Suffering from Food Insecurity by Fatima

December 5, 2021


Suffering from Food Insecurity

In the article “Food Insecurity” I learned how many people don’t have food to eat they have to worry about their next meal. Many people experience a lack of food. Which affects low-income families, individuals, and children. Food insecurity is something extremely difficult for many and very scary. Food insecurity has many negative effects, especially on people’s health.

What are ways you can help others suffering from food insecurity?

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Food insecurity is something no one should have to face. The sad reality is that there are a variety of people who suffer from food insecurity. There are many children whose parents have difficult times providing food for their children. No one should ever have to face hunger. In many schools and communities, people get together and all help and support others in need by providing food drives. I think it’s amazing how we can all help each other because we never know the difficult situation someone can be going through. Helping each other is something truly amazing.