June 25, 2022


Athlete paychecks

 In the article, “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay” I learned that there is a debate whether or not athletes in college should be getting checks. Many people believe they shouldn’t get paid because they receive scholarships in exchange. They also think giving them checks will ruin their education because the sport will come before school for the athletes. The decision falls in the hands of a California law that permits athletes to hire agents and make money. With that congress considered taking a second look at the debate. 

Should college athletes accept payments?

I think that everyone can have their own decision in this debate. It depends on how people view things. In my opinion, I think they work hard earning money for the university and it’s not fair they cant receive any payments in return. I don’t think education will take a back turner. Athletes should understand they are committed to a sport but should also make as much time for school since that comes first. 

Should college athletes accept payments?

College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?

In the Article “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?” I learned that there has been a debate about whether college athletes should get paid. People believe that if college athletes do get paid, it won’t become a college and it would turn into a business. People also believe that students would also transfer to many places because of the offers they’ll be getting. But what benefits them getting paid is helping them pay their college tuition. They also believe that with all the hard work there doing, they deserve to get paid instead of the coaches. With the students advertising for a school and promoting it, then they should get a payment.

Do college athletes deserve to get paid for every game they play?

I think that in my opinion, college athletes should get paid because they work hard. They treat their sport as a full-time job whether is workouts, practicing, and traveling to pay another school. Them promoting their advertising or their school deserve to get paid because no one else would have not done it. It would also benefit them to pay for the things for college because we know that college isn’t cheap. 

NCAA Paying players

The NCAA is a business in colleges and universities. The NCAA makes around $842 million annually annually; big colleges like UCLA make roughly around 100 million dollars annually and you know how much money athletes make 0 dollar annually for not only going to school but going to play their sports. You may say well that’s what they wanted, they chose to be student athletes but imagine you being in their shoes you helping a university make millions when you’re not making a dime. There’s a lot of these famous college athletes who barely have enough to eat on a day to day basis. 

Do you think college athletes should be paid?

A lot of people disagree with this idea because it oen makes them amature players or they will try less because they already have the money. But a lot of these famous players don’t make it in the nfl or nba and lose out on money when they peaked which as in college so their is always thingś like that tim tebow mae ncaa a lot of money and he didn’t do that well in the nfl and probably lost out on a lot of money.

College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?

College athletes rake in millions of dollars each year for their schools, but these full-time players aren’t making any money for themselves from the gig. Some college sports programs don’t make money. Rather, they lose millions of dollars per year. So if schools decided to pay college athletes, they would lose even more money. If a college football team spends, say, $3 million on 100 players, $30,000 apiece, that money has to come from somewhere.

In my opinion of “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?” that paying athletes would just lead to loss in revenue as well as other sports on campus that are not as popular, and would also result in greed. Athletes argue that much of their time goes into sports, and that they never have time to work, or earn money towards their college tuition.Paying student-athletes is an ongoing debate with no definitive conclusion. On one side of the argument, people see fit that students get paid.

Why is paying college athletes is an bad idea?

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College athletes are very talented in what they do, that is why they are in the position they are in. They train their entire lives to do what they love to do, they work incredibly hard. Because of this I believe that all college athletes should be paid a reasonable amount of money.

The first reason why I think college athletes should be paid is because of how dedicated they are to doing that. They have to work incredibly hard every day in practice in order to maintain their quality of athletic performance. The sport they play isn’t just a game to them like a lot of people think it is for them. It is their lives, for a lot of them, they don’t have anything without their athleticism and willpower.

The second reason for paying college athletes is because of the amount of popularity these athletes are getting because of how good they are. All of this attention they are getting, they even have jersey merch of themselves. They should get a part of that money for each of those jerseys sold. This is because the colleges get that money instead of the athlete, this is not right because they are the ones working for that attention from the media.

I find it kind of sad that they don’t get paid because it is hard to practice, do school work, and have a job all at the same time every day. So they should be getting paid by the game to clear up their schedule with everything that is going on in their lives.

Should Students From College Get Paid For Doing Sports?

In the article “College Athletes,” I learned that smallers school might have to dissolve their athletic programs altogether because it might not generate enough funding to pay players. This Foolish that students should be treated as employees Although the NCAA claims college athletes are just students, the NCAA’S own tournament schedules require college athletes to miss classes for nationally televised game that bring in revenue. College Athletes are hiring agents in order accept money from advertisers. This has become a california law alone with several other states. success in college sports is also believed to improve the application rates and caliber of admitted students at certain universities.

Should college teams pay their players?

I think what happening to these college athletes. Is Foolish because the students are receiving a paycheck. It must be easy to imagine student – athletes haven’t yet been paid, It’s unclear what further effects a new policy could have, especially in terms of which athletes are paid the most.

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Pay College Athletes or Not?

According to “College Athletes: To Pay or Not Pay?” people want to know if they should be paying college athletes for their hard work.

Many people say they should be paying athletes that are in college because they are students first and they should put in their hard work before they get rich and famous. once they start getting paid they will forget school. If the colleges start paying college athletes there might not have enough funds or to pay players every year. On the other hand, many colleges are making so much money off athletes. They have so many promotions and they would like to have a little bit of a paycheck/benefits.

I personally believe that they should pay college athletes. The athletes should get benefits but they should be on a contract. By them being on a contract will keep their focus on school first and athlete second. Once they see them slacking on their grades put them on probation. once they are on probation they won’t be getting benefits until they get their school work done first.

Compensation for College Athletes

Should college athletes be paid?

The Call to Pay College Athletes Misdiagnoses the Problem

Paying college athletes will destroy the atmosphere, culture, and traditions that surround college athletics today, while also being disadvantageous to the athletes themselves. He argues that the real problem is that athletes are so poorly educated that by the time they get into college, they either don’t have the skills to learn or are forced to take “shadow curriculum” that is so easy it guarantees the players get the grades they need in order to participate. Also, some of the beauty of college athletics is the tradition and connection the players can share with the fans, and this will inevitably be lost if players start getting paid and college sports becomes more of a business. 

Top-Tier College Athletes Are Professionals Who Deserve a Bigger Slice of the Pie

The author argues that college athletics are just as demanding and serious as professional sports, yet the athletes are not getting paid. This is not right, especially when their coaches are making millions of dollars a year. 

My opinion falls somewhere in between these two. I believe that college sports are a special tradition that is beloved to many people. There’s something special about being able to relate to the players that go to your school. There is beauty in the amateur game, where the players are playing for the love of the game and not to make a living. Once the game becomes a business, it starts to lose some of these special sentiments, and that is what I think will happen to college athletics if it’s athletes are going to become paid. In this day and age, with the high demands and knowledge of the dangers that come with participating in sports like football, I understand the cry for compensation. However, I fear that the college game will lose the very thing that makes it so special for it’s fans. It will become a matter of who is willing to pay more instead of what school can offer me the most in terms of education and experience. While I believe that college athletes will begin to be paid in the near future, I hope that the spirit of the game and it’s traditions will not be lost. 

Transition sentences:

It is no mystery that the demands and injury risks are high, however, payment will change the traditions and passion of the amateur game. 

Obviously, the athletes are putting a lot at risk by participating in their respectful sports. 

Consequently, the payment of the athletes will turn the college scene into even more of a business. 

Concessive Clauses:

Even though they are putting in as much time and work as their coaches, the players don’t get paid. 

In spite of the education a school might offer, an athlete might choose to go somewhere he is paid more. 

Although the athletes deserve the pay, the college game will be changed forever. 

Paying College Athletes

Dear Next President,

When Theodore Roosevelt founded the NCAA on March 31, 1906, he had a vision in sight to “encourage reforms” in college sports. He did that because college football in the early 20th century had a high number of repeated injuries and deaths and “prompted many college and universities to discontinue the sport.” The definition of reforms is “make changes in order to improve it.” President Roosevelt did just that when he came in and made reforms to the rules in 1906. The NCAA is thriving right now and could use some more reforms. Because a president created the NCAA, I feel our next President could also encourage a reform.

I feel as if the student-athletes are being exploited for the benefit of the schools they attend and the NCAA. Which is, in fact, a “non-profit organization”. ”It maintains its nonprofit status because it is an association of colleges and universities sharing a common academic mission. Every year, the NCAA and its members equip more than 460,000 student-athletes with skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and throughout life.”

The NCAA says that it is a nonprofit, but the NCAA racks in around $10.8 billion a year, just off of a media contract with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting. The president of the NCAA makes a comfortable one million dollars a year while the student-athletes that produce all that revenue get their school paid and nothing else. Most of them are in debt once they get out of college because they do not have time to work and make money since they are spending 40+ hours a week doing their sport.

I think that the best thing to do to solve this situation is to pay the athletes based on the revenue that they personally bring in themselves. If the star football player is getting his jersey sold out in sporting good stores he should be able to capitalize off of his popularity. To the sports that do not produce as much revenue for the school they will still get paid but not as much as the sports that are bringing in the majority of the money like football and basketball.

So, Future President, don’t you think that it is time to “encourage some reforms” and give some money to the student-athletes that bring all of the revenue in? If you decide to do that I believe that the student-athletes will start to feel like they are being more appreciated for all of their hard work that they do for the school.

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