August 7, 2022


College Athlete Wages

In the article “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay” it talks about how NCAA athletes are not getting paid for the revenue they are bringing in.  This raises a lot of questions on whether or not the college athletes should be getting paid.  THey bring in a lot of money for the school so they should be getting paid. A lot of athletes argue that they are being full time athletes and that they should be getting paychecks and benefits along. The NCAA announced that the only way athletes are getting paid is if they get sponsorships. 

I believe they should be getting paid because they get a lot of views on live tv.  This should be regulated because they are doing a lot of work for nothing.  Sometimes they get more views than actual professional athletes.  This is not fair for a lot of athletes doing sports in NCAA. All in all, this is tiring for them and they need to be an athlete full time and not worry about nothing else.