November 28, 2022


“A Random Walk Down Wall Street” 12th Edition Review

This is a review of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by Burton G. Malkiel.

It is a book that dives into investing strategies used constantly.

It is a book that I would recommend to any person interested in learning about investing.

A Review of The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver is by Lois Lowry, an American author who has written many books for children and young adults. She has written dystopias and other involuted themes that make you think about what could be. Lois Lowry has won many awards like the John Newbery Medal twice in 1990 and 1994. The Giver was written in 1993 and was inspired by Lois Lowry’s father. Her father’s memory loss is what made her think of a book about eliminating painful memories as he was forgetting his past. “And so I began to think about writing a book about people who had found a way to manipulate human memory, so they wouldn’t have to remember anything bad,” she explains.

The way it implements the subject of memories and choice is very interesting in this book and what makes it stand out. This book is very good at making the reader attentive and wanting to learn more about the dystopian world. It made me think about what could happen in our world or possibly the future. This book is a good read for teenagers because it’s in the view of a person who is realizing what the world really is and how it really works. As children, we have an innocent outlook on society but as time goes on we see the true nature of society and our system. We can relate to the book in how our morals are being grounded and we go through changes that create memories. 

The Giver is about a young boy named Jonas who lives in a dystopian society where everything is the same and equal for everyone. Every person gets a job at the same age and there is a whole ceremony dedicated to it. This place gets rid of anything that would make people different. No color, animals, and everyone is treated the same. No differences mean no diversity or no celebration of our differences. They believe differences are what create war and problems. Losing their freedom is a price they have to pay to live in a safe world with no conflict. There are very few people in this place that know the truth of how they live. The Giver is one of them and has the ability to pass down memories to the next Giver which is Jonas. This is where Jonas became aware of the true nature of his society and it changes him. It makes you feel not have any clue of what could happen next or how it could happen in real life. It brings questions out of you that you maybe have never thought about.

The “perfect” world of The Giver has emotional suppression, no choice and, predetermined choices that make the reader think about how much freedom and choice we have in our society. The detail into how the system works and how it works for everyone is was makes the world feel real. When the lore of the book is in-depth, it creates arising questions about the world and its lore. The book talks about important subjects like memories and choice which are important in making it a coming of age book. Memories and choices are big aspects of our life that affect how we change and where we go. I feel as if I am with Jonas choosing and determining what is right and wrong. “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” (Page 133) This quote gives an important lesson about memories and how our own memories can hurt us but the pain of it is only worse when you are experienced it alone. We feel more supported when people know our experiences and what we go through so they can respond to us and provide comfort. Having others that share your memory or experience makes you feel together not alone with the issue. These are the types of things that make this book so compelling and good for young adults. It gives you a chance to think more about how you’re gonna grow and choose while you are going through that reality and fast changes constantly being thrown at you. The book opens your eyes to the important aspects of life that we should cherish and try to grow in. The book is easy to relate to and allows you to explore areas of growth that give you a chance to excel in discussion and moral issues. 

In conclusion, this book is a very good read for teenagers or young adults who go through similar changes and feelings as Jonas. This book will make you explore what you value and what is really perfect. It is a thought-provoking experience that makes you think about our freedoms, feelings, and what is right and wrong. After situations and the book ends, you still think about the character or what just happened. We have so much potential we could reach using our freedom and our diverse society is what makes us so special. You truly see a world without choice and difference and how dreadful things would be for everyone. This book is what initiated my interest in dystopia and society. I will always think about what is and isn’t possible because of this book. 

Book Review: Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion

Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Greg Boyle, is a book that falls under the Christian Literature genre. Boyle has won many awards not for writing this book, but for what he does that he wrote the book about. The awards were the Civic Medal of Honor from the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the California Peace Prize granted by the California Wellness Foundation, the Lifetime Achievement Award from MALDEF, and the James Irvine Foundation’s Leadership Award. He was named Humanitarian of the Year by Bon Appetit magazine in 2007. He was inducted into the California Hall of Fame in 2011. He was awarded the honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Whittier College in 2014. Then he won 2016 Humanitarian of the Year by the James Beard Foundation. There are a few more awards that he has won all for his dedicated service to his community. Anyway, back to the context of the book. This book is about the organization that Boyle created to help provide jobs, job training, and encouragement to young gang members so that they can work together. And learn the mutual respect that comes from collaboration. After reading this book, I thought it was a pretty great read but it does get pretty repetitive. To me, it almost seemed like the same thing was happening in every chapter but in different stories. The book definitely has a great meaning behind it.

Father Boyle was a preacher in the Dolores Mission Church in one of the poorest, if not the poorest, parts of the city of Los Angeles. He discusses the amount of gang violence that he witnessed. That’s what he based the book Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion on. He explains the interactions he has had with all the youth and gang members over the years. He sets this book up so that each chapter is a new interaction that he has had with either current or former gang members and explains what he learned from that experience. A theme that shows up a lot in the book is this idea of kinship. “You stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by something more valuable: kinship. You stand with the belligerent, the surly, and the badly behaved until bad behavior is recognized for the language it is: the vocabulary of the deeply wounded and of those whose burdens are more than they can bear.” He explains how important connections are in this book. Everybody needs somebody that they can rely on, trust. He also focuses on how we should live like God. We need to show compassion to each other to better society. “Compassion isn’t just about feeling the pain of others; it’s about bringing them in toward yourself. If we love what God loves, then, in compassion, margins get erased. ‘Be compassionate as God is compassionate,’ means the dismantling of barriers that exclude.”

I believe that this book has some great meaning and it’s one that everybody should read. The themes in the book are things that we should learn as a society and I think it’s great to hear the stories of those that were struggling or are struggling with gang involvement. He focuses a lot on connections, compassion, and love for others. The only issue I have with the book is that almost the same thing was talked about in each chapter. This book is really one of those that you have to pay close attention to in order to really see the difference in the chapters but once read closely, is a terrific book. 

This is a great book for all to read. When reading this book, make sure you really understand the point of each chapter. That will really help you get the most out of the true meaning of what Father Boyle wants us to get out of it. Overall, it is a great read and it is cool to hear the stories that he tells about his interactions with the gang members.

The Harlem Renaissance By: Veronica Chambers

(Since this story doesn’t revolve around one person, I thought I would create the protagonist as a whole. Basically making the “protagonist” all the African Americans involved in this change.) 

African Americans are the dynamic characters. Their archetype changes over the course of the book. At the beginning of the book, they are the archetypal world redeemers. This can be seen on page 12-13, where the author writes:

“Whatever their motivations may have been, the critics’ fanfare was justified. The awards dinner was one of the key events of the Harlem Renaissance, a movement that began early in the 1920s as an assertion of an African-American artistic and cultural identity.” 

But by page 16-20, African Americans have begun to transform into survivors.  I say this because all the things they have started to establish and create over the years. For example “Nonetheless, the shows established a number of black singers and dancers (most famously Florence Mills) as bona fide stars.”… , “The Jazz craze reached Harlem soon after that, and the explosions of new nightclubs and cabarets charged the neighborhood with musical energy.”…. , “Despite the explosion of African-American creativity.”…

African Americans  are no longer the people who can be “controlled”(quotations indeed), they are not owned by anyone, and are not any less human than anyone walking down the street. There people as they always were.  Their past does not define them and the people they are to become .A reader will recognize the turning point for African Americans when their story gets repeated as a defining moment in history. Page 23 encourages this belief. “How did Harlem become the center of a black cultural revolution? The story of the Harlem Renaissance is actually many stories: of politics and power, race and gender, and especially art, music and literature. For perhaps the first time in American history, African Americans were able to see themselves as inheritors of an ancient culture that was rich and more varied than many could have imagined.” 

Riot- Walter Dean Myers plot

Recently, I read  Riot, by Walter Dean Myers.  I appreciated and enjoyed this play. I appreciated being able to see from a first person narrative how Claire felt and what her experience was like being black during this certain period of time. I enjoyed that Claire and her family were safe and she’s slowly becoming comfortable in her skin again.

The protagonist is Claire. Her story is set in America 1863, specifically New York, Manhattan. The significance of the location setting is that it shows how it was being a person or color during this specific time and how dangerous it was with the riots and protests. The significance of the setting shifting from Claire’s hotel to other shops and places is that it shows how rioting and racism affected different locations and how different places had to recover. For example, an orphanage for young black kids was looted and destroyed, many of the kids were relocated and had to stay at an island. Another store was destroyed and looted, the store sold items so no one who owned it was hurt but a fight went on outside and many people along with the shops were hurt and damaged.

Claire faces certain forces and pressures. She faces her former friends joining protesters and being unsafe outside. Claire alone can’t solve these problems, but she is brave and works through them. You can see this in the book “We see CLAIRE look around quickly, and then push her way through the crowd. We see her jump to the ladder, scrambling desperately not to fall into the water as the boat pulls away.” On page 185. Claire pulls through and chooses to stay in New York no matter the circumstances.

The tension rises when Claire chooses to stay in New York and travels with her best friend during a fight between rioters and soldiers. This might leave a reader feeling scared and nervous while Claire and her friend are in danger. Claire goes through many unsafe situations but always manages to come out with minimum injuries.

The play climaxes when Claire encounters an old friend, and soldiers. “Liam, this is the darky lover who said I wasn’t good enough to work in her place.” Liam is an old friend of Claire and Maeve is his fiancé, Claire encounters them while they are looting and is put in danger by Maeve.

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. The riots die down and more black people are coming into New York after being freed. It’s a person versus society type of conflict that’s driving this story. Society puts down people of color and influences others to believe they are less than them, but no matter the situation they get stronger and they push through. It’s a very sad and unfortunate situation that still continues to this day when the color of your skin defines you, Claire doesn’t let this bring her down and grows as a person because of this. This play shows the perspective of Claire and how it was like to be in her situation. It was a good book to read and I would recommend it to others.

Riot by Walter Dean Myers

The book I am reading is called “Riot” by Walter Dean Myers. The book is in the form of a play and illustrates what the characters go through in 1863 as teenagers, some of color and some being men, drafted for the Civil War. 

The beginning couple of scenes of Riot by Walter Dean Myers might leave a reader feeling hooked, shocked, and enraged because the main character Claire who is a black female struggles to have her other black friend receive a Job and faces racist people. An example of this is on page 46 a young Irish female says “That’s how the coloreds are. They’ll work for nothing until they chase us out and we’ll be the beggars and street sweepers. It’s in the bible!”

We learn something interesting about one of the characters, Claire on page 44 where Claire says “He knows that.” In response to her mother saying “We’d hate to see you hurt, Liam. Wouldn’t we, Claire?” This is not typical of how this character acts in this play, so far. Claire often seems to be very relaxed and chill, so far she hasn’t been interested in any boy drama. From the quotes I can observe that Claire has a crush on Liam who has a fiance, this may cause more drama later.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because we will be able to get more information on Liam. We’ll also be able to see more of Claire’s relationships with Liam, her friends, and others. What’s probably going to happen next is an argument or fight will happen. Liam is married to a girl named Maeve who was being racist on page 46 towards Claire and others. This is very important with all the riots and fighting going on and Claire would most likely have to stand up against Maeve even if it hurts Liam.

The k-pop

So far, the plot in Somewhere only we know reminds me of the world. The plot reminds me of this because in my book the girl is a k-pop and she also goes to school and she has a lot of fans and the different between my book and the world is that BLACK PINK they are girls who sing also k-pop and  in all the world they are recognized and alsoBTS they are very famous with the k-pop they don’t go to school only they are dedicated to him k-pop they also dance very well and the production is very cool.

You think that k-pop is good?


So far, the plot in La carta de Ivy Aberdeen al mundo reminds me of something in the world. The plot reminds me of this because in my book talks about a girl who came a tornado where they had to hide in the basement and when it was over they went up to see her house, but her house disappeared and they were shocked. This makes me similar to the world because in the world there are many people who go through the same. A tornado arrives and everything in an instant disappears. This is very sad. Do you think tornadoes have any good?

Todos tenemos un ángel que nos cuida

Hasta ahora en el tema el lugar de ‘’En el lugar de las alas’’me recuerda a algo, que le paso ami sobrina.En el libro ‘’En el lugar e las alas ‘’habla sobre la hermana de Michael.Que desde que nació  enferma y que hoy la van operar del corazón. Michael se siente muy triste ,tiene miedo que su hermana se pueda morir.  Mina un amiga, lo tratar de consolar y le dice que todo estará, bien que todos tenemos un ángel que los cuida y que su hermana es muy fuerte y se podrá bien. Eso me hizo recordar cuando nació mi sobrina.Que  también nació enferma y toda la familia, se puso triste hubo un momento que todos pensamos que iba a morir pero de repente llego Alguien y nos dijo que todo,iba estar bien que si tenemos fe todo iba estar, bien y que ella era muy fuerte y así fue. Hoy mi sobrina es una bebe muy fuerte y inteligente.

Si tienes fe todo saldrá bien?


Hasta ahora los personajes en “ La Ladrona de Libros” me recuerda a otro texto que leí en facebook que se trataba de “La Amistad” que dos niñas eran las mejores amigas e inseparables, pero como siempre en todas las amistades hay conflictos, pero al final que se supieron arreglar con colma. En mi libro Liesel que fue burlada por Ludwig al final supieron perdonar y dejar todo atrás. Esto me recuerda a mi amigo que nos peleamos por cosas sin sentido pero que siempre nos damos cuenta en el error que cometemos. Tienes algún amig@s que quieras y que le tienes toda la confianza? Porque yo si.

Bad people

So far, the plot in Bajo la misma estrella reminds me of the world. The plot reminds me of this because in my book Hazel and Gus they were playing not to be caught by enemies or people who are bad and the difference is that in the world if there are people who are very bad because whenever something happens It is not good then it comes out in the news and then they also put schools to harm people who innocent us.

The disease of love

So far, the idea central in bajo la misma estrella reminds me of another text. In Five feet apart, the similar thing in my book and in five feet apart is that there is a boy and a girl and they are bad but in a way they love each other and cannot be very dry because they get more sick.The different thing is that in the book that I am filling it doesn’t matter if they are close and in five feet apart they cannot be very very close.

Explores the world

Hasta ahora la trama en Explores the world me recuerda también que en el Amazonas también se está quemando igual como dice el libro.también dice que si se acaban los árboles del amazonas mucha gente podría sufrir por falta de oxígeno. También me recuerda  a los animalitos que están muriendo quemados por culpa nuestra. También nosotros necesitamos de la naturaleza para tener una vida más bonita.

Appreciate It !

So far, the characters in “12 again” reminds me of something I saw. One day when I was with my cousin she was always fighting with her parents. She always discussed with them and wished that she would be 10 again. She was 19 but everything was so difficult for her, she needed to do everything in house because her parents were always busy in their work. This is so similar at the text I’m reading because this woman return to the past when she was 12, to attempt to relive the life when she was little. She was always busy in her work and still needed to get come and do her tasks of the house. So this is so similar because both of this ladies were fastureded of their current life, and needed to experience again when their were little. But return to their childhood or abandoned there home is not a solution for their lives because our parents are our parents no matter what they do us or tell us. Always appreciate your parents because one day we’re not going to be with them and is when your going to miss them.

Diario de Greg ” EL RENACUAJO

Hasta ahora en la idea central en el DIARIO DE GREG ‘’EL RENACUAJO” me recuerda a la película que hicieron que son dos amigos muy junto este libro trato de que ese día era    Halloween y los dos amigos salieron a agarrar dulces pero en el camino se encontraron un grupo de niños más grandes que ellos y greg y su amigo rayaron la camioneta por accidente y por esa  desgracias el grupo de niños más grandes los estuvieron persiguiendo casi todo el Halloween pero lo primero que se le ocurrió a los dos chicos fu meterse a la casa de su abuela y el grupo de niños los estaban persiguiendo y se les perdieron pero días después greg y su amigo discutieron por algo y el día siguiente en la escuela van a pelear los dos amigo    pero de repente llegan el grupo de los otros niños mayores a la escuela y todos empezaron a correr y agarraron a los uno de los chicos que le rayaron la camioneta y al amigo de greg opusieron a comer queso que estaba por mucho tiempo y cuando se lo comió llegó el maestro y el grupo de los mayores se fueron en la camioneta y todos los niños salieron y miraron que el amigo de greg tenía el queso en la mano y todos empezaron a darle asco pero cómo greg todavia lo queria como una migo y no le importo de lo que había  pasado se echo la culpa y días después volvieron hablarse.


So far, the central idea in the firefighter reminds me of something . I neighbor told me the   most people run smoke and fire and danger.Firefighters run toward it. Braving intense heat, choking fumes, and scary situation firefighters are the first among first responders. Something the is similar in the book is that the  if fire had stared at an apartment building in crowded area of downtown firefighter didn’t act soon it could spread quickly. Another thing they told me is that the when they are training mind and body the process can take years but for people who really want to make fighting their life work it’s worth the wait and most people applying to become firefighter understand what this statement from the Hayward California.


So far la idea central de  No More Dead  Dogs by Gordon  Korman me recuerda a algo que vi.  En esta historia trata de Rick Falconi él cual es un chico que le gusta el teatro  y es fan de un escritor de novelas. Una vez él le escribió una carta y su ídolo le contesto y él se puso contento pues la única persona que él adoraba le había contestado.  Esto me recordó cuando mi amigo se grabó cantando y tocando la guitarra y su cantante favorito le hizo un comentario de que era muy bueno y mi amigo se alegró tanto que él ahorita sigue haciendo cantando para cumplir su sueño y llegar hacer grande en la música.


Los Problemas De Familias

Hasta ahora, el trama de Ni un Dia Mas me recuerda algo que muchas familias están pasando.  En el cuento nos dice que Diana llega a su casa y habla con su hermano de que ella quiere estar bien con sus padres.  Su hermano le dice que porque no los invita a un cena que él le ayuda a cocinar una pasta. Diana lo pensó y estuvo de acuerdo.  Diana llamó a sus padres para preguntarles si querían cenar algun dia con ellos. Sus padres contestaron que si que si podía ser esta noche y Diana no estaba pensando esta misma noche sino algun otro dia, pero acepto.  Entonces Diana y su hermano se pusieron en marcha haci la tienda para comprar lo que necesitaban. Llegaron sus padres y cenaron tranquilamente, después de cenar la mamá de Diana le pidió que se sentara. Diana se sentó y conversaron un poco.  Los padres de Diana le dijeron que porque no regresaba a la casa con ellos que la casa no era la misma sin ella. Diana les contesto, que no porque ella se sentía mucho mejor con su hermano, que vivía sin gritos, sin regaños. Sus padres se sentían un poco tristes y un poco felices, tristes por la decisión que había tomado pero la aceptaron y felices porque por lo menos estaba haciendole compañia a su hermano.  La diferencia entre el libro y las familias es de que, no hay diferencia porque si todas las familias tienen problemas y más los jóvenes con los padres, pero todo se puede solucionar con palabras no con gritos ni violencia. Somos humanos y como todos los humanos somos diferente pensamos diferente y nos gustan cosas diferentes, por eso es de humanos equivocarse.