October 3, 2022


Race vs. School


John Williams, father of Joshua, Black male

Joshua Williams, son of John, Black male

Mrs. Miller, principal at Joshua’s school, White female 


Friday, School office


It is the middle of the school day. John, the father of Joshua, was called into the school because he had pushed another young boy after being called racial slurs. The other young boy has been bullying him for months.

Mrs. Miller: Hi Mr. Williams. I called you in today because your son will be suspended after pushing a young boy in class today. 

John Williams: And for the other boy?

Mrs. Miller: Well Mr. Williams we don’t allow violence in our school. Your son needs to learn to use his words.

John Williams: So if my son would have used the same words the other young boy had used would I not be here today than?

Mrs. Miller: *Silence*

John Williams: My son has been bullied by this boy for over a month already, so why haven’t I been called in for that? My son stood up for himself and you are only punishing my son. My son shouldn’t have pushed the young boy but what else was he supposed to do while he was feeling attacked and unfortunately none of you have not done anything? I have yet to mention the racial slurs that were being used and I wonder where the young boy learned those words from. I’m sure the other young boy hasn’t been called into the office along with his parents to discuss possible punishments, but because my son stood up for himself, as every black person has to do while no one else would, I am being called in?

Mrs. Miller: The other young man’s parents will be called and notified of the situation.

John Williams: And then what? My son is suspended while the other young boy’s parents look at my son even more differently because of the color of his skin? Because clearly the young boy has learned such words from someone and its either at your school or at home, so who’s to blame? They will view my son as the black child causing problems in your school. I demand both my son and the other boy be punished or my son will be back in school Monday morning.  *walks out of the office*

John to Joshua Williams have a conversation at home: