Unexpected things in life makes our lives much exciting, and happy. That is what serendipity is.

This word, not widely known, was on my pencil case that I bought few years ago. It wasn’t even printed big; it was printed on a small tag that was attached to the side of my pencil case. The pencil case was made with flower printed leather, very simple and pastel toned.

I bought this pencil case with my friend, and for my friend. I was going to move, and we promised ourselves not to forget the happy times we have spent with each other. To remind each other everyday, we bought a pencil case that we were going to carry all the times.

There we saw the word ‘serendipity’. What was that? My friend and I were pronouncing the word serendipity and both liked it. The word itself was pretty. The sound this word gives makes me think of a curvy road that is surrounded by flowers and trees – Japanese cherry blossom, to be specific. And I imaged a princess, dressed in pink, walking along the way with beautiful, pure thoughts. That’s exactly how this word came up to me.

And we searched the dictionary, and then knew it meant unexpected happiness. Happiness, a surprising happiness. What could that be?

At first I thought it was something big. Like an lottery. Something that comes when you are really lucky.

But I was wrong.

After I moved out from the town, I carried that pencil case as I promised. My friend did too. Then, sometimes when I look at that pencil case, I would think of my memories. Feelings that I had with my friend, or in school, or anywhere else. It would just remind me of happy thoughts. I was happy.

Then I realized what serendipity really meant. It wasn’t that big deal. It was just what I get everyday, just that I did not feel like I was lucky before knowing that fact. What I need to do, to get that serendipity, or get serendipitous, I just needed to thank it. Thank the fact that I feel happy that moment and then I will feel lucky. That was it.

I meet serendipity everyday. Also this moment, which I am reminding of my friend and all those good memories again. 

CC BY-SA 4.0 Sudden, and surprise; Serendipity by Jee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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