October 3, 2022


My Family

I’m Selene and something important to know about me is I’m from the Bronx as well. My mom is Mexican and half from Guatemala. I was born in the Bronx. I lived in South Bronx and a school I used to go to was American Dream school in the Bronx. Something important that happened to me was me moving to Brooklyn.

What I like to do in school is nothing. And what I enjoy doing out of school is coming home to eat. Something that I am good at is playing pool 8 ball and the reason I’m good at it is because of my grandpa who is very good and taught me to play since I was 5. Lastly, my greatest struggle in life is confusion.

My family members, they’re very goofy, especially my mom and sister. My dad is more serious and quiet, but I’m mainly closer to my mom and sister and especially my mom’s side of the family I’m very close to and since my mom’s family are in the Bronx whenever we visit them I feel the happiest. I’m very lucky to have my mom.

Where I’m from

I’m from space heaters and tiny teddy bears, and giant ones, too.
I’m from a down-South spacious backyard with a vegetable garden, from skating down the church’s driveway,  naps in the school bus,  and from collecting shoeboxes full of live snail families in the dirt outside the 5 train.
I’m from the Bronx
from the 2 and the 5, and
the taxi men standing at the corner.
I’m from my Mom, my Grandma, and my siblings.
I’m from the loud ones
I’m from Go to bed! and If you don’t get this room cleaned I’m going to take your phone.
I’m from Christianity, God,  and this Scripture on top of my dresser: 
Be still and know that I am with you. Psalm 46:10.
I’m from the city and the country, from New York and Greensboro.
I’m from Auntie graduating from college with her associate’s degree in criminal justice.
I’m from old photos backed up for memories.

I’m A Rock!

I’m a rock, but not just a simple rock. The place where I’m located makes me special and the big form that I have motivates many people (friends, couples, families) to come to where I am and share moments while sitting on top of me. I don’t really know how I belong to this place. I think that rather the place belongs to me and what makes me more special is that I fit perfectly into the place I am.

I’m in a park in front of the bus and the train stop. People wait for their transportation under me. I serve as a house to some animals and as a place to have a good time for others.

Is a simple rock 
That attracts everyone
If u want to go 
U might have run 
To see how bright is the sun
Don’t take too long
Or the day will be gone
If u want to see the sky tone
U have to be there before 6 o’clock. 

Pablo’s Life

My name is Pablito. I’m a guy from Honduras. My age is 17 years old. If I’m going to introduce myself it is good to know that I’m a cool guy, chilling and everything. Just don’t try to play dirty with me or Ima be the opposite of cool. I have lived in many places: Honduras, some short time in Mexico, and now out here in the USA. I think that my life has changed a lot since I moved from my country.

In school like a normal student I don’t really like all classes. Most of the time I’m not even in school. The facts that make me not come to school is that I find this place  boring. Sometimes I come to school because I feel like getting my high school diploma but I’m not even close to doing it.

During my life I have lived in several neighborhoods in the Bronx. The new neighborhood where I live is a very quiet place but the place where I lived before we can say that it is wilder. Any kind of things can happen during the day or night, such as shootings, stabs, and fights. However, the funny part is that people normally feel scared about it, even though they live there and they have to go through it every day. They act afraid even if you are not a dangerous person.

My Beautiful Neighborhood: Castle Hill Park

I am the ferry. I go to Manhattan because it is my job everyday, because I have to take people to work on time.  I am beautiful because people feel comfortable and satisfied because they arrive faster than the train. Watching the landscape, the sunset, sky, I think I am the happiest ferry that exists because the people on board feel good and they arrive safely at their destination. When it rains, people cannot enjoy the beauty of nature.  I am a means of transport so that people arrive on time to their jobs every day. The rocks are like my protectors and my security because they tell me where I have to go.

Rocks by the river

stones water skies bridges airplanes nature in one place
is all I need to meditate I look at the sky and I start to meditate 
I start thinking about my future 
ask God for another day of life and take care 
of those who are no longer with me
they are in the sky birds I think the stars are them 
and they left a deep pain in my heart this place 
is not only a park but for me it means peace and tranquility
where I feel myself I forget the problems for a while