June 25, 2022


Am I Somebody?

my body, tormentor of my dreams
scars that decorate the outside
but formed from the misery on the inside
Am I Somebody?

living in an empty capsule
fighting for my inner peace
but my darkness loves the company
and my brighter side gives in
Am I Somebody?

a lost soul with built-up emotions
the physical thoughts brought such sorrow
its the final battle between light vs. dark
I’m fighting with myself
Am I Somebody?

toast to all the late night cries that helped me get by
cause now I’ve found the corpse trying to escape
to warn me about a new blossom
now I finally realize that

This Is My Body

Seeing people and taking a glance at them can make you think
Some good and bad thoughts, but who would know
The answer, they wouldn’t know cause it’s in your mind
Confidence,Intelligence,Challenge is my body

Confidence, some say is getting through a scary movie in the dark
Something I used to use to show with my words and not so with my body
Took some getting used to cause I didn’t have stylish clothing but I maintained
I can bring this because who else can bring it for me

Intelligence, “Can someone answer 2+2” ? 
4 “correct” well I just showed i’m intelligent 
It’s more than math, school or making money
Showing that I have a strong sense of self, observe, empathic is my intelligence

Challenge, me having the ability to push the limits 
To reach goals the hardest way possible to have a story to tell to prove myself to the doubts
Instead of taking an easy car shortcut with the popular
Making it to my final destination without a story of the journey

Body Image

A person undergoes many thoughts about themselves based on society’s so-called ‘standards.’ It is said that men have to be tall and muscular and women have to be beautiful with an amazing body. The standards that society puts on a person causes them to overthink their own body image. On a daily basis, males but mostly females struggle with their personal body image because of influences from one’s family, peers, social media or past experiences making them believe they are not good enough therefore affecting the way they view themselves.

One’s family could be a potential positive or negative influence on one’s body image. Family members are most likely the first people to notice signs of a person putting too much attention on their body appearance such as “criticizing his or her body, continually comparing his or her body with others, and obsessing about losing weight or gaining weight” (Body Image). Family members should be supportive of diet changes and exercise as long as it’s being done for healthy reasons.

Another major factor that influences one’s body image is social media. Through social media, people have an idea of how they believe they should look and unrealistic expectations. This misleading idea causes them to want to change their appearance and most often affects them in a negative way. Social media influencers often only post the highlights of their life and best photos of themselves also with photoshopped pictures causing their viewers to create unrealistic ideals for themselves based on what they see through their social media (Heger). People take the information they see on social media and use it as comparison which affects their own personal body image. Alternatively, they could use social media influencers as role models or motivation to pursue a better understanding of a healthy body image.Through studies it is shown “that after viewing positive content, the women not only felt better about their bodies, but they were also in better moods” showing how social media could also be a positive influence on body image (Heger). Social media should be used as a tool to help improve personal body image not ruin one’s confidence or self esteem.

All the negative factors affecting someone’s body image causes harm to their mental health. Through the ideas of how one should look, people may make drastic changes to achieve a ‘perfect body image’ which can also cause harm to their body. Changes to improve one’s body so they have more confidence is not wrong as long as it is being done in a healthy way and for the correct reasons. At the end of the day, everyone should be satisfied with their body image and do what’s best for their health and not their appearance.

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body dysmorphia

There have always been people that struggle physically and mentally. Creating a world where they can open their phone and see thousands of runway models and instagram icons has not made it easier. Body dysmorphia has created a very negative environment around the social media industry and has made many people from this generation question their worth.   

“Body dysmorphic disorder, also known as dysmorphophobia, is a common affliction, affecting approximately 1.7% to 2.4% of the population, with roughly equal distribution among men and women.” The idea that men cannot have body dysmorphia is so beyond wrong. Anyone can have body image issues and it is really hard to overcome it when social media and people around you don’t believe you can have negative connotations with your body as a man. “The cause of body dysmorphic disorder is thought to be a combination of environmental, psychological, and biological factors. Bullying or teasing may create or foster the feelings of inadequacy, shame, and fear of ridicule.” The other idea that body dysmorphia is self inflicting is also incorrect because there are many ways it can happen. It can be caused by other peoples’ words or even biological factors.  

We can all help by creating a more positive environment within schools and on social media. There are always going to be people that find joy in tearing other people down and there is nothing we can change about their point of view. Especially now with the numbers going up in suicide and depression numbers we need to stop tearing people down and remind people that everyone has flaws. We need to try harder to understand everyone’s flaws about themselves to make them realize they are strengths. 

Colors and Dirt

I see this any many of them now,
all about their body of how it glistens,
how it glows and showing now,
No fear but strength within their words,
like a star shining and never going to burn out,
so I feel compelled to tell about mine,
My body is like the soil,
I can be strong and tough to break,
but it can crack too when under pressure or stress,
I can be loose, soft, and less durable too,
I can give in so easily and make a hole within me,
another thing is a provider,
I can protect and give,
I can make beautiful things making others smile,
My body is a canvas as well that people have painted on,
but with that, I added my own colors to make it art,
red, white, blue, green, brown, black,
colors and dirt,
colors and dirt….that is my body.

This is my body

This is my body, I’m hiding with a smile
This is my body, I’m hiding in my own style
This is my body, I’m hiding in pain
This is my body, I’m hiding in shame
This is my body This my body This is my body
And I’m free


This is my body tatted 
This is my body 
Like a caterpillar 
Grow, eat , sleep
This is my body
My heart
It represents beauty, flowers, 
one day ill be like a butterfly
This is my body

i love my skin….

This is my body… 
my body came a long way
in the eye of everybody else watching it.
Being judged about being 
“too grown for your age” 
by the way clothes fit 
on me as it flows so gracefully. 
As I developed to be who I am 
as i whole being the “ center of attention” 
my skin im alway in between “ to dark” or “ two light” 
i could never fit in the right
spot, always going back and forth.
I was always in the dark seeking in the light trying to grow. 
I love my skin…
my skin is who i am.
I love my skin…. My skin makes and breaks me
but I love how it glams in the sun
and how it touches the water 
as I walk in the sand. 
I love how it shines as I run through the sun.
I love my skin that I got from my ancestors from long long  ago. 
Growing up in philly is like a movie
being sorrowed by guns everywhere you go
from my skin being targeted  by police or just walking down the street 
but I know my skin tougher than nails.

Dealing with the Hate

This is my body
Born in the cold month of January
raised in South Philadelphia 
and now MY BODY is just a place to help people
Always trying to be the best 
so I can show people the way to improve themselves 
when they look at me
Point Breeze is where I was raised
I love to learn new things about the past of humanity
By reading and writing
And just trying to make this world a better place step by step
This body has long limbs and a big nose but I deal with the hate
I’m gonna be the person who can change things
Around these places

This Is My Body Poem

Staying True

This is my body… I can bring positive vibes 
Born during the scariest month of the year, October
Born and raised in Philly
Always keeping my head up in hard times
Always grinding and getting work done
And stay making people smile
And staying true to myself and the people around me
Always making the best out of a bad situation
Always helping others that are in need
This body has bad eyes and need glasses to see
And it has a beard that makes me look grown 
And has a deep voice that makes me sound older
And this body has hairy arms and legs because that’s the way I was born
Also has good ears to listen to others
This body always respects others and their mother
And looks out for their friends and brothers
And most important always trying to give my all every day