August 10, 2022


Second Civil War?

The United States is in a high tension environment between both political parties. Both main parties of the U.S., the Democratic party and the Republican party, are constantly debating over current issues the country is undergoing. Many politicians have expressed concerns that the United States may be approaching something dangerous, and if tensions are not eased, there may potentially be a possibility that the U.S. will enter into another Civil War.

Boston University interviewed Nina Sliber, who is a professor who has studied history for long periods of time during her educational career, and asked her specifically whether or not concern over a civil war is a reasonable discussion. Many people believe that the political system in the U.S. is too civilized and there is little to no possibility that the United States will ever enter into such political climates ever again.

Nina described both the possibility of this event occurring, and what it would look like and how it would be different from the previous civil war. Nina described that it is very unlikely that the U.S. will be entering into a Civil War, however, there have been some instances during the presidential term of Donald Trump that may have sparked some of these thoughts.

Society was fairly peaceful during the presidential terms of Barack Obama, however during the presidential term of Trump, there have been some more vulgar comments made towards members of the public and groups of American society. Nina explains that if a Civil War were to occur, then it would be radically different because the coasts of the U.S. are primarily democratic and the middle states are primarily Republican.

The war would be very different and there would be multiple wars both on the coasts and in the middle states. It is unknown which side would have the advantage geographically. Overall, the U.S. is still experiencing scuffles, but there are people in power currently that are more than likely to prevent these situations from occurring. 

Horrors of the Syrian Civil War

The issue that I am presenting in my movie is the Syrian civil war. I am passionate about this issue because throughout news outlets and social media I see families in pain and terror, children horrifically injured. People lose their homes and die everyday because of power hungry leaders who care nothing for the citizens and innocents living on the land they bombard everyday.

Before starting this project, I really only knew the basic facts about the war, like where it was taking place and the harsh effects of the war. I knew about the ongoing refugee problems in countries including America but never knew the numbers. After doing research for my presentation I learned how expansive the refugee problem is, as nations like Turkey have massive intake of refugees. Also I learned about the huge number of civilian deaths including children as a whole and in the city of Aleppo.