Tablets vs. Textbooks by Dominic

December 12, 2019


Tablets vs. Textbooks

Technology has improved so much in the last decade it’s unbelievable. We have access to anything right at our fingertips, but there are really bad side effects to these technological advances. Tablets give off tons of radiation and this radiation is harmful to the human eye and brain. Other side effects of having tablets instead of textbooks are the fact that there are multiple distractions on a tablet such as notifications, games, text messages, social media, etc. Tablets require internet which might be accessible at school but not every kid has the internet at home to be able to get their homework done. Tablets are breakable and to repair them it costs quite a bit of money, textbooks are also breakable but it doesn’t need to be repaired immediately. The logical thing to do is buy the textbooks because of safety, expenses, and durability.