Hi, my name is Daisy. I’m 14 years old and the things I enjoy doing are drawing and going out to nature, and being surrounded by plants. My parents are from a City called Puebla, Mexico, but my seven-year-old little brother and I were both born in America. We live in Brooklyn now;that is something that changed my life completely. I had to move when I was little. Me and my parents used to live in Coney Island but we had to leave because of hurricane Sandy in 2012 we lost most of our stuff. This gave us another chance to know more about places we had never been before and it helped me to meet new people.

Three of my strengths are being confident, socializing with people, and explaining myself. I have to work on  being able to ask for help, something I achieved is graduating from middle school MS 51 William Alexander, and being able to move on. My next big goal is to improve  my Art skills.

It’s only my Mom and Dad and my little brother in my family. The people I love the most are my parents. They are always there for me no matter what. My great-grandmother passed away last year. I could have met her before me and my mom video called my aunt to talk to her . I was happy seeing her play with filters and her coloring books  and being able to see her made my day .

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September 20, 2023 2:43 pm

Dear Daisy,
 I’m interested in something that I share about you is the fact that you really like nature and plants. 
I really felt moved by your story, what you went through. I imagine it had to be difficult for you and your family, although it is good that from something bad that happened you were able to find something good from it. I hope you manage to accomplish everything or that you set your mind.
Thank you for your work at Youth Voices. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really enjoyed reading about you.

October 7, 2022 10:05 pm

hello daisy, i think your paragraph was very interesting, because it talks about you. Why i am interested is because you are putting yourself out their, and i think that’s great because not many people are outgoing like you and decide to put their life nor information about them out there. I love how you stand out and you are very courageous. I loved hearing your story because you matter and you deserve to be heard.

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