Author: Milthon

T4N: the arrival chapter 1

Chapter I


Milthon Jose Cruz Brea

Junior Chavez

Jose Mata




The man is trying to move to a new country without the problem represent with this rare tentacle that represent the push factor then the pull factor is the new country without tentacle and get a better life for his family but the question is, how he know that this country is better ? or why this country between all the others ? and what is the push and pull factor ?


The story show how this man want go out of the country for avoid the life with this monster but lif his family a bird of origami that can represent that need to be free a “fly” out the problems and he going to help they to go away but first he going to a new country for find money for his family come with him


the image show…

This image represent how they want each other we going to start with the first part of the image, he give a origami of a white pigeon that represent freedom and peace but she is not all in peace knowing that his father is going to travel for a long time  for that give a hug, and his wife are sad that she don’t know if he going to be a life or that is going to be a better life so give a hug to because want to remember forever and he go to seek a new life for all of they,and finally the part where they hold his hand represent that don’t forget his family never


  1. The travel tracer


At the beginning, the story is shown in a somewhat tetrico place, a place where happiness was not seen, where they go hungry and had needs, where, there are many strange animals, as they represent danger, as if giving a warning like seeing them


  1. Research


The author says, “The entire book is a general metaphor not only for immigration, but any major life change which involves sacrificing something familiar for the promise of something unknown” ( This is important because the book give a message of all change in live not just about immigration like the quote said is about all the changes on your live like changing of family,work and economy things and in some cases emotional problems.