Central idea

The second chapter in “The arrival” is a very important chapter

because it tells the immigration process and the reason why the person leaves their country in a world of incomprehensible violence, agitation and hope. The process to be able to enter a new country is a very long and difficult period. when the person have that leave their country it implies leaving behind our cultural roots and adapting to new cultural and  climatic situations that may not always be easy to cope with or have the ability to adapt to change.  This shows that the life have difficult moment but always there opportunities for overcome the problems and meet goals leave their family and risk their life. By which the author  Shaun Tan shows the history of the immigrant with a man who leaves his wife and son in an impoverished city, seeking better prospects in an unknown country looking for new opportunities his family to have better economic situation and a better future. the author Shows the reader the central ideas:people immigrate for better life for his family.one example in the real life is when the person come to America  leaves their family in his native country for that the family can have a better life .


Summary of chapter II

The chapter began with our principal chapter on his way to what will be his new home after a few weeks on a big boat with a lot of emigrants.

When they finally arrived to this new country they all were excited and surprised about this place, the authority made them made lines to be examined to classify them, after the exam that seemed very hard because apparently was in another language they let him enter.

He arrived to a city where there are no monsters,a clean city. Now he is walking through the streets watching all these people with no big worries. Our character is looking for a place to stay but he is struggling with the language because he is kind of lost and had to ask a men to take him to the motel, once he paid the room the woman give him the key and he got to his room he finds an animal while he was testing all the new stuff of his new “home”, finally he open his suitcase where are the memories



There are many different settings in chapter ll of “The Arrival”. The setting of chapter ll changes, showing the readers different times and places. The father are arriving at the port. The father arrived at the port where the ship would be waiting to take people from one place to another. being there, it was reviewed in detail and they also searched for his identity to know who he was.

In paper birds the author shows despair and also refers to his daughter, depressing setting from the past.

Again the people are show to be much smaller than the machines. This tells the reader that the problems in the home country are too big for the people to fix, alone.

The setting appears to he still  in hometown because the boat is bigger than people. This setting still sad and the father still alone.


The author of the book the arrival, Shaun tan, grew up in Australia. He studied science in school,  but became an artist when he finished school. He has created many picture books and won awards like Astrid Lindgren memorial award for his art. Tan is well-known for his “dream-like pictures” (Weaver 234). Tan used his own personal experiences of growing up in Australia where there is a long history of Chinese immigration. His father migrated from china to Australia before Shaun was born, but he grew up hearing many of his father’s immigration stories. Tan wanted to “combine many different immigrants stories”( Hutchinson 16), instead of just showing one point of view.


Literary elements.

The images on the chapter ll show one of the ways to immigrate. The father in the story leave his family and travels to another place in a big ship to new land with better opportunities trying to give to his family a better life. The imagines show the being of his trip.

There are many symbols in these images that show people immigrate for different reasons. The with birds represent peace and liberty, the father immigrate to escape and be free.


Wrap Up

Chapter ll is a very important part of the arrival because is where the trip being .The author beings to show the reader one of the ways to immigrate . Shaun Tan uses the symbols in this chapter to show how is emigrate in a ship alone but around people that you don’t know but is good because is a opportunity to change their life and this opportunity give the chance to leave and being from zero in a new place to gave the best to his family.






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  1. Garileny 2 years ago

    I am happy about the work, because it represent shows the dificult moments that immigrants live. Your image and analisys connect to my group’s in the part of the setting, because, I made the same chapter as you and also the the symbols that the author used to represent normal things like, liberty and communication. Thanks for your writng. I look foward to seeing you write next because this was really good.

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