January 17, 2022


Declawing Awareness

When beginning the project, the overall goal was to spread awareness about declawing. To get a bill passed, banning declawing in NY. Our project has yet to be deemed successful since there is a bill passing through assembly, results have yet to be known, but it is pretty successful in the portion of spreading awareness about declawing.

The project has yet to be successful because when looking at the status of A1303/A01297A, it is still in Committee and has yet to reach Floor. Results have also yet to be revealed so we aren’t sure if it was entirely successful but we can say for sure about spreading the project.

It is true that we spread awareness through our blog and social media along with our presentation and petition since different people have seen our content. Our petition is our strong point, with approximately 1.3k supporters total. Our blog has garnered quite the amount of views, with some people from different parts of the world and our social media account wasn’t such a big impact since it was created half way through the project course.

Overall the project has been doing pretty fine and I really hope that the bill passes since declawing is technically a form of animal cruelty and limiting animal rights. If I were to redo the project and improve it I would definitely create accounts on multiple social media platforms and be more active.

Animal Cruelty, Human Greed.

The discussion and stance of cat declawing has been widely ranged, with people claiming that declawing is okay, since it doesn’t matter whether their cat suffers from the long-term effects as the cat does not show the discomfort, but as long as it lives a long life.

A long life does not mean a happy life. A goldfish can live years in a tank of horrible conditions… fin rot, high ammonia waters, unfiltered tank, small gallons. A cat is the same, they’re born survivors. But if you consider your cat part of your family, don’t treat them like a decoration.

Declawing mutilates the paws: If performed on a human, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. This is to prevent the claws from growing– ever. It’s the recovering period is painful: sore paws or swollen pads, yet owners use it cosmetically, just so they can prevent their cat from ruining sofas, couches, or to avoid training their cat from scratching. So in exchange for paper towels or cloth that gets scratched up, instead of buying a stable scratching post you can teach the cat to prefer, you choose to take away one of the cat’s natural abilities?

In the state of New York, you can walk into any vet clinic that you search up on google and pay for declawing freely. With 1,300+ supporters, we would like to stop this. Please spread awareness! Sign our petition!


Declawing cats is a serious matter that should be thought about twice before going through with the decisions. Many people don’t understand what’s so bad about taking the claws off a cat but once they realize that their claws are unable to grow back, they also realize that their only proper defense has been stripped away which leaves them to hiss and bite.

As a former cat owner, it really stresses me out, knowing other cat owners are declawing their cats because they can’t afford to replace the furniture or don’t want to get hurt. With proper training, cats will not attack you unless you provoke them first. Having proper toys is also important since a scratching tower will wear down their sharp claws and cat towers would improve their mood and behavior. Trimming claws are always an option, much more friendly and safe.

A scratch presentation was made in order to spread awareness of this topic. While making this animation I actually found out about cosmetic declawing. Even though it may be safer than tendonectomy and laser surgery, it’s not recommended at all. Cosmetic declawing may appear to be harmless but the procedure can always go wrong and without their claws, cats will end up more aggressive than before. Some side effects of declawing can impact their stance which can shorten their life span.

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Why We Should Stop Animal Testing Video

My friend Sahana and I are very passionate about being cruelty free and encouraging this message among others. When a makeup company is cruelty free, they do not hurt animals by testing on them to manufacture or develop their commercial product. Animal testing is a practice to test these commercial products before commercial release to the public.

We have mentioned many alternatives to animal testing which many makeup companies can do to become cruelty free. One of the easiest alternatives is vitro (in glass) testing. This method only needs human cells to test the wellness of the product. More relevant results are able to be drawn from this experiment than testing on animals (which is a whole new organism). This method is also safer because there is no risk in the performance of the product because it was directly tested on a human cell. Sometimes, animals may not be affected by the product being tested on them which may affect humans because humans and animals are different. In the end, no organism will need be harmed in the process of testing products because of this alternative.

Many facts are stated in this video which describe how horrid animal testing is. Becoming cruelty free is a change companies should be willing to do because it will benefit animals and humans in the end. This would mean their products will be less painful to purchase because no organism was harmed in the process, making it a cleaner product. Companies that do animal test can not be supported because they are harming animals which is inhumane. If people do not support these companies and spread the word about the cons of animal testing, these companies may be more likely to end the testing.

Take a look at my blog, ! We post lots of fun memes, reblogs, and information about animal testing. Watch my video!

Animal Testing Presentation

Animal testing is the inhumane practice of using lab animals to test products on. This procedure can be inaccurate in resembling human reactions to certain chemicals involved in a product. Not only this, but the tested animals suffer the consequences that do arise when they are affected by a product. Sometimes this can even lead to death of the animal.

In this video, we wanted to educate those who don’t know why animal testing is such a cruel practice. A lot of the time, these people are those who support animal testing because they don’t know the exact process and effects of it. Cruelty free brands are the start of the movement against animal testing, which is why they’re so important. They are the foundation of a bunch of other steps to the complete extermination of animal testing from our society. Sure, there has been significant progress over time, and people have come to terms with this inhumane act, but that’s not enough. We need to create and promote a cruelty free product lifestyle in order to convey the right idea about animal testing, and how it’s not only brutal and callous, but giving long term effects to lab animals.

It is well understood that in some situations, non cruelty-free brands produce better products than cruelty-free brands do. But what needs to be understood by customers and consumers is that animals are tested against their will, and buyer should rethink their decision to support a company that reinforces that. Additionally, there are other ways that can be used to test a beauty product and get a pretty accurate response. For example, silicon models. It’s an alternative that can be designed in a way that can react the way a human does. In fact, it could be even more accurate because animals don’t carry some diseases that humans do. Alternatives to animal testing can result in a better, cruelty-free society.

Make sure to check out our blog! We post informational articles and fun memes that will be sure to educate you on the practice of animal testing!

The Overlooked Tragedy… Animal Abuse

The issue is animal abuse. I am passionate about this issue because it is usually overlooked. Most people don’t consider this problem as important as other social conflicts. I believe that the same amount of action that is being taken to prevent other issues that involve human lives should used to prevent this tragedy. This is because the lives of animals is equally as important as the lives of humans.

Before I started this project, I knew that the victims are the animals that are being abused by their owners. They are innocent animals that probably have done nothing to harm their owners. However they are still being punished and hurt for no reason. They are at a disadvantage because they are unable to fight for themselves or get help from a person who cares. I also knew that the culprits are the people who are abusing the pets without anybody noticing. Now I know that there are so many different ways in which animals can be secretly harmed by humans. Most of these ways are unreasonable and unnecessary. I also found out that most people who abuse their pets or any animals are usually people that want to gain superiority over other people by threatening to hurt animals. These people gain advantage by empowering themselves by the disadvantage of the animals. Also, people who abuse animals are more likely to abuse humans.


Is Testing on Animals Ethical?


Is Testing on Animals Ethical?


Animal testing is known very well. Researchers use animals to find medication and treatment for diseases. But the big question here is testing on animals ethical? Animal research is ethical when it is used to find treatment for both humans and animals and the research is making a positive effect in the world like helping people with diseases.  

To begin, in an article called “Facts about Animal Research” by They state,“Without animal research, medicine as we know it today wouldn’t exist. Animal research has enabled us to find treatments for cancer, antibiotics for infections, vaccines to prevent some of the most deadly and debilitating viruses and surgery for injuries, illnesses and deformities”( This matter because animals have been very  helpful in research, animals have found many cure for diseases. This is important because if we never have used animals in the past there is no way that the treatment could have been made and there would be many people getting affected and dying. This is ethical because animals have helped find treatment and cures for diseases, virus, and infections such as, cancer, polio, and other deadly illness. Secondly, in an article called, “Should Animals Be Used For Scientific or Commercial Testing?” by, they explains, “Animals themselves benefit from the results of animal testing. If vaccines were not tested on animals, millions of animals would have died from rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, infectious hepatitis virus, tetanus, anthrax, and canine parvovirus” ( This is important because not only is the treatment helpful to humans but it was also very helpful to animals. Using animals for research may be very hurtful to watch because of how the animals are being used, but without the animals we would not be here in the first place. Most of these animals were used to help humans and make it a better world.

Additionally, in the article called “Why Are Animals Used in Research?” by The NAtional Academies Press. They express, “Instead, the drug or technique is tested in animals to make sure that it is safe and effective… Some animals have biological similarities to humans that make them particularly good models for specific diseases, such as rabbits for atherosclerosis or monkeys for polio”( The National Academies Press). Some animals are very similar to humans in cells, DNA, and in many other ways. Animals and humans both can get the same disease and finding treatment for both of them is ethical because both of them are getting treatment and they are both benefiting from the research. For example scientist found treatment for type 1 diabetes by using dogs, the dogs were tested on the pancreas (which both humans and dogs have) and soon the scientist found the reason why it was cause and they used dogs to find treatment for both of them. The testing on animals also make sure that no humans get harmed when the medication is used. The medical research can provide accurate results/ treatment for patients and help researchers figure out which treatment are more beneficial for human. Furthermore, in the article called, “Animal Research: How it Benefits Both Humans and Animals” by Trish Consunji. Consunji illustrates, “These animals are heroes. Their contribution to discovering life-saving advancements in medicine and science—for both pets and humans—is enormous, … Thanks to the last century of animal research, we have achieved life-saving treatments for people and animals. As veterinarians, we are able to treat more ailments and prevent more diseases, and that allows us to keep our pets living longer and healthier”(Consunji). This matter because without animals research  many other animals, such as cats, dogs, and other pets people love, would be dying and getting sick more often. For example, if you have a dog and it needs it shots and all those shots that the vet is giving your dog was found by using animals. Animal research is ethical because it helps many people and animals get better and finding new medication. Moreover, in the article called “Medical Benefits” by Speaking of Research provide, clarify, “These treatments have been used to save or improve the lives of many millions of people worldwide” (Speaking of Research provide). Not only does animal research help people, but it helps people world wide. Animals are heroes because they are saving people, they don’t wear capes but they for sure help many people around the world get better and even get cured. Even though many people disagree about using animals for research we are using them for a good cause. This is ethical because many of the animals are making a better and healthier world by being used to treat viruses.


In conclusion, animal research is ethical when it is used to find treatment for both humans and animals and of the research is making a positive effect in the world like helping people with disease. This is true because the experiment that are done on the animals have a good impact on humans and animals  that save both of their lives.


Annotated Bibliography


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This article is explaining how animals helped humans get better by finding cures and treatment. The article focused on explaining the pro and cons of using animals for research. The article is credible because it explains both sides (pro and cons) on using animals so they are not bias. The article also focus on Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, and primarily pro-con format


“Medical Benefits.” Speaking of Research, 6 Apr. 2016,

The article talks about what disease did animals help find cures for. the Article focused on the benefits for animals research and explain how they help find cures for different disease. This is a credible source because Speaking of Research is an international advocacy group that provides accurate information about the importance of animal research in medical and veterinary science.


“Stand Up for Science.” Stand Up for Science: Facts about Animal Research,

This article was about how animals have helped the medical research. The article shows how the research was benefit, how many animals were used in the research and what type of animals were used. This is a trustworthy source because it explains the facts with other articles backing them and showing that the information are facts and are not made up. The article’s purpose is to inform people and not to sell them anything.


“Read ‘Science, Medicine, and Animals’ at” National Academies Press: OpenBook, 19 Mar. 2018,

This article was about why scientist use animals to find medication and treatment. The article focus on informing the reader about the good things and the benefits that the research does to people and animals. This is a trustworthy article because it is a book to inform people about the animals, medicine, and the science behind it. This is also trustworthy because the website shares book about important subjects.  

Are Animals Equal to Humans

Imagine animals, but not your everyday dog or cat, but a lion or giraffe, with a paying job. Or a hippo having to pay rent for the river it has been staying at for the past two years. Animals shouldn’t have rights because they don’t speak, they don’t have specific worries of a human. Although I don’t believe that animals should have rights, I do believe that animals shouldn’t be abused. Animals should at least go without living their last moments suffering. Animal testing is necessary to develop new medicines and advance in scientific knowledge.

       Animals can’t speak. Otherwise, it would be a way different story. Animals would stand up and speak for themselves, but since they can’t, people are going to continue to use animals for tests. A lot of people, if not everyone in the world should be grateful for what animal testing has accomplished. If it weren’t for animal testing a lot of people that are alive, now, would be dead. It has also helped scientists understand more about how animals work and that knowledge could help doctors, surgeons, etc.

       Animal testing is something I believe should go on and be continued because it has helped us, humans, in numerous ways. The most important reasons being, helping to create new medicines and to expand the knowledge we have on the world and the creatures living in it.

Yellowstone’s Wolves: Why Predators are Crucial to the Ecosystem

The word “predator” is often associated with negative images, such as a big, bad animal attacking an adorable, tiny animal of prey. We may think of massive sharks, lions, tigers, or bears, who are usually described as something to fear and even get rid of rather than a creature with immense importance to the ecosystem who should be appreciated and protected. If you don’t believe that, this article will convince you of their positive impact through the research done on the importance of predators through Yellowstone National Park’s wolf population.

In the early 20th century, government predator control programs almost eliminated the gray wolves from the consecutive United States because they were feared to be a risk to both humans and wildlife. People did not realize that wolves are the top of a delicate food web which needs this top predator to stay in balance.

With the wolves gone from Yellowstone, the elk population doubled because their main predator was no longer present. The abundance of elk overgrazed the whole park, which upset the natural balance of the ecosystem. Small grass animals such as mice and rabbits had no grass to hide in, so their populations dramatically decreased. Grizzly bears’ berries that are necessary for storing up for hibernation were eaten by the elk. When wolves were around, elk wouldn’t spend too much time at the river because they were vulnerable there. However, without the wolves, the elk spent a lot of time on the riverbanks, and their hooves eroded the river, clouding up marine animals’ homes with soil. Without clean water, beavers couldn’t build their dams to live in; without the beavers’ dams, fish, otters, and amphibians also suffered.

When the wolves were reintroduced in 1995, the effects were shocking. Wolves brought elk numbers down, creating a more robust population through survival of the fittest. The elk carcases give scavengers, such as coyotes and eagles, food to eat. Grizzly bears’ population increased, and more berries are around since there are less elk. The riverbank plants are restored, which means stronger riverbanks and less erosion, and along with less elk constantly in the river, the water is cleaner and clearer.  Beavers can reconstruct their dams, which then creates new habitats for marine animals such as otters and fish. These effects are known as a trophic cascade.

This trophic cascade also affects humans. More visitors come to Yellowstone to see the wolves, which pumps millions of dollars into the local economy, creating new jobs and a better economy. Wolves are beneficial for everyone and everything in Yellowstone. Predators are not to be feared or hunted, but to be protected and appreciated. Yellowstone’s wolves prove the positive impacts predators have on all ecosystems.

Ili Pika

“Magic rabbit” – Ili pika (Ochontana iliensis), was discovered in 1983, is a small mammal only 20 centimeters long that’s native to the Tianshan mountain range of the remote Xinjiang region of China. There are many reports that Ili rabbit has similar cute face like a teddy bear, which may be attributed to its pair of big ears. In fact, Ili rabbit’s ear length and hind foot length are the longest among all rabbits. Illi rabbits’ coat color are brighter than other rabbits and they have lighter-colored brown spots on their forehead and both sides of the neck. In winter, their coat color will be even more brighter.

They live on sloping bare rock faces and feeding on grasses at high elevations. This little creature is close to become extinction — the population of Ili pika declined by almost 70% since 1883 so there are less than 1,000 left now. This is because its habitat is being drastically affected by climate change. “Ili pikas were originally found at elevations between 3,200 to 3,400 meters. Now they have retreated to elevations of 4,100 meters”, there is nowhere else to retreat. Rising temperatures have forced the pikas to retreat up into the mountain tops. In addition, grazing pressure from livestock and air pollution have likely contributed to their decline too.

“In 2008, the International Union for Conservation of nature added the animal to its list of endangered species, though the animal still has no group seeking to protect it from disappearing off the face of the planet.” However, I do not want this cute creation disappear. Also, because Ili rabbit eat alpine herbs, its excrement can be used as a medicine, known as grass grease. In addition, due their living condition, there is less change in gene so their genetic quality is relatively pure, which can become a natural pure breed of medical laboratory animal. So, how should we protect them and let the population grow again?

Research: “We have to save this cute rabbit dog thing before it’s too late”, “China’s ‘magic rabbit”, “’Magic rabbit’ nears extinction in China “


The Crow and the Pitcher Remixed

My Scratch Animation was based on trying to teach lessons about patience. In it, a thirsty crow is looking for water, finds a pitcher, but cannot drink the tiny water that is in it. The crow then gets an idea and is able to successfully get the water to a drinkable height.I present the viewer with 2 choices. 1, the

I present the viewer with 2 choices. 1, the crow would drop pebbles in, and 2, the crow would try to break it open with rocks.

This project took me several hours to finish, mainly due to the crazy amount of actions the crow does to get the water to a drinkable height. I hope you enjoy my animation.



Scratch Script:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Two World Collide

Here is my Project:


Here are some steps to create an awesome Animation like this.

  1. Brainstarm for ideas
  2. Turn those ideas into scripts
  3. Animate it
  4. Revise everything
  5. Show to friend and ask for tips
  6. Use those tips
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 3 times
  8. Publish
  9. Show to teacher
  10. Get Praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Act I

Jarvis: Hello, I am Jarvis. I am Tony Stark’s personal assistant other than Miss Pepper Potts. Today, I am going to show you a story that many of you will not know about.

Jarvis: The unforetold story of Iron Man and Optimus Prime and the Alien of Disgustingness.

Jarvis: Here are some interesting facts you should know about them.

[Portfolio pops up and shows you Tony Stark’s picture. 2 seconds later, his info pops up underneath.]

[Portfolio Closes]

[Red and blue briefcase comes in and opens up]

[Optimus Prime’s picture shows up. 2 seconds later, his info pops up underneath]

[Briefcase disappears]

[Alien Corpse shows up with a big hole in the middle.]

[Info pops up in green font.]

[2 seconds later, a bunch of kids say ewwww at the same time]

Jarvis: But before we begin, if you are under the age of 12 than don’t watch this animation. Thank you and enjoy the story.

In A Galaxy far, far, Away

(Needle Scratches)

Right here on Earth

Act 2

Jarvis: Sir, incoming message from Optimus Prime.

Stark: (Groggily) What time is it Jarvis?

Jarvis: It is currently 2 AM 56°F outside right now. It is partly clou(Starks cuts him of)

Stark: I don’t care right now what the weather is like. Where is he?

Jarvis: He is actually right outside.

Stark: (Suddenly sits up) (Suddenly awake) WHAT!!! Assemble the Iron Legion!

Jarvis: Sir, can’t you confront him yourself?

Stark: Yes, but if history repeats itself, I’ll need another arc reactor. And they don’t grow on trees.

Jarvis: Sir, you have a room filled with emergency arc reactors.

Stark: Fine, Get my suit.

<5 minutes later>

Prime: Well, hello again Tony.

Stark: Hello Prime. What do you need from me right now.

Prime: There is a species of aliens coming here to destroy Earth.

Stark: What did I tell you about bringing your stupid Decepticons here to Earth.

Prime: First of all, they are not Decepticons. Second, they are an intellectual alien species that have stolen and wrecked havoc in the solar system.

Stark: So they are technically space pirates.

Prime: Yes, they have asked us to call them the ΘΗ ΙΔΙΟΤΣ.

Stark: English please.

Prime: The Idiots.

Stark: Ok. So when are they coming?

Prime: On the eclipse.

Stark: So about 2 days.

Prime: Yes.

Jarvis: Sir, if I may interrupt. In two days, you have a date with Miss Potts.

Stark: Oh yeah. Sorry Prime, but you remember last time when I accidentally skipped date night.

Prime: Yes, that was painful to watch. So are you in?

Stark: Yes, I am in. But after that, be sure to stay out of a 50 mile radius of her. I assume you have a team ready.

Prime: Yes, me, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Arcee, Sideswipe, Skids and Mudflap, Leadfoot, Topspin and Roadbuster.

Stark: So you basically just named all the Transformers still alive.

Prime: So what is your team?

Stark: The usual. Capt. America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Panther, War Machine, Spider Man, Spider Girl, She-Hulk and Winter Soldier.

Prime: –zzzz– Hmm. Ok that is quite a team there.

Stark: You weren’t even listening.

Prime: No, but we will probably kick some buttock in 2 days.

Stark: It’s butt, not buttock, grandma. Who says that?

End of Act 2

Act 3

Stark: Here is my team.

Stark: Say hello to Capt. America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Panther, War Machine, Spider Man, Spider Girl, She-Hulk and Winter Soldier.

Prime: So here is my team.

Prime: Bumblebee, Ratchet, Arcee, Sideswipe, Skids and Mudflap, Leadfoot, Topspin and Roadbuster.

<Ominous music plays>

[They feel a blast coming from space and there is a dot coming]

Stark: Everybody, suit up!

Rodgers: That’s my line Stark!

Prime: Don’t argue about this now or else there won’t be a tomorrow to fight about it.

<6 hours later>

[The spaceship has landed on the moon]

Rodgers: How are we suppost to get up there?

Stark: That, Cap. is why I am leader. We fly!

Rodgers: With what? It’s not like we have suits to to fly us up there and can fight in them in space.

Stark: Jarvis. I’ll lead you to tell them about their suits.

Jarvis: Ladies and gentlemen. Your Battle Alien Reinforced FlowerPower. Or B.A.R.F for short. Sorry about the name but Mr. Stark insisted that, that was going to be the name because he would find that in the suit after this so called “saving the world”.

T’Challa: Are they specialized in our abilities and powers?

Jarvis: Yes. For instance, Hawkeye has a built in quiver with rocket propelled arrows specially designed for space. Hulk has a stretch suit with rockets at the elbows to deliver more powerful punches. Capt. America has rockets on his shield so that he can control it flight pattern in space. Shall I go on?

Romanoff: (in a bored tone) No, please keep going. Wake me up when he gets to my suit.

Jarvis: Black Widow has Tesla guns that shoot massive amounts of electricity. Since bullets won’t cut it in space against aliens with bulletproof skin.

Romanoff: Nice.

Jarvis: Black Panther has a r

<20 minutes later>

Stark: Wow, even I got bored listening to all that.

Wilson: —zzz—

Romanoff: —zzz—

T’Challa: —zzz—

Thor: —zzz—

Rodger: —zzz—

Maximoff: —zzz—

Rhodes: —zzz—

T’Challa: —zzz—

Branner: —zzz—





Bucky: —zzz—



[Everyone wakes up]

Stark: We go to space!!!

<10 minutes later>

[You see 25 dots rising from Malibu, California]

Jarvis: Distance to destination 100,000 miles.

[Land on moon]

[Alien mob waiting for them]

[The fight starts]

[Zooms in on specific people fighting]

<20 minutes later>

Stark: That was easy and hilarious. Capt cot hit in the face 3 times

[Instant Replay]

[Massive thumbs up pops up]

The End