October 6, 2022


Funny, Nice, Smart, and Friendly!

My name is Victor. Something important about me is that I’m really funny, nice, smart, and friendly. My family was born in a small country named Ecuador. I lived only in one neighborhood in New York called Sunset Park. I have been to only two schools. The first one is PS24 and the second one is PSC. When I was about ten years old I was practicing how to ride a bike every day. Some days I hurt myself by riding too much. But in the three week of practicing I finally learned how to ride the bike and it was really fun and exciting that I used my bike every day.

In school I like to do my work and help other students if they need help. And I like talking to my friends and playing with them because it’s really fun. In school I’m good at ELA, Spanish, Social Studies, and some math because it’s kind of hard. I enjoy being at school because I can make new friends and new teachers and hang out with my friends. I’m good at Spanish because it’s really easy and I can get one hundred. And I was raised speaking Spanish because  my Mom and Dad taught me when I was young. When I was five I went to school and I was learning how to speak English and I’m really good at speaking  it.  My greatest struggle in life is making new friends because I want to  hang out with them.

My family is from Ecuador and the person I love most  is my Mom and my Dad because they are always right there for me when I’m in trouble or need help with homework. I’m lucky to have the strongest and smartest family in the world because they are all nice.

Carbon Fibre vs. Aluminum Online Research

There are various types of bikes for different styles of biking, such as mountain, road, downhill and BMX. I already know a lot about mountain biking because I’ve been doing it for most of my life. I also know a little about BMX biking because I owned one when I was younger. However, I don’t know much about road and downhill biking. I would like to learn more about the bikes specific to these styles particularly because I want to join a downhill biking team this summer.


According to Dirt, a biking magazine, the best material to use for a mountain bike frame is either aluminum or carbon. Aluminum alloys have been used for a longer time in history. A certain type of alloy called 6061 is specifically used because it is easy to weld. Carbon fibre is easier to mold into shapes. In the past, carbon fibre was very delicate, easily broken, and was very expensive. Although these characteristics still hold true to a certain degree today, companies are putting in great effort to better the quality and lower the cost of carbon fibre bikes.
According to, it isn’t necessary to own a carbon fibre bike unless someone is racing in a competition. In recent years, the price of carbon fibre composites has lessened, but it still more expensive than aluminum and steel bikes. Metal alloys are more durable and give better impact resistance, but if the bikes were to become damaged, it is generally less expensive to repair a carbon fibre frame.

Fracture Toughness EBSCO Research

To ensure quality resources with usable information, I used an online database called EBSCO to do some of my resource. One source I found was the study of strength and fracture behavior of different types of carbon composites. A number of composites were studied, but I was most interested in comparing longitudinal oriented fibres with transversal oriented fibres.  After looking at some graphs, I found that longitudinal-oriented fibres can bear a maximum of 2.5 kN/mm compared to approximately 0.8 kN/mm that transversal-oriented fibres can bear before breaking. The longitudinal fibres also have 23 times more fracture toughness than the transversal fibres, meaning it is far less likely to fracture if it has a crack.

I found another study that looked at the differences of fracture resistance between different types of aluminum alloys. The study found that the prefered alloy for bikes, AA6061, had an inferior response to fracture resistance compared to AA5083. However, AA6061 had a higher fracture resistance compared to a commercially pure aluminum. AA5083 is an alloy composed of the combined metals aluminum and magnesium, whereas AA6061 is composed of a mix of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon.

Photo by Mizrak