The Central Idea


According To the six chapter of The Arrival we can observe that its an important chapter because the images can show us different’s point of view and different ideas about what is happening in the book. We can see the whole family having a conversation and the main character ( the father) is telling something to her daughter. This picture shows us different perspectives and different’s point of view about what is happening in the story, these events make us to think about the central idea: With patience, everything can be done.


Enmanuel Herasme



Research( zuleyka)

Shaun Tan ( born 1974) fremantle western  is an Australian artist, write and filmmaker. He won an academy award for the lost thing, a 2011 animated film adaptation of a 2000 picture book he wrote and illustrated. Other books he has written  and illustrated include the Red Tree and The Arrival. Tan was born in Freeman, western Australia, and grew up in the e northern suburbs of perth, western Australia. In 2006, his wordless graphic novel The Arrival In 2006,won the Book of the year prize as part of the new south wales premier’s literary awards. The same book won the children’s Book council of Australia picture book of the year award in 2007.and the Western Australian premier’s Book  and the Awards premier’s prize in 2006.




Summary( Karen)

In this chapter we appreciate how this family is having dinner, talking about sending the little girl for something, they look like a beautiful and lovely family. The little girl gets dressed,grab her pet and go out walking trought town, she finds something that looks like a glowing watch, floating. Her town looks a little bit dark and sinister, but she doesn’t look afraid of walking by herself, she keeps walking for a while when she aparently finds what she was looking for, when she’s about to leave to go home she finds this girl, that seems to be lost, maybe a new inmigrant, we can deduce this by the suitcase she’s carrying and the map on her hand. At the end she shows the new girl the place she was looking for.




Literary Elements


The literary elements that is presented in this picture is the woman who is lost in the city but the little girl is helping her to find what the woman is looking for. This image shows me that is good when you have someone who can help you when you have any problem, when you feel alone and wants someone to help you, you always gonna have someone that take care about you.


Enmanuel Herasme




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