December 4, 2022


250-WORD-PAYBACK-CHALLENGE-ESSAY(Final Draft)-FROM Willisam Jones…

Going into the Payback Challenge I assumed the difficulty by checking out other people’s playthroughs and learning  about the difficulty of debt and loans in my personal finance class. But man was it tough!

What I learned from the game was the importance of balancing out my grades   happiness.In my first playthrough there were many times where my happiness was in the red while my grades were good and vise versa. But my network/connections were mostly static.For example, I wasn’t doing to well in one of my math classes so I had chose to work harder which resulted in my happiness being nearly depleted.

What I will be able to apply to future experiences? Are the ability to know when and where its time to work and the time for fun.I actually played the game twice with the first playthrough at an extremely low GPA and the other at a high GPA with both being in a low amount of clubs and programs along with living in Pennsylvania. Of course I won both playthroughs but weirdly enough I got nearly the same amount of debt even though I had more opportunities with a higher GPA.My student loan debt was about $30,200 which was less than my starting salary of 43,850 so I did fine but i’m sure there were  specific ways to get rid of all your debt if not getting close to doing so but you didn’t get that here.

PAYBACK Challenge Essay

Before I played the payback challenge I knew that I didn’t want to go to college and that I wanted to do a trade instead, but this really made my thoughts about college clear. 

I say this because if I have a lot of student loan debt I would spend a long time trying to bring it down while I’m in college with a job. The downside of attending college is that I am not going to have a lot of time to study and hang out with friends. Then I am going to be overloaded with studying and my job.

The only thing that went well for me in the Payback Challenge is that I got the job I wanted and the pay is good to lower my debt. My only concern is that this might backfire on me and I don’t get the job I strived to have and have that big loud of debt to pay off or something family related can come up or I lose lack motivation and drop out all I’m saying is anything can happen in life and you never know what to expect.

I made $3,265 monthly and my monthly loan payment is 375 but in real life, it’s not always going to be as simple as a video game. Overall I feel like my college experience in the Payback Challenge was worth it in the long run because I achieved what I wanted. Maybe in the future, I would consider going to college but I feel like doing a trade is better for someone like me, someone who wants the easy way out.

Why Statement.

You asked, “why?”  so let me tell you why I do the things I do, why I need to get my family out of Philly, and why I need to step my game up. 

I do the things I do because I don’t want to see my family going through it anymore.   

I don’t want them to worry about anything. No more late nights staying up thinking, No more late bills due, all I want for them is happiness and success so with that being said we can start our own business from the ground up.

 I  don’t know how but it’s going to get done, It’s going to happen one way or another, 

You asked me why so let me tell you. All my life I had to fight to get where I want to be and I’m still fighting. Because nothing is free so for us to get where we want to be we got to stop playing and get this money no matter how hard it is we can’t stop. 

I tell my siblings and my mom every day that everything is going to get better cause pain doesn’t last long. We going to get to the top because after everything WE deserve it. 

You asked me why so let me tell you. We got to do this for Leon and Eudrice because WE know this is all they wanted before they left us. Before they passed they always told us that they were going to be the ones to get us out of the hood, I just want their dreams to come true. You asked me why so let me tell you.

My Why?

Why do I feel the need to want to be an influencer? Is it because I like it, is it because I want to share my life with other people or do I just want to feel accepted? 

Social media can either make or break me. Is it really the life I want to choose for myself? Do I really want people to have access to my whole life? 

I want to be able to express myself without people having an opinion on every little thing I do. But I also want to give advice. Tell people that it’s ok to not have to hide who you are as a person just to feel accepted and to not care what others say or think about you. 

Why Statement

Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy Bro wwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

So I gotta do this assignment for my teacher Mr.Reed and the question I have to answer is why…literally just why and it really got me thinking and thonken.

First off, why am I doing this right here and now.Obviously i’m working on this assignment because I was told to, because i’m going to get graded on this, because I have to complete this in order to move on to my vision board and just because i’m kinda curious on how i’m gonna answer this question.As you can see there are a lot of answers to this question depending on what you view “why” as but i’m getting off topic.The reason I wake up, the reason I pursue an education, the reason I do the things I do is because I want to be happy and I thought about a few other ways to put this sentence together but I decided to just be blunt.Not to say that i’m currently unhappy or anything because I truly feel blessed to have the friends and family that I have but I know that it can be better and that’s what I strive to achieve.

Next, how (and why maybe) am I going to achieve the things that I want to achieve.It’s currently 1:21 pm and I’m a 11th grader in The U School Of Philadelphia, i’ve learned a lot yet I still have a lot to learn so right now i’ll keep pursuing my education but the problem for me is that I don’t really know what I want to do with my life so after I figure out something that brings me money along with happiness I’ll be one step closer to my personal goal.WHY I want to do things this way is because I’ll be a lot more interested in a job/career that I enjoy then I job I don’t like and that’s what makes this so important.Best case scenario is that I get that job that I both wanted/love and because of said job I get a house or apartment (I honestly wouldn’t care witch) I’d be the happiest i’ve ever been and that’s the goal, my goal!Obviously that would only be the goal until I actually reach it and throughout my attempt at getting to it my goal could change but for now I can finally say why!That’s it, I’m done.

Why Statement

For my Math and Personal Finance passion project I am going to focus on carpentry and I am going to learn how to build things with my own hands. I am learning this because I enjoy learning new skills to become a better carpenter and I really enjoy it. I am going to pursue my Math and personal Finance passion project, by researching business ideas and learning more on it. My Math and personal Finance passion project will be a success if I really try to get into the work and the research that I do because I already know a little bit about carpentry.

Care Resource Coordinator

In the article ¨Careers: Care Resource Coordinator¨ I learned that these professionals are the ones who help people infected with COVID19 identify other people they have interacted with who may also be infected. By doing so these people could pass this information to limit the spread of the disease.  In this pandemic, for example, the job of a nursing resource coordinator is to contact people who have tested positive for COVID19. It will connect them to vital resources to ensure a safe quarantine and stay healthy.  They are there to help the community by connecting patients with what they need as public health workers and social workers. They are there to help the community by connecting patients with what they need as public health workers and social workers. Overall they are here to provide us with the necessary materials for you or one of your family members. 

How would you view the nation suffering without these healthcare workers not there to provide for you or a family member?

I think this is a good way to recover from openly spread diseases to help those who are sick and stay at home while these health workers provide / assist you. It is very nice to work with people, to help those who may be sick or in difficulty. We need people like these because when you are sick you need someone to take care of you and some relatives won’t go there because you are sick and they don’t want to get infected. I feel that if we all work together on these pandemics, the disease will end more quickly.

How would you view the nation suffering without these healthcare workers not there to provide for you or a family member?

Is becoming a Nurse Practitioner for you?

In the article, “ Nurse Practitioner”(McGraw Hill)  I learned that if you like helping people and want a good paying job this might be the job for you. Some of the things they do is performing physical assessments, diagnosing illnesses, ordering and analyzing medical tests, managing patient treatment, and prescribing some medications. As far as schooling you will need a bachelor’s degree in nursing and after that you will need to go to graduate school. It may be a lot of schooling but in the end it will be worth it. Being a Nurse Practitioner gives lots of benefits such as child care services, educational opportunities, etc. 

I think this is a good job for someone who loves to help people and wants a good paying career. I bet after all the sleepless nights, college, homework, tests, it will all be worth it in the end. 

Do you think this job is for you?

What can we do

If you’ve read my last two posts you’d know a few problems, I see, with the US education system. In “What kids can do” by Ronald Wolk he points out ways to deal with these problem and ways certain schools have been trying to counter act the lecture style of learning. The whole idea that sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture is out of date and has been failing recent generations due to its lack of engaging the student. “Students will learn more and remember more of what they learned if they learn in real world contexts, which also reduces boredom and disciplinary problems, stimulates more parental involvement, inspires self-confidence and responsibility in youth, and motivates them to learn.” Wolk explains. The best way to learn how to do something is to do it, and teaching kids to learn how they will be learning with their job will benefit the students so much more then just learning how to calculate angular velocity.

Wolk mentions that, “John Adams echoed the thought when he said, “There are two types of education: One should teach us how to make a living and the other should teach us how to live.” Our current education system is doing neither very well.” I’m not saying to completely dismiss the idea of lectures in a classroom. The lecture style teaching is still necessary for basic everyday knowledge such as reading and writing, and is the most efficient way of teaching multiple people at a time. The benefit comes when we replace lecture with learning, the only way to learn how to do is by doing. According to psychologist Joseph P. Allen teenagers are primed for action and easier to understand through physical work due to them hitting physical peak when young, teenager bodies crave work activity which schools, sadly, do not provide.

The Met school in providence, Rhode Island, is one of few schools trying to incorporate real world skill building into their curriculum. “Students gain real-world experience especially through internships that span at least a semester but could run a year or longer, and through individual projects that they design and carry out.” Wolk explains. Every week for two days, at least, the school provides the students with individual mentors to help guide them on a career path or teach them basic life skills like applying for a job. These students end up repaying the community for all their help, with a project that benefits the community  in a way the student seems fit. One young woman decided in her first semester that she wanted to be a secretary, so she interned in a physician’s office as a file clerk. She became interested in medicine, so her next internship was with a physical therapist; then she spent a semester working in a hospital emergency room. She needed to know science, so The Met arranged for her to take courses at nearby Brown University. These internships help guide the students on a clearer path of what they want in their future.

However there are problems with this model. Some students may take advantage of the freedom granted to them and not grasp the opportunity, which is their fault and their’s alone but does not bode well for the school. Is it worth dedication so much time to molding the students in such a way that is frankly a gamble and an expensive one none the less. I think schools dont have to follow the exact model The Met uses but i think all schools should have a common goal of making the student as prepared as possible for the real world.