The reason why I chose these quotes to put on my book cover is because they stood out to me and it shows how Dr. Rios went through the struggles and he changed his life for the better. What I want my audience to think of Dr. Rios is that he is able to overcome any obstacle that comes his way. He went from hustling and not doing anything in school to someone who changed his life around and went to college and is now a mentor to other kids who live in poverty so they don’t end up like he did.

Street life a new Path

I chose the images because I felt like the pictures went very well with the quotes. the background I picked was the only one I like, and it look cool. The quotes I picked were mostly about Victor. I want people to think about Victor and see how he can mess up and pick the wrong path but find a better path on the way.

Book Cover : Street Life

The images I decided to go with my the quotes I chose because I feel like they give a short summary of the quote. The background I picked for my cover was chosen because it was the only one that appealed to me. The importance of the quotes I chose were that they sort of are the main ideas of the book. From the quotes, I want the reader to see the main character as a role model.

Flashback Of The Struggles

I choose these four specific images because I feel as if these images visually give you a more detailed picture in your head about the events that occured to Rios himself. These images make it seem as if it was the exact flashback of Rios. The purpose of the solid black background was to give us a feeling of something ominous and empty, which Victors life consisted of for most of his youth. The importance of the quotes I used was to put people in an uncomfortable yet intrigued mood. I want viewers to realize the amount of horrific situations Rios experienced throughout his life and how traumatic his journey has been.

Dynasty street life book cover

The reason I chose the images I used for my cover is because each image shows a dramatic situation that happened in the author life time. I chose a black background because it looks depressing. If someone was to look at my cover they would already know it’s a sad story. Each quote had to do with the author childhood and him growing up. I want viewers to think that the main character did have struggle moments in his lifetime. I also want them to know that he did become successful in the future.

The Amazing Book Cover

Thomas James’ Book Cover Redesign

I’ve picked the images in the book cover because they represented what is going on in the quotes that I had pulled out of the story.

I decided to choose this type of background because it shows the darkness of all annotations and what is the emotion going through with them.

The importance of the quotes I had chose is that it’s giving the bad and emotional breakthroughs that Victor Rios had experienced growing up in life. I want the readers to understand how Victor Rios had a dark and very emotional growing path to try to get out of bad situations.

All about Street Life

I chose these images because I felt like it went with the quotes I chose from the book “Street Life”. I chose that background because it’s a symbol of Oakland and the place the story takes place is in Oakland. I chose these exact quotes because he specifically tells us how he feels about things going around him, himself, and others. I wanted you guys to see how strong victor is by knowing where he came from and how he was raised and how he is now is such a beautiful transformation. How he can explain his thoughts and feelings about his entire life shows such a humble person.