My name is Hatou Batchilly, and what’s important to know about me is that I’m an African American citizen in the U.S who likes to learn. I was born on the 22 of August, 2001. A turning point that hit me in life was on July 12 2016. On that day, I went to Africa. I recently came back this year [2019] and went straight to school. I live in the Bronx. I’ve always been so dedicated to learning so I believe now is my chance to work hard and try my best and I’m sure I’ll succeed, besides, I’m sure you who are reading this will also succeed.

I like to learn about lots of new things, like things that happen around the world, different cultures and different activities. In school I’m good at reading and U.S. History. At home I like to study and help my mom with chores. I got this way because I was in Africa and in Africa every child that’s over the age of 12 works for their parents,older sisters,aunts and so on. So, you get to adapt to the system over there to the point where you can’t almost just leave it, which is what i’m used to.

What has our community come to? In my community there’s of girls at the age of 17, 16 and even 15 year-olds who are pregnant or that have already have a baby. I think this needs to be stopped as soon as possible. This is very important to me because I feel that if you’re not engaged or married you shouldn’t be having sexual intercourse. Especially at a young age. Pregnancy at a young age is bad for a community.

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April 9, 2019 5:27 am

Hatou, I think that it’s so cool that you have a lot of culture in your background. I think it’s good to look at things from different perspectives. Most teens aren’t emotionally ready to be mothers yet and financially it can be hard for them especially if they are still in school. Preventing teen pregnancy can be good for communities. Here is a good article I found about it

April 3, 2019 1:56 pm

Dear Hatou,
I really admire your bio, because it captives your life and beliefs very well. You clearly stated how you feel about the issues in Africa of teen pregnancy, and early marriage. I’m happy that you bought underlying issues to light. I wanted to know even more about you, seeing that you have experienced so much that we know lit about. How do you think we can be a help to this injustice in your community.

April 3, 2019 1:42 pm

I agree that people should not be starting families until later in life. I think this because I believe that someone needs to be financially and mentally in a place where they can support another person. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad for a community as a whole, however, I think that starting a family too young can put unnecessary emotional hardship on everyone involved in the situation. Why do you think it’s bad for the community?

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