January 27, 2023


Nurturing Eyesight

All around the world, people have different perceptions of eyesight. Some people have it worse than others. This could be from genetics, it could be dependent on how one takes care of their eyes, or even a combination of both. Eyesight is important to overall health and should be something nurtured correctly, especially if eyesight genetics are not in one’s favor. To a certain extent, what one does in their daily life can affect their eyesight over a period of time because human eyes are sensitive and need balance and care to be maintained.

Genetics play a major role in determining the basis of an individual’s vision. There are many types of “vision-related conditions that are typically inherited” such as; Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Colour blindness, and Amblyopia (“Is Eyesight Nature or Nurture?”). These conditions are not always passed down through every generation. Some children may not receive a condition like one of these, whereas their sibling might. On the other hand, “certain vision problems have mixed genetic and environmental causes” such as blurred vision caused from staring at a screen for too long (Gautier). For instance, if a young child over watches YouTube videos on a daily basis, he or she, months later, may complain about blurry vision when trying to see things in the distance. Balancing the time off and on electronics in this case, and in general, is a beneficial step in maintaining one’s vision. 

Along with balancing the use of electronics there are many other ways people can nurture their eyes to maintain, or even strengthen their vision. These tips include eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking (“Eye Care | Vision Care”). Not only do these tips benefit eye health, but also the overall health of an individual. These tips are things that should be constant to maintain the health of the eyes. Following these criteria once or twice a week will not be as effective as following them five to six times a week. 

The health of an individual’s eyes are something that can slowly diminish over time if not properly taken care of. The way people nurture their bodies and eyes will affect their overall health, either in a positive or negative way. It is important that people take note of their responses to certain things like too much time on the computer, not enough exercise, or overeating, and try to make changes to better oneself. Nurturing oneself, not only in the circumstances of nurturing vision but oneself as a whole, should result in positive outcomes because it shapes how you live. 

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Drug Problem

Do the authorities seem to care about the drug problem in Oakland? Simple answer, no.

Based on the research opioids are a huge problem in Oakland that people should be aware of. This is true because there is a large amount of people in Oakland who are addicted to drugs and no one is doing anything about it. 47,000 people died due to opioid overdose in 2017. many of those deaths were because of heroin (LiveStories).

Teen usage

Young teens become easily addicted to drugs. According to the article titled, Drugs and Young People it talks about what causes young teens to become addicted to drugs, it states, “Stressful early life experiences, such child abuse, child sexual abuse and other forms of trauma. Parental exposure to alcohol or other drugs. Having peers and/or friends who use drugs” ( These situations end up with the teen being a victim to situations that they can’t control. If people weren’t so irresponsible around others then teens wouldn’t be tempted to start using drugs. Another quote that backs up this claim is by the same article and it states, “Knowing your children’s friends. Setting limits, to teach your children self-control and responsibility, provide safe boundaries, and show them that you care” ( These are ways that could help to prevent a teen from abusing drugs. An adolescent feeling like they are cared for is a very important feeling they should feel because usually when they don’t feel cared for or ignored they might want to do something to grab their parents attention, like using drugs.


Opioids are a main cause of homelessness in Oakland. In the article published by a website titled,  Drug Rehabs in Oakland, CA which is dedicated to helping people with addiction, it talks about how the reason why lots of people are using heroine is because their doctors stop giving them prescribed meds that contain a bit of heroin and they rely on heroin that’s being sold in the streets. Because of that they end up becoming addicted to heroin and they end up being homeless. Officials counted 1,400 homeless people in 2015 ( By now the number of homeless individuals must of risin considering that no one seems to care about this problem. Oakland resident, Vicky Flores states in her interview that on multiple occasions she has seen homeless teens who use drugs around Oakland, thus supporting the fact that there is a lot of homlessness here due to drugs.

Death and violence

According to Jose Gutierrez, an Oakland resident who has lived here for over 25 years he states, “Once I was attacked by someone who was on drugs and was escaping the police. Living here is dangerous because crazy things like this happen” (Gutierrez).  Innocent people have to constantly deal with individuals who can’t control themselves and there is nothing that they can do about it but suffer. Later on in the interview he states that if the authorities cared more about this problem he wouldn’t have to deal with thinking about being attacked again. Some may argue and state that the police are doing their best to take care of the problem however, when Barnini Chakraborty interviewed Mika McCants she states, “Their answer to that is nine times out of 10, ‘If you call us and they are not harming you or your business, we are not going to come out. You can file a report online or you just need to attend the city council meeting and express it there,”(Barnini Chakraborty). The police thinks that people under the influence of drugs aren’t a threat at all and they seem to believe that dealing with them is a waste of time. This proves that there isn’t much of a possibility of the drug problem being taken cared of in the future.

In conclusion the use of opioids are a huge problem in Oakland that people should start paying attention to. This is true because no one is doing anything to solve this problem. The large usage of opioids in Oakland are causing homelessness, death, violence, and teens being tempted to use drugs. If the police don’t start doing something that will dramatically lower the usage of opioids in Oakland a couple years from now the rate of deaths and homelessness will go up by a ton. Maybe after a while Oakland won’t even be a place where anyone could live at. Currently it’s an ok place to live in but there is no way of knowing if it will ever become a more decent place to live in in the future if there isn’t anything done to fix this problem.

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My Opinion About Being An Upstander

My project was about Global warming affecting humans(Climate change). My teammate and I we were interested in this topic because there is a lot of stuff happening with the Climate Change that people don’t even pay attention so we wanted people to know and let them be aware of how our world is becoming. So I think my teammate and I did some effectiveness in our topic because we work as a team even though she was absent I was able to complete the whole trifold on time. So the first movem we did was we made fliers and we post them up all over the school   We also went to an advisory and present to them about climate change. We talk about if we don’t take care of the planet the temperatures will rise higher and the world will be flooded. We also did two activities that made the students really happy and they loved the presentation. Our last movement is presenting to people and make people aware of how our world will be if we don’t take care of it fast before it’s too late.

Being an upstander to means standing for what’s right. And by doing that is doing movements and speaking up. Also, to inform people about the topic.

I learned that I can do stuff even on my own even  though I overthink it but end up doing it good and proud of myself.

Something I learn is that you actually can get what you want by talking to people and giving them information about the topic you want.

I will be uploading on my instagram @1stopclimatechange so I can tell people that see us be updated about my topic.

Advice to the people that want to speak up for something they really want go for it because I know you can do it and make people aware of whatever you want them to know.

My Experience Being An Upstander

In my Humanities 9th grade, my classmates did a Upstander project because we wanted to spread awareness on our topic so we can have our community attention. My teammates and I were interest on the topic of Sexual harassment in the Workplace. My teammates and I were really interested in this project because this topic didn’t got that much attention and people were being a bystander by not helping victims to speak out. We were glad to be a part of the #metoo movement because we want to support victims of sexual harassment.

Being a upstander means to speak out and fight for your rights. This can also means to gather together as one so we can have more people to fight back. .Being a upstander means to spread awareness about the topic you want people to get their attention.

As a student I really learned about how to become an upstander and how to write a blog about a topic that is a issue in this community. I learn how to do research about my topic because I needed to find statistics and information about sexual harassment in a workplace. I learn how to speak up because in the past I was always being bystander because I was afraid to speak out about the problems surrounding our community. Now I can speak up for  people that are struggling with a situation.

Something I learn about being an upstander is that I learned more about activists that helped out with the movement #metoo. By this movement there was a lot of actors and models telling their stories about sexual harassment in workplace that happen during their lifetime. I also learned more about standing up and this open my eyes to understand the problems in this community. I’m really happy we did this project because we got to spread education to our community which people showed up to our presentation. The fact that my teammates and I got a lot of visitors learning about our topic were really surprised because they never really learned about this issue. They also liked our presentation and our movements we did to spread awareness about sexual harassment in a workplace.

The next steps I would like to take as an upstander is to post more in my  instagram @wesupportvictims because my teammates and I didn’t posted that much pictures about spreading awareness. I can also reply back to people that responded to our proposal about sexual harassment in a workplace because we need to answer their questions.

My advice for other Upstander is to keep speaking up for your rights. We are going to make a change if we don’t give up. Make sure to keep spreading awareness so people can have your attention. Also, make sure to change bystander people so they can become a upstander because we need a big community to fight for our rights. KEEP ON FIGHTING!



Immigration and Deportation affects Families

Immigration and Deportation affects Families


What are the effects on families dealing with immigration?based on the research i’ve done on Immigration and Deportation it can impact families in a harmful way because it causes many problems for them, like stress and worry and financial problems. They can feel constant worry about the situation.Immigration is harmful because they fear that they’ll be separated.


Immigration and deportation can be very harmful toward the family’s because it causes alot of worry and stress. During researching Claudia Barajas a mother of 4 who lives in Oakland for more than 30 years was interviewed,she stated, “I think it make it difficult for families because as a immigrant you live in fear that you’ll be taken away and will struggle more¨(Barajas). If families live in constant fear that they’ll be separated from each other. This is a challenge for the families because it can take away from other things because they are thinking about what might happen to them. While also reading an article ‘‘U.S. Citizen Children Impacted by Immigration Enforcement’ about how the children are affected by American Immigration stated, “A child’s risk of having mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and severe psychological distress increases following the detention and/or deportation of a parent. Since late 2016, doctors and service providers have reported anecdotally that they have seen more children exhibiting stress- and anxiety-related behavioral changes, including symptoms of “toxic-stress,” due to fear that a family member will be deported” (American Immigration Council). If the children mental health is affected just from worry of being separated they’ll most likely have a even more drastic change in their daily life because they’ll wont have one or even both of their parents with them. If they were to have both parents or even just one parent deported it can make it very difficult for them because their taking on a change that won’t know how to take on such a big change. It will be new for them and they’ll won’t know how to feel about it. Immigration and deportation is  harmful due to the fact that children are worried about what will happen to them and their parents. If the families worry so much it can cause depression and other mental health problems because of how much stress comes from this issue.


Additionally, Immigration and deportation can make family struggle with paying bills and taking care of everything around the house. In this article ¨How Today’s Immigration Enforcement Policies Impact Children, Families, and Communities by Joanna Dreby, an author that talks about deportation and the effects on family and is an expertise on it,  Dreby stated, ¨While many single parents in the United States face similar circumstances, in this case it is the government’s own policies that create the conditions for single parenthood. In addition, the tenuous legal status of many parents left behind adds a double burden on these families to provide for their families while also raising their children”(Dreby). If they’re left to deal with everything on their own it can make it very difficult because they have to work harder in order to make sure everything is payed. It can cause the families stress because the parents have double of everything to do  and their children would probably be affected as well because they’ll see everything that’s going on with their parent and would see changes in their household due to the stress. If the bills double it makes it very frustrating for the parent dealing with it because they’ll work extra hours and still have to take care of the kids while trying to pay all the bill it’ll make it very hard. Moreover, Alondra Alvarez a mother that lives in Oakland was interviewed“She agrees that families can struggle with things around the house like paying bills and taking care of children”(Alvarez). They’re being affected because it can make them struggle with things that are important for them to keep a roof over their head and be taken care of. This will cause the families to stress because they’re going to try manage everything around the house without one of parents there with them.


Many people, however, may say that deportation is necessary and  good because immigrants aren’t helpful and just bug the community But, immigrants are also humans who have a right to be where they want to be and also should have and opportunity to do better and have a second chance. They’re being discriminated based on where they came from. There’s a lot of stigma around being an immigrant because usually theyŕe targeted by the people around me. To start off, Immigrants can help in various ways. In the article, ¨Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy” by Jason Furman, Danielle Gray it talk about how immigrant help better the community it stated, “According to the Small Business Administration, immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants, and 18 percent of all small business owners in the United States are immigrant” (Furman, Gray). Additionally, in a article ¨Seven Surprising Ways Immigration Helps Build a Stronger America by Nataly Kelly, she said, “many Americans wrongly believe that immigration hurts the economy. There is consensus among many leading economists that immigration actually gives economies a net boost. In fact, a report from the Migration Policy Institute indicates that immigration unambiguously improves employment, productivity, and income, especially when an economy is growing¨ (Kelly). This is shown that there is stigma around immigration because they believe just because theyŕe coming from a different place they won’t benefit the community. If you see they actually help benefit communities even if they think they’ll just be harmful. They help build a stronger community for the people around them. They also build opportunities for the people around them. If non-immigrants continue to build a stigma for the immigrants people around them they will start to believe them and its build stereotypes about who they are.


In conclusion, Families are affected by deportation and immigration because there is  a great deal of damage done towards them which challenges them in different way. If we try our a best to change this issue and try to discuss a way to change the stigma around the issue families would feel more supported by the community around them.


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      Immigration Reason and Causes

Kelly Iraheta                                                                                                                        

Humanities 9

Ms. Portugal



                                                                        Immigration Reason and Causes


Immigrants risk their lives to go to a better country, but is it all worth it? Immigrants from various countries leave their homeland in order to have a better future for themselves and their families. There are many different reasons for why someone might want to migrate to the U.S. There is also many different outcomes both positive and negative for migrating to the United States. Immigrants leave their home countries for important reasons but once in the United States, they can face negative outcomes.


Immigrants migrate to the United States because of the conditions and circumstances in their home countries. This is true because Immigrants think that the United States is a great place to live and that it’s in better conditions than where they lived. To begin, an interview was done with a Oakland resident and father of 3 children. Santos Iraheta has lived in this country since he was 18 years old and migrated from El Salvador. In the interview he talked about the reasons and impact of immigration. Iraheta stated, “Gangs can want you to join them and if you don’t accept they send death threats and this causes you to leave the country”(Iraheta). Gangs can cause immigrants to flee their countries because of the fear of being killed by gang members. Immigrants can think that in the U.S there is no violence and gangs, this is why they choose to leave. This statement is also supported by a  website called,the article named, “5 Facts on Migrants Coming to the U.S”, by Catesby Holmes explained the many different reasons why someone might want to migrate to this country. Holmes explained,“El Salvador went from a homicide rate of 36.9 murders per 100,000 inhabitants in 2000 to 64.4 in 2006 and 70.9 in 2009,” writes Cruz. The same thing happened in Honduras and Guatemala, where the rivalry between MS-13 and the Eighteenth Street Gang descended into a succession of local street wars”(Holmes). Violence created by gangs in Central American countries has increased the homicide rates. “Rivalry”, explains that conflict between gangs causes people’s lives to be at risk. This is a major reason why immigrants are fleeing their countries. People can be scared to be the next victim of gang violence and they can fear for their families lives as well. Nobody wants to be in a country that has a lot of violence because they won’t feel safe even in their own home.

In addition to migrating because of gangs and gang violence, immigrants can also migrate because of family reasons. In a interview done with Mariana Lopez, an Oakland resident and college student, Lopez gave her honest opinion about the reasons people migrate to the U.S. She commented that she had family members who migrated to the U.S from Mexico. Lopez said, “I think that people want their children to have better futures, like being able to go to college and not having to struggle in poverty”(Lopez). Lopez explained that immigrants migrate from their countries to give their upcoming families a better future. Lopez discusses the “Struggle in poverty”often immigrants face in their home countries. Poverty can be a huge reason why immigrants leave considering that they want to be in a country where they won’t have to struggle and where they can actually support themselves and their families.


When immigrants finally reach the U.S after their long journey, they can live productive lives or they can face challenging obstacles. For example, in a article by called, “7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion”, they talked about how a little 7 year old girl from Guatemala died after being taken into Border Patrol Custody. Nick Miroff answered, “A 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died of dehydration and shock after she was taken into Border Patrol custody last week for crossing from Mexico into the United States illegally with her father and a large group of migrants along a remote span of New Mexico desert, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Thursday”(Miroff).



Here is a picture of the little girl that unfortunately passed away.       






7 year old girl from Guatemala died because of dehydration and shock while being in custody of Border Patrol. She was detained because she crossed the border illegally with her dad. “Died of dehydration”, means that the girl was not taken care of properly while being detained by border patrol. Which illustrates the dangers of migrating considering that on the journey immigrants or their family members can die. This girl did not have the opportunity to live a productive life since she did not enter the country safely with her dad. Now she won’t ever get the chance at a “normal” life. Just like the 7 year old girl, immigrants can be detained which can lead to deportation, separation of family, and even death. Deportation can lead to not being able to accomplish the goals and productivity people came to this country for. To add on, in a article by, titled, The 7 biggest challenges facing refugees and immigrants in the US”, Christina Núñez wrote about the many challenges and struggles immigrants have to face once in the United States. Núñez reiterated, “Undocumented immigrants have an especially difficult time accessing services, largely because they are afraid of being deported. Consequently, people will avoid seeing the doctor or reaching out for services like legal guidance when they’re badly needed”(Núñez). Immigrants can face struggles even while living in the country, one of them being not accessing services when needed because of the fear of being deported which can have serious health consequences. One of the reasons people are putting their lives and health at risk is because they are scared to be deported. If immigrants are deported, they can be separated from family members. Also, they could be sent back to their country where like it was mentioned before can be a dangerous environment. Immigrants who face this struggle can’t live productive lives in this country seeing that it should be effortless to obtain services but they still struggle to acquire them.

Currently in our country there are many stereotypes going about how miserable immigrants are, which is an additional struggle faced by immigrants. Our president, Donald Trump, comments on immigration and says dehumanizing things that often people believe. People believe his statements because  Trump is in power and they think he is always correct. One of his statements says, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best, they’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”. The words cause a devastating impact on immigrants because people discriminate against them. Immigrants face health disparities such as what was mentioned before which is not being able to access services that everyone needs. Getting harassed while doing normal activities can also be an effect of the words Trump keeps reiterating. Immigrants don’t deserve to experience discrimination and harassment because they don’t come into this country to be corrupt and sinful people.


In conclusion, immigrants can face negative experiences once in the country even though they left their home countries for vital reasons. Immigrants are putting their lives at risk in their home countries and even in this country. There should not be discrimination against immigrants just because of their status seeing that they come into this country to be valuable people equally to citizens.


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