December 4, 2022



In the article, “Carrers: Veterinarians” I learn about what a veterinarian is and what they do on a daily basis. There are a variety of different types of veterinarians who specialize in different animal groups. They all revolve around the same idea which is they basically help treat and prevent animal illnesses and injuries from occurring. Becoming a veterinarian is very time consuming because you’ll need a total of eight years of more school after high school. You’ll need to take 4 years of a science-focused degree and another three years of a program that includes hands-on and then pass the test. They’re several cons and pros of veterinary which is something that you should consider before committing to this pathway.
Even though its time consuming I’m willing to take as much time to make this my official job. This has always been a dream of mine but I had no idea that having this job can have an effect on you mentally. For example, once you do get certified you’ll have to spend long hours in a clinical, might lose animals that you’re emotionally attached to, and so on. Personally, for me, I think the deaths of the animals will most likely affect me the most.
Would you ever consider being a veterinarian?

Why We Should Stop Animal Testing Video

My friend Sahana and I are very passionate about being cruelty free and encouraging this message among others. When a makeup company is cruelty free, they do not hurt animals by testing on them to manufacture or develop their commercial product. Animal testing is a practice to test these commercial products before commercial release to the public.

We have mentioned many alternatives to animal testing which many makeup companies can do to become cruelty free. One of the easiest alternatives is vitro (in glass) testing. This method only needs human cells to test the wellness of the product. More relevant results are able to be drawn from this experiment than testing on animals (which is a whole new organism). This method is also safer because there is no risk in the performance of the product because it was directly tested on a human cell. Sometimes, animals may not be affected by the product being tested on them which may affect humans because humans and animals are different. In the end, no organism will need be harmed in the process of testing products because of this alternative.

Many facts are stated in this video which describe how horrid animal testing is. Becoming cruelty free is a change companies should be willing to do because it will benefit animals and humans in the end. This would mean their products will be less painful to purchase because no organism was harmed in the process, making it a cleaner product. Companies that do animal test can not be supported because they are harming animals which is inhumane. If people do not support these companies and spread the word about the cons of animal testing, these companies may be more likely to end the testing.

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Animal Testing Presentation

Animal testing is the inhumane practice of using lab animals to test products on. This procedure can be inaccurate in resembling human reactions to certain chemicals involved in a product. Not only this, but the tested animals suffer the consequences that do arise when they are affected by a product. Sometimes this can even lead to death of the animal.

In this video, we wanted to educate those who don’t know why animal testing is such a cruel practice. A lot of the time, these people are those who support animal testing because they don’t know the exact process and effects of it. Cruelty free brands are the start of the movement against animal testing, which is why they’re so important. They are the foundation of a bunch of other steps to the complete extermination of animal testing from our society. Sure, there has been significant progress over time, and people have come to terms with this inhumane act, but that’s not enough. We need to create and promote a cruelty free product lifestyle in order to convey the right idea about animal testing, and how it’s not only brutal and callous, but giving long term effects to lab animals.

It is well understood that in some situations, non cruelty-free brands produce better products than cruelty-free brands do. But what needs to be understood by customers and consumers is that animals are tested against their will, and buyer should rethink their decision to support a company that reinforces that. Additionally, there are other ways that can be used to test a beauty product and get a pretty accurate response. For example, silicon models. It’s an alternative that can be designed in a way that can react the way a human does. In fact, it could be even more accurate because animals don’t carry some diseases that humans do. Alternatives to animal testing can result in a better, cruelty-free society.

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Animal Cruelty in Zoos

This video is significant as it focuses on the suffering animals in zoos. The video brings attention to a case that conveys the abuse animals suffered in a zoo and how there were solutions that were available yet weren’t used. This video highlights the abuse that goes unnoticed or is not given the attention it deserves.

I was interested in creating this video because my fellow classmates own animals and I am choosing to adopt an animal of my own which led to further research on animals. I’ve seen countless videos of animals in a loving environment but I’ve also seen animals suffering. I knew I had to try my best to bring attention to this which is the reason this video was created.