Sunset Park by Dominick M

November 4, 2021


Sunset Park

I was born in a neighborhood called Park Slope, but when I was nine years old I moved to a new neighborhood south of there called Sunset Park.  The neighborhood has a large park also called Sunset Park, that has become an important place in my life.  It has basketball courts and a public swimming pool that’s open in the summer, but it also has playgrounds, benches, and it is steep.  At the top of the hill there is a statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess, and she is looking out at the Statue of Li

Sunset Park is a beautiful place to go to in my experience, you can just have fun there, there are no fights. Sunset Park has always been a place for me to go to because it keeps me calm. It’s like it’s telling me to go there whenever I’m not feeling myself or I just look at my family from a distance and how they are having fun grilling food and it just brings me joy to see them happy.

Sunset Park is a great place to be in. The view is nice, birds flying around, also it’s more beautiful when the sun is setting. Sunset Park just smells like grass, and pool water. I hear kids playing, laughing, screaming, and the ball bouncing.I can feel the wind touching my skin and it appears that the park has a lively setting. I have a lot of memories of Sunset Park  like me and my family going to the pool, or me and my brother going to the park to play basketball, but there’s one where me and my family and cousin, aunts, and uncles had a barbeque party there and it was just perfect. 

What I like about Sunset park is that it’s pretty big, but one thing I don’t like is that the bathrooms are nasty. What’s important about Sunset Park is that you meet new people and make new friends. Sunset Park feels like it’s worth going to, just to go take a walk or something. The significance of Sunset park is that it can bring people together, make us feel proud of ourselves. Sunset Park has no special meaning so it’s just a place for me to relax and release my emotions right in the open.