November 28, 2021


Is indoor heating and fire burning bad for your health.

Researchers conducted a study involving women who have sisters or mothers who have had breast cancer. Then they track and regulate their indoor heating and fire burning rates. They received evidence and calculated that their is a 10% to 15% higher chance for women to get breast cancer when they have increased rates of indoor heating and fire burning. Their conclusion came out to show there are health downsides to indoor heating and fire burning.

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How to cope when life falls apart

The silence and bright lights surrounded my life for three years;it was fearful. I’ve never felt death walk around within dull walls until I stepped foot into what felt like a dream, a dream that felt endless.

I remember binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and witnessing a surgeon perform brain surgery for the first time. Most of the time everything works out perfectly, but there are those difficult surgeries that turn out devastating and the hardest part is telling their family the bad news. My brother was eight when he was diagnosed with brain cancer and my family definitely did not know how to handle anything at first.  

Every three minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. I remember asking “how did he get it?” Yeah. I know. What a rhetorical question to ask, but I’ve always been a curious person. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death among children in the United States, so I thought I was going to lose him forever.

How do you prepare yourself for the worst news ever? You don’t, you learn to cope. Everything, and I mean everything, drastically changes. Denial becomes a big factor in trying to cope, but staying in denial gets you NOWHERE. I was embarrassed. Angry. Worried. Hospital visits are the worst. I just hated the way they made my stomach churn like an endless whirlpool. It’s common to have Nosocomephobia, especially from horrible and terrifying past experience.  Arguments and noise fill your everyday life. Money becomes a huge problem predominantly because of our low income. You need to be ready to hurt and ache. For the most part you feel numb and clueless. Your life is welcomed with arms and quickly ends in a goodbye. I couldn’t have imagined how my brother felt. One thing that does change that you would least expect is your loved one. The physical changes are heartbreaking, from losing weight to burn marks from radiation. My brother was not my brother anymore. How can I say that? Well, Cancer changes you!!

You learn to attend events in which they support and help fundraise. I was in eighth grade when I made the decision to cut my hair for St. Baldrick’s foundation. I cried. A lot. As time went by I grew more aware of what was actually occuring and realized something important—bravery. Bravery comes in all shapes and forms, so it’s amazing what hope and faith can do. Remission is the best fucking part. Complete remission is like death for cancer, it’s gone.  

Despite the statistics of possible death, my brother was strong and kicked cancers ass. So, carry a diary around and be ready to face this endless dream because cancer will be around for a while. But, stay strong and have a great support system to guide you. Don’t let cancer ruin you or your family. Also, cancer t-shirts become prized possessions. They were my practice attire during every volleyball season. I felt proud.

Blessed to have my family.


Family is forever.

Even when we lose those who make part of our families and mean so much to us.

Eventhough it will never be the same.

You learn to cherish the old memories.

We are taught to love those whom we grow up with.

Those, who are our blood.

Until the unfortunate happens.

Until they are taken from us.

We then realize to not take family for granted.

And live every moment, cherish every hug and show unconditional love and support towards one other.


It’s hurts to see someone go especially when they’re taken by a thing like breast cancer

I saw her fight a tough battle, I saw her try to stay positive, I saw her in a hospital bed. Until I couldn’t see her anymore because she was gone forever.


We all go through rough times.

We are all put through different situations.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was my aunts toughest moment.

She was loving,generous and humours.

But cancer didn’t take that from her.


And that’s what my family and I will always remember the loving person she was, the positivity she always tried to bring into our family even while trying to fight cancer.


As we go on we have all learned to become even more united, continue to help one another and always stay as one.


I’m blessed to have a family that I can count on who can support me and be there for me even when we are going through tough situations.


I can count on my family when I need a good laugh, or advice, or even a “Get it together Jovana”.


As I go on through life I hope to make my family proud and try to give back to them what they have given to me not only materialistically but continue to give them my unconditional love,support because they mean so much to me.

You should not have to financially afford having Cancer


               Cancer debt should not make fighters/ survivors bankrupt. According to, in 2015 they estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in the U.S in 2016 and 595,690 would die from the disease. They also included in their study that the national expenditures for cancer care in the U.S totaled nearly $125 billion in 2010 and could potentially reach $156 billion in 2020, that averages out to $10,000-30,000 per person by month, not annually. The cost of college averages $40,000 per year- so why is cancer, a unpredictable disease and leading cause of death in our country,  more expensive than an education we can CHOOSE to receive?   Not only is cancer expensive, but patients have to go through hoops just to receive insurance and financial aid to help relieve some of the expenses. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), many people qualify for health insurance through their employers, but people who are unemployed have to purchase health insurance. Some may qualify for government funded insurance but it doesn’t cover nearly as much as an employee or marketplace insurance. Due to therapies and treatments being so costly, some patients don’t get the full treatments to treat their illness. They also go through such major debt trying to get better that once they are they have thousands of dollars in debt to pay back.  My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer in early august of 2017. She was employed but when her illness progressed she had to leave her job. She was covered under Obama care which she was required to receive, due to it not being a pre-existing condition she was not fully covered and she couldn’t receive a better insurance because she was no longer employed. She underwent so much debt in the first month that eating healthy meals was no longer a priority even though it should have been considering her presumably fatal condition. She was recently covered by medicare after Obama care was abolished and is now fully covered, but she had to go through stressful hoops to get there and patients with this disease before this suffered financially way longer. My grandmother was uninsured for 2 months but still has debt that will be paid towards for the rest of her life.  In the future, I hope to see changes in the pricing and expense of cancer. These individuals struggling with this are already unfortunate enough and should not have to worry about added stresses, such as debt, on top of their could be terminal illness. The families with children suffering from cancer also should not have to deal with financial stress. I know there’s no easy way to fix this issue, the cost of treating cancer is high and the government can’t cover it alone, but there could be other solutions to this. Thank you for taking my issue into consideration and i hope over time there is a solution you, or someone else can find to solve this. Congratulations on winning the election, and i hope to see you do great things for our country.