August 12, 2022


To the President; We Are Killing the Earth

Dear President,


The environment is literally the base of all life on Earth. It makes everything go round. But the problem is that the Earth is dying at an insanely fast rate. This is more of a problem than we are letting on.

There has been a high rate of natural disasters affecting the coast of the United States in Texas and Florida, and also all of Puerto Rico. All of these disasters happened within an extremely small time frame and we shouldn’t overlook it as some natural phenomena. A Puerto-Rican named Alejandro (@agarciapadilla on Twitter) tweeted a picture of surgeons conducting a surgery using a flashlight from a cellphone. The polar ice caps melting play a large role in the hurricanes, which sprouted from, you guessed it: global warming.

That is just touching on the topic of global warming. The earth has heated drastically since 1910. Daniel Glick mentioned in an article that Glacial Park has significantly just diminished. In 1910, there were 150 glaciers; now there are only a shrunken 30. Many people do not believe in global warming, but what else could have caused that?

That’s not our only focus in our environment. #SaveTheBees has become a more popular trend lately. All for a good reason. The simplest and harshest way to put it is; without the bees, everyone dies. Everyone knows that bees pollinate flowers. But bees also pollinate; plants, trees, and grass. Even beekeepers in the UK are finding it hard to sell their honey for a low price since it is so scarce, mentioned by Nabila Khouri, CNN.

It is our responsibility as a human race to save what we have left. To save the Earth, we must stop with deforestation. Things we can do is carpool to release less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. That alone would help us significantly. If we used solar energy, we would have no need for fossil fuels. We must protect what we have left before there is nothing left.



Alexandra Fairbrother

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It Is So About Race

Many home are divided on this topic. People can fully disagree with their own family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Americans are actually giving something to start an argument: anyone should be able to take a knee during the National Anthem.

The First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to  assemble, and to petition the government redress of grievances. Although this sounds boring it’s a very important thing to consider in the issue of the protests. The vice president left a football game. He was upset with Americans protesting. So then, he protested.

Posted on VoteVets Twitter account “Jerry Jones and Donald Trump are 2 billionaires that never served trying to lecture us about patriotism. #TakeAKnee”

There are extremists on both side of the argument. People should not be shamed for kneeling. Football players are people with beliefs too. It is not to shame the National Anthem or veterans, but to raise awareness the same way wearing pink raises the same amount of awareness. There are many veterans that will take a knee that have went viral on various social media sites. One particular one is a tweet by Brennan Gilmore (@brennanmgilmore) of his grandfather, a WWII veteran taking a knee. The tweet reads, “My grandpa is a 97 year-old WWII vet & Missouri farmer who wanted to join w/ those who #TakeaKnee: “those kids have every right to protest.” Veterans like him fought for the right to take a knee, not to be pressured to take a knee. If you are truly patriotic, you aren’t in the military to be worshipped.

Darryl Strawberry told CBS Sports that he believes when they have the jersey on, they are a different person. He basically said that your beliefs shouldn’t be displayed on the field. It’s understandable why he would say something like that, but at the same time you should not drop your beliefs for a job. If you are in the spotlight like that, it is more the reason; a responsibility; to raise awareness.

People may say that it’s a waste of time and football should just be football. What would you do if you had the opportunity to get your voice heard for something to believe in, but not use it?

In most cases, most people who do not support taking the knee are just flat out racist. It’s a scary thing to witness in this world; especially in this day and age. The reasons for taking a knee (multiple reasons) are: black people being mistreated, the banning of muslims, and people just flat out disliking Trump. In the midst of it, no one is causing any harm. We have a right to take a knee.