November 28, 2022


I felt like I was Suffocating

In the article “I felt like I was suffocating” (upfront, smith,2021) I learned that throughout the pandemic a lot of changes were made that affected people from doing their daily routines. One example was virtual classes. Although some students seem to have better kids, there was a big percentage of students that didn’t seem to quite understand because they were visual learners. Many people got depressed because during the panic they were just in their homes without doing what they usually did so they had another routine to get used to little by little. There were about  3,300 high school students who found that nearly one-third reported feeling unhappy or depressed in recent months. They felt this way because of the changes that made students not feel connected to teachers, classmates, or their school community. Not only did students feel like this but as well as adults, many adults lost their jobs and they also talked about how they got mentally ill because they were just stressing about finding a way to get a job since the prices went up on everything and they needed to pay rent as well. So I do say many people did feel as if they were suffocating due to the changes the pandemic caused. 

I think what is happening is that many people don’t go outside of their homes to get to do their daily routines as they used to so since the pandemic hit out of nowhere it also hit them out of nowhere and kept them from doing their normal activities to something much more different. So in my opinion people got impacted by all these changes because they couldn’t get to express as much as they didn’t get to experience the same experiences as much as they could.

What do you think people should do to improve the changes the pandemic caused?

Children and Covid Vaccine

In the article “Covid Vaccine Approved for Younger Children” I learned that children under the age of 11 are now allowed to get the vaccine. This is a positive thing because kids are the ones that get sick more often. About 28 million children are now eligible to get the vaccination. These vaccines only have a third of the medicine. They do this for the safety of the childrens. With only receiving this amount of medicine there will be no worry about having bad reactions. Children will also be receiving a second shot just like any regular adult.

I think this is a good thing because now children have some protection against the virus. Most parents want their kids to get the vaccine. While others don’t want them to. Many people have lost their lives due to covid and it’s a tragedy. We should all work together to overcome this virus.

What do you think? Should children be allowed to receive the covid vaccine?

Pfizer Booster Approved for Kids 12-15

In the article, “Stuff You Should Know Booster Approved for Kids Aged 12-15” (McGraw Hill) I learned that FDA has now approved the Pfizer booster shot for children ages twelve to fifteen. The FDA also shortened the amount of time to wait for their booster shot from six months to five months. This decision was made after some children in Israel received their booster shot after five months and showed no increased risk of side effects. The vaccination is used to protect the population from COVID infections. Thankfully the vaccine is free and offered to anyone disregarding their immigration and health insurance status. Doctors and public health officials recommend everyone gets their shot sooner rather than later. 

I think it is extremely important for people to get their COVID vaccine or booster as soon as possible. I believe that vaccination has helped decrease the number of cases. If everyone was to get vaccinated I believe that the number of cases with COVID will die down. 

Do you think everyone should get vaccinated?


In the article, “FEMA Stops Paying for Masks” (McGraw Hill) I learned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency said it would no longer pay for virus-related school aid. “it will no longer help pay schools and local communities for the additional expense of buying PPE and other sanitation supplies.” they no longer want to help and will only help what is an emergency and that’s all. They will help only in emergencies but not to the schools. “FEMA only helps pay for safety precautions in emergency settings, and after September 15, that no longer includes schools, courthouses, and public housing.”

This was very interesting to me since it is a federal organization and it is not going to help schools, that seems strange to me. I think they should continue helping schools since we pay taxes and it is necessary to help schools to be protected from this virus. I think helping the school would be a good thing for the students and the parents of those students as they should supposedly be protected in the schools.

Volunteering for Testing!

In the article ¨Covid 19 volunteers¨ by ¨Gerardo¨ It talks about how  teens volunteered for the covid-19 trial vaccinations. He believed that Teenagers seem to be one of the main causes for the continuous spread of Covid-19 cases. Vaccinations were given to adolescents 16 and up. And the Adults ages 18 and up were given the Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. But in order to be able to participate in these test trials parents had to give their consent for there teens to be lab rats.

I believe that this is wrong to be a lab rat and tested on vaccines that may not even work. They decided to do it on teenagers first because they believe that they are the main cause of the spread. I think that testing on humans isn’t right especially if they don’t know if the shot they gave them is even going to work on covid. People mainly do this because they get a check and i think you shouldn’t.

Would you risk your health for money?

Covid and Low-Income Communities

How do communities promote equality and support regarding Covid affecting us to this day?

Lower-income communities of a certain race/ethnicity are dealing with the pandemic much worse than others and might have not received the same level of support. I think that they don’t receive much help are at a higher risk of getting infected and are not cured as fast or efficiently.

What do you think?

With this pandemic, it might be hard to spread awareness and the message of equality through communities because our focus is guided elsewhere. Different types of people might receive different types of support and aid depending on their race, color, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

There is an article that helps give much insight on this issue:

What type of people doesn’t receive much aid?
How are the communities themselves dealing with this pandemic?
How many people catch the disease in those communities?
What is the government doing to help?

They say “Our findings underscore the importance of identifying the unique mental health impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on parents in high-risk communities. In high-risk communities, parental stress is a pressing problem that, if unaddressed, has the potential to result in even greater psychological distress and child maltreatment. Training community healthcare providers to assess and address parental stress can lead to increased community capacity and the development of a community-based network to serve as the first line of support for parents and their children.”

I Remember

I remember forgetting to put on a mask before putting on my hijab 
I remember there were only 2 people allowed in the elevators due to COVID 
I remember eating a lot at home because I was super bored 
I remember my parents buying so much food so we don’t run out 
I remember people fighting for toilet paper
I remember I didn’t see not even one homeless person in the street when Covid first came 
I remember drawing a lot 
I remember FaceTiming my grandparents in Saudi Arabia because they weren’t allowed to come back due to Covid 
I remember people started hating Covid and fewer people started to wear a mask 
I remember getting to know my family more 
I remember discovering talents of mine that I never knew I had before.
I remember being on online school
I remember I graduated on zoom while receiving a certificate online.
I remember my middle school was so broke that they didn’t even send me anything because I graduated.
I remember seeing my friends get stuff from their schools while I thought I was going to receive something.
I remember starting high school and it wasn’t as bad and boring as i thought.

Loneliness During Quarantine

Many of us teenagers have felt unmotivated, lonely, tired and even sad, since the beginning of quarantine, which began last March. We depended on friendships, school activities, teachers, sports, and clubs to distract us of our problems and to have fun. But all of those have been cut off and hard to keep, with online learning through Zoom conferences. We now spend our days laying in bed, watching Netflix, and spending hours scrolling through social media. Our broken connections and friendships has taken a toll on many teenagers mental health.

According to Upfront’s latest magazine issue, ‘I Felt Like I Was Suffocating’, many teenagers have reported feeling this way; unmotivated, tired, and anxious. Although some may argue that a teenagers’ primary way of communicating with friends could be through TikTok, Instagram, FaceTime, Twitter, etc, teengaers still need real life interactions with friends in order to maintain and expand their social skills. A person’s high school years are very important when it comes to social skills and preparation for the future. From applying to college, FAFSA, and getting career advice, many students have missed out on important information and help on these topics.

Events such as prom, homecoming, football games, and field trips, are expected to be cancelled as well, which would have been the highlight of one’s high school career. Overall, due to the lack of participation in any of these events, and because of social distance learning and quarantining, many teenagers have felt lonelier and more anxious than ever.

Covid-19 in CA

Covid-19 in California is very different than the states around us. Covid has significantly increased so much in California around the holidays and continue to increase on non-holiday days. California is known as one of the top locations where Covid-19 is very high. What does this make us feel? As a person who lives in California all I got to say is, I just want this to be over already. It’s been almost a year and I am over it and we all are already. What do you think we should?

Should America Still Welcome Immigrants?

In the article “Should America Still Welcome Immigrants?” by Wendy Feliz and Congressman Paul Gosar inform others if immigrants should be welcomed in America or not. Felix writes that America should welcome immigrants and her reason was that America should since it was built by immigrants. Immigrants build a business, feed the nation, raise a family, and build homes. Gosar on the other hand disagrees with Feliz. He writes that American workers don’t need competition from immigrants because due to COVID many Americans have lost their jobs and are currently struggling. He believes that American business should ask Americans who are jobless instead of immigrants. 

In my opinion, I think that America should welcome immigrants. Most of the immigrants that come in are working in the fields, going into construction, or clean houses. Americans don’t want to work in those jobs. I don’t understand how some people think that American workers don’t need competition because it’s the jobs that they don’t want to work in. Do you really think that Americans would want to work in the heat and in the freezing cold? I don’t think so.  

Are we being conditioned?

Event 201 was a, “3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic.”, largely funded by billionaire Bill Gates. Most people would think something like this is only natural and probably necessary considering we live in the height of a global pandemic. Of course these people are right, except for one key detail; event 201 occurred in October of 2019, months before people knew about the outbreak, and more importantly months before the outbreak even occurred.

Naturally conspiracy theorists were quick to the task of trying to connect the dots and put two and two together. It was highly improbable that the world’s elites gathered to watch a simulated pandemic unfold in the exact way that the real virus did months before it even happened. And it didn’t help that Bill Gates, the man funding it and also the richest man on the planet, is also highly involved in the search for the vaccine. Media outlets and rational thinkers were quick to call out these theorists as right wing fanatics. There’s no way an event held in broad daylight was used to simulate how easily the general population could be controlled and manipulated by higher ups, right?

Less than a month ago Mariana Mazucatto, a professor and economist, published “Avoiding a Climate Lockdown.” It spoke of the dangers of climate change, and proposed a solution of a second lockdown to limit CO2 emissions. ‘climate lockdown,’ governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling. To avoid such a scenario, we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.” Oddly enough, this idea has begun to gain traction with some Americans, namely in California, which has been greatly affected by wildfires over the past few months. The average person seems to be much more open to the idea of an all out lockdown. After being confined to your house since March, it doesn’t sound all that crazy. I think it’s time to start asking some somewhat scary questions, like who really benefits from the population being stuck in their houses and ruled by fear. I am afraid you might find that the answer isn’t climate activists.

The next round – Boxing vs. Covid-19 (part 2)

When will boxing return to the fighting business, and will there be consequences?

This question is very hard to answer since gyms were closed down for a long period of time and boxers could not keep up with their daily routines or fight, amateurs and professionals.

Now, the only ones who are starting to take action are professional fighters who are on their way to win important titles and want to keep their legacy alive.

An article from Forbes mentioned that the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, is planning on opening its doors to the competitive world of boxing once again. Although serious precautions are going to be taken, they will test all fighters and make them stay in assigned rooms until they receive the results. 

It will be hard to accomplish. The article even mentioned a case where one of the fighters got tested positive. “Boxer Mikaela Mayer, who was a 2016 U.S. Olympian and scheduled to fight Tuesday, announced Sunday on social media that she tested positive for coronavirus and was off the card. She was asymptomatic”, said Badenhausen (the article writer). It will be hard to detect the virus as not all people show direct signs of having the symptoms such as Mayer. 

man standing and walking going on boxing ring surrounded with people

There will be limited audience in order to prevent contamination or spread which will make the fight seem more than a sparring session in the eyes of the fighters. 

Badenhausen mentions that the only ones who will have paper-view fights will be prestigious boxers. “But he doesn’t see any big pay-per-view events, featuring stars like Canelo Alvarez or Anthony Joshua, until at least the end of 2020. ” 

This link will take you to the article and my comments and thoughts about the subject:

Boxing vs. Covid-19

The world of boxing has been paired up against a very challenging contender, Covid-19. This is a sport that requires enormous amounts of dedication, discipline, practice, skill, technique, and strength. Every fighter, whether amateur or professional, is facing a very difficult time maintaining their athletic lifestyle due to many restrictions that were put in place in order to prevent further spread and keep everyone healthy. 

Of course, since boxing is a contact sport, it can get a little messy because of how much exercise people do and how sweaty they can get. Furthermore, when it comes to sparing or fights, someone is bound to get a bloody nose or busted lip. Gyms were closed down for a long period of time and boxers could not keep up with their daily routines. They have lost some of their technique and speed, therefore, catching up to where they used to be is going to be rough. 

Furthermore, all sanctioned fights, regional, state, or national, were either cancelled or postponed (with no definite dates), including the most recognized one of all, the 2020 Olympics.  Amatuer fighters are missing their chance to step up in the competitive environment and to be recognized for their hard work. As for professional boxers, their fights have been hard to comeby due to the safety precautions and concern for their audiences’ health. Not to mention the effects on the economic side of the sport. With people staying at home and practicing social distance, it will be hard for boxers, promoters, managers, etc, to get paid with the lack of audience. 

As of today, gyms are slowly opening up with precautions. Only a certain amount of people can come in at a time, some drills are not being practiced anymore, sparring has been limited if not temporarily cancelled, and all equipment is being washed down and sanitized more than it normally was. Amatuer fights are still postponed and waiting for Covid to minimize. Lastly, professional fights are supposedly going to take place soon with a limited audience and the required safety measurements. 

Boxing has faced tough times, but it will find a way to come back even stronger than before, with its athletes ready for more. Covid might have won this round, but the fight is not over yet.