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Sunset Park

I’m heading to this park called Sunset Park, its a pretty interesting place, and I heard that there’s a lot of people you can meet. Sunset Park is a huge park, I think this is the first park that I know that is that huge, I heard that it’s like 280 acres and that is unbelievable. The behavior at that park is amazing because everyone around there is nice, I’ve met a lot of good people and became friends with them.

Sunset Park is telling me that, this is a good environment and that everything around me is good and safe. Some physical attributes about this Park/Sunset Park are that is kind and show respect, and they will always lend you a hand if you are having trouble if you having trouble getting to someplace in the park if you ask someone they will help you and there will be no problem. This park smells alright nothing too crazy, and this park sounds very great to hang out with, and the taste is great because so many people you can meet, and this park is very good. 

After all, I will be meeting a lot of people. there are so many memories in this park, like playing soccer, meeting new people, seeing fights and many more things. I like this place because every day is a new day and I don’t dislike anything. something very important about this place is that every day is a new day and you can meet a lot of different people. something insignificant is that the people you meet sometimes don’t come back and then it’s just sad. Sunset Park feels like home because of the people I got there, and that’s very nice. this place is significant to me because of all the memories I made there and the new things ima make. This Park holds all my memories that’s why it’s very important to me.

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