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The main issue that this article addresses is the challenging environments that some children have to grow up in and how that negatively impacts their thinking and emotions.

The particular aspect of this problem that is being addressed is how to decrease the constant violence that some children are exposed to. These experiences overdevelop the emotional system to the point where children begin to perceive danger when there is none. This will affect their ability to think rationally and react appropriately to certain situations.

One of the solutions that is suggested in this article would be to take hospice programs for old people where they are checked on by medical professionals every so often and translate it into childcare. A team of professionals in the field of psychology would travel to homes in dangerous areas and check up on the kids in those residences. This program would ensure the safety of children and might even save lives if it is brought about properly.

Objects to this solution might be that it is not feasible. The amount of children who are at risk of exposure to violence is in the millions. Some might say that there are not enough professionals to solve the problem for good. However, taking small steps towards a bigger goal is always something that should be encouraged.

I believe that the solution is quite ingenious actually, but it must be elaborated on. I believe that certain residential areas should come with a pre-requisite that anyone who lives there must be checked up on professionals every so often to ensure the safety of the adults and the children alike. Furthermore, I think that there needs to be a test trial before this solution is tested on a big scale.

I know for a fact that this solution would work in my community because it is relatively small. The real issue is making it work nationwide. This solution is the first step to ending this particular problem.

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