November 28, 2022


Health Care

The right to Health Care in many places is being violated, some don’t even know that they have these rights. Knowing your rights reduces the chances of being taken advantage of by people with higher power like the gov. Don’t let the gov take your rights away. A local issue that we have been studying is “Aperion Care” down a suburb in Chicago. Throughout our research, we found that many of these ‘basic’ rights are not being followed in this place. A group of attorney placed an investigation and found that this placed failed on several conditions:

–> Failed to keep information confidential

–> Failed to keep a safe and clean space for its residents

–> Failed to have their residents up to date with their medications


Death Penalty in the Chi

By Elijah and Lalo

Do you feel like people should face the death penalty? Here in Chicago or in the United States in general don’t have the death penalty rule. While in other countries there are many more people killed by the government than in the U.S.

I don’t believe anyone deserves to get the death penalty. First, for once its a violation of are 8th amendment freedom from torture. The way they are executing these criminals. Also meanwhile they are taking are human rights away by doing this because you can not have rights if you are dead.

I feel like a better alternative for countries that still utilize the death penalty. Instead of killing someone we just give them live in jail with no parole. This is a way better alternative because after all you will at least preserve the right to life.

Should people in prison have the right to vote?

In the United States, a large percentage of the population is incarcerated. Some of them are petty crimes and some of the cases are serious penalty crimes.

If you were given the right to vote outside of bars, then what makes the difference on the inside of them? What makes your rights go away right when you get arrested? Your rights are read to you when you get arrested so doesn’t that mean that you would have all of the same rights even when being locked up for a while?

I am a student from Back of the Yards College Prep and I am accompanied by my partners Elizabeth and Evelyn. We are studying whether or not people that are in prison should get the right to vote.

We all said yes for the reason that it would be really beneficial for the prisoner if he/she gets out of prison and comes into the world with not being blindsided by a whole new set of laws that could make it more difficult for them to function.

The next reason would be it could create a more fair justice system if they were given the right because it could create more laws to be put in place so serious actions like the death penalty and a life sentence cannot be given to someone without compelling evidence.

We also think that it could be really beneficial to the prisoners family. If it were a case of someone getting life in prison then the prisoner can vote to help the family get through hard situations if they were going through problems. Or if the family are immigrants and didn’t have the right to vote and the one who became incarcerated did then the prisoner could have the advantage rather than the family having to suffer from any new laws that could punish rather than help.

We would like to know what your opinion is and what you think about our reasoning. Thanks for listening!

Free CTA Pass for Chicago Students

Many Chicago Students walk it to school every day. For various reasons, some of the students come in late because they don’t have transportation available to them. Some schools offer a Ventra card that is made for students, the fare is reduced to about 75 cents. It may not sound like a lot but over time and even over the years it can become uneasy to get money for transportation, especially since younger kids who would use them don’t work yet. We would like to campaign for a U-pass and allow students to travel for free. Of course, there would be some limits such as not available during the weekends and perhaps over the summer. We believe that in order for this to work we shall not let this be abused in any way.

Defend DACA!

DACA which is short for Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival is a program that was brought by President Barack Obama and his administration for children who are undocumented to get education and employment in the United States. President Trump and his administration, considered the program to be illegal, has tried for almost two years to shut it down, but lower courts have blocked that effort. The administration’s appeals of those rulings have been pending since last November, but the Supreme Court has so far taken no action on them. As of today, June 3. 2019, the Supreme Court rejected a request from the Trump administration to speed up its consideration of the future of DACA, the federal program that has allowed 700,000 young people known as Dreamers to avoid deportation. We believe that together we can achieve our goal by continuing DACA. This program has helped so many undocumented people in the U.S and it should continue to happen. Together we will protest until we get DACA back. We will continue until the Supreme Court agrees with us.

Improving our communities

Living in a city, there is a likely chance that you experienced pollution. This is especially encountered in minority communities where many factories are placed. Factories produce many chemicals into the atmosphere that directly impact those around it. Our goal is to reduce our contribution in pollution. To do so, we plan on discussing with factories around the Back of the Yards community in hopes that less people are negatively affected.

The issue of homelessness within CPS

 What we think can help

We believe that we can help this issue by trying to get boarded up and abandoned homes rebuilt to become affordable homes for homeless CPS students. As of the 2017-2018 school year, 17,894 homeless Chicago children and teens attend CPS schools. We know that it would extremely difficult to get abandoned homes/buildings all over Chicago fixed up so we want to start off with the back of the yards community first. We want to ask our alderman Raymond Lopez if we can try to get three boarded up home fixed. If everything goes according to plan we can see about getting more fixed homes up in other neighborhoods.

Petition For After-School Program In Our Neighborhood

Hi, My partner Karen and I have been focusing on the violence in different types of neighborhood but we have came across Back of the Yards neighborhood. We have notice that the rate of violence in this neighborhood is increasing and there has been more shootings. With this petition we are hoping to have after-school programs for those teens that to go somewhere after school and not be on the streets. This after school program will help teens with there homework and have them occupied.

Students at Back of the Yards College Prep High School Have no Access to Their Library

The students at Back of the Yards College Prep High School do not have access to their own library. The school was open in in the year 2013 and with the exact same infrastructures as other schools in Chicago. The only difference is, those other schools have their library available to their students. The library connected to the school is for the public. My group mates and I are trying to get the library for the students to have access to it during school. Since the library is open to the public, safety concerns arise since anyone could enter the library and it is right next to the school. We want for another library to be built somewhere else in the Back of the Yards community for that to be available to everyone and for the students to have their own library.


The WPIL is the Working Permit for Illegal Immigrants that allows immigrants without a legal status to work in the work area that require SSN in order to apply for a job position. There are many illegal immigrants that are in a terrible job position that do not pay them well for long hours others have no job at all due to many stores that require one to have SSN for a background check. Since 2017 there has been an unemployment rate of 4.1% for foreign born people in the U.S. Immigrants also have the right for a work position despite their legal status. This permit has a cost but for the better, immigrants would be able to apply for this permit and present it to job areas for a position by just paying a simple fee that would allow the government to profit but also the immigrants.

School Funding For Low Income Schools

Money has been misplaced in communities that are high income. Schools in the mid/low-income community are suffering due to a shortage of money that could be invested in repairments or after school programs. This impacts the students and parents life, not providing the money increases the chances of the youth to be out more in the streets. Distributing the money fairly will open the doors to new after-school programs, libraries, counselors, and student resources.

Homelessness in Chicago Public Schools

As of the 2017-2018 school year, 17,894 homeless Chicago children and teens attend CPS schools. Data also shows that 2,041 of those homeless teens live on their own without a parent or guardian. We believe that Chicago should be helping these students out and offer a shelter of these children so they can continue attending school and live in a safe place.

Police Brutality exploded and Criminal Justice System needs to Change

In the United States of America the amount of police homicides has increased over the years and the criminal justice system has not gave the police a reasonable punishment. Our names are Dejuan Jones, Jessica Gonzalez and Jazmin and were Juniors at Back of the Yards College Prep High School. We are writing this blog to express a issue that we believe is the reason why our world tends to be so divided. For example, Laquan McCdonald got shot 17 times and Jasn Van Dyke only got charged for 1st degree murder, while a women had beat her kid to death and got charged with the death penalty. How is that fair? In order for this community to become better we need this issue to reduce because I thought the police was suppose to “Serve and Protect” , but instead they are killing our innocent youth. Reach out and lets put this issue to a end. Lets fight to make America great again. Write in the comments to express your ideas and knowledge to how we could put this issue to a end and make our society more connected.

Global warming is real!

” Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money”

~Indian Proverb

My teammates @lreyes21 @jmanriquez2 and I are looking forward to take action in saving our planet. We don’t know how to get our communities involved, and we don’t know how to let them know that global warming is real and it is currently taking place. We want our first involvement to be with having schools incorporate solar panels. If we add solar panels to our schools then we will reduce the electricity bills but it will also reduce the use of fossil fuels. We are so excited to start the process.

An additional social worker in CPS Schools

Yo, Chiraq Oscar here and I am posting this blog to talk about an issue that concerns me. I feel like my solution could potentially have an effect not just student lives but lives in general.

I notice that in my school I have counselors and stuff, but I don’t have any knowledge on how to get to them to have them help me if I need to vent to them or something. Some other of my peers might feel that way as well or they may be just feel discouraged to talk about their issues to an adult.

Things that go on in CPS students lives is mostly personal and maybe that is why they don’t want to go to look for a counselor and vent to them. I disagree with that and feel that each school should have a social worker that pulls kids at risk for depression or are known to be troubled with life issues to be pulled out of class. It will be a person they can talk to and just clear their mind. If kids don’t have to approach them and have someone approach them, then maybe they’d be more for speaking of their issues.

This could, in turn, promote more of a positive work ethic in schools and reduce violence and maybe even stop some suicides or poor academic achievement in CPS. This friend that students can potentially have could have a bigger impact on the city than we are thinking. It’s just a thought.

U pass For Students in Chicago

In Chicago, a lot of students use public transportation like the CTA. Even with the student discount, it is still a lot of money that students invest in when using the CTA. Our plan is to have the U pass program for collage students and incorporate it for high schools so that students don’t waste too much money. It’s estimated about $103.50 per month only on CTA transits on school days from home and back to school. The U Pass will be a one-time school fee per year for a Ventra card capable of free passes during school days.