September 28, 2022


Argument is Everywhere Pt.2

When I first read the sign I did not understand what it meant. It took me a second read to finally understand what was wrong. I even read it out-loud. What I found ironic was that you have to know English, but the mayor has a foreign last name. So I believe that it is unfair to say that because within a doubt the mayor himself is probably a foreigner. My evidence for my statement is the mayor’s name is Chester Stranczek.

Argument is Everywhere Pt.1

At first I laughed, but then I felt like I shouldn’t be laughing at what the billboard said or that it is wrong to do so. So I think it has a dark humor type of vibe. But it also delivers a serious message about texting and driving and the dangers of what could happen. My opinion about the billboard is that it is helpful in a way of making people aware.

Argument Is Everywhere

  1. Cleaning
  2. Walking/Playing *
  3. Independence (space) *
  4. Communication *
  5. School *
  6. Routine *
  7. The fosters
  8. Criminal minds
  9. Groups
  10. coffee
  11. sleep

I was asked how do I spend my time and I answered with walking. Walking may sound very boring and uninteresting to a lot of people but up until two months ago walking for me started to be impossible. For many years, at least three years, I was in constant pain. My right side of my body always got these horrible sharp pains that would occasionally get very bad that I would vomit. I was always in and out of emergency rooms but always left with either no answer or the famous “you just want drugs from us.” This hurt me because not only did I get sent home in pain but not a single doctor believed me. In October of last year a familiar pain lingered. I tried going about my day as normal as I could but my pale frowned face said otherwise. I ended up going to go to the emergency room once again full of doubt but in so much pain. I was over the age of 18 this time around which made me go to a different hospital. For once I walked out with the answer I had been searching for,hernias! The diagnosis came after having an ultrasound done and revisiting my old charts. I was not in a life threatening condition so the ER doctor suggested I see a surgeon specialist. The thought of surgery weighed on my chest. Can I make it through? How will the care of my child go as I recover? I was very worried but also very excited for the day to come. Four months later I was lying on a table in a cold room about to be cut open to hopefully reverse this pain. By this moment my hernias were so big and irritated that walking two blocks was all I could do before a limp came around. I could no longer carry my daughter who only weighed 20 pounds. I thought about my daughter and how I could potentially finally play and keep up with her. I inhaled and exhaled as I was given IV medication to fall asleep. Next thing I remember was waking up in so much pain. I instantly regretted my decision. Recovery was far from easy but I am now 2 months into recovery and I definitely am happy with the results. I can walk miles with having zero pain. I can run after my daughter at the playground without having a sharp stabbing pain in my side. It is amazing and never again will I take walking for granted.

Argument is Everywhere Signs

Something that I seen in this music video is people who not seen around or when I do see them I feel like people judge them because of how they look and also something I see that stood out that all races where shown in this video. In the lyrics I think it is a very strong message of what people have to go through for a society to perfect or something that never should have happened  but happened and that is the past you cannot go back and change but you have to got through it and don’t hide just live peacefully knowing all the hardships people had to go through.

Argument is Everywhere

On the first image I feel like people are being oppressed by the police without thoroughly investigated or approached I feel like they assume that are dangerous and just start shooting that is why people have to come out and let police officers and law enforcement know that not all color of people try to attack police officers. They are demanding to be treated more like humans.
On the second poster I sense a strong feeling of people getting used to be oppressed and they are just use seeing their family or friends life being taken away with no reason maybe because of the color of their skin or where they from. In this picture there is a strong message that is provided for the oppressors to know what it feels like to be targeted.

Argument is Everywhere Signs

Base on this picture I see something that is missing and these women are here to make sure their voices gets heard. I think this picture it is something motivational to me as a Female because when see or hear something that we do not like or previous experience for example how men are paid more than women even though they do the same work men are paid more than women. I feel like that is a right time argue because you are protecting your rights and others around you.

Argument is Everywhere Sign

When I saw this picture something that came to my mind is that there is expectations and a strong argument that recommends that if you don’t learn English you will be left behind or looked upon as an outcast in his Village. I disagree with this statement because I feel like they are bullying people who cannot speak English and also making them feel not wanted.

Argument is Everywhere Billboard

Something that came instant to my mind is that “Why would anybody put up a sign like this”?. I think that this sign has strong negative message containing what will happen when you text and drive but at the same time it tells drivers the consequences they will get if they text and drive.

Argument is Everywhere daily routine.

Every morning I wake up at 5;30 for bible study. that is from 6-7. At 7 ‘o clock I come back home to get ready for school. I take a shower*, brush my teeth, braid my hair, get dressed eat breakfast and then I am on my way to school which is usually 8:00. when I take morning showers I don’t usually wash my hair because it is cold and I get sick easily. Controversies is that I don’t remember and I wash my hair and by the time I get to school I in the middle of the day I have massive headaches.