The definition of Success is always changing and is viewed very differently in the eye of the beholder. One person’s failure, can be another greatest achievement. It seems today as if the end result is the only thing looked upon as successful, and not the journey itself. If your are not a winner you are a loser in modern day society. It is no longer ok to say you put in a lot of time and effort and view it as success, you need to walk away with some type of validation whether it be first place or an A+ on an assignment. You need to out preform the rest to be the best. This view of success has turned out to actually hurt us and not help. By marginalizing other and their performance, we in fact our marginalizing ourselves, and instead of growing our personal selves and we are only trying to defeat by bringing them down.

There is not one true formula to being successful, but many have similar aspects. So many people are in so many different fields with fluctuated variables it is hard to say if you follow these steps you will be the next Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan, but there is one thing that is imperative to have to be successful and that is a drive to be great. You can be the most gifted mind in the world, but without the voice in your head pushing you to be better, you will stay complacent in you action and end up being mediocre. What does this voice end up sounding like? This voice ends up being motivation. In its simplest terms motivation is a force that drives someone to action. This tasks seem very easy on paper, but the key is turn the idea of motivation into the action of commitment. When you transition from from motivation to dedication you have moved to the next stage of success. All common success stories start with one thing and that is a goal. There are two types of goals, one very concrete and down to the point externally, and one very abstract internally. Susmita Mukherjee, publisher from the India times says, “it is implausible for an individual to be able to segregate and focus on either simply objective tangible goals or merely figurative ones. Even if one were to do so, the accomplishment of the goal would not lead to desired contentment – as there would be simultaneous areas that would need attention.”

There are all different types of reasons why we want to succeed. This can be split up int to a matrix of negativity and positivity. Each category giving a different drive to success. There are four quadrants of motivation to lead to success. There is internal positivity which creates self admiration and happiness in your achievement which is dependent on yourself. There is external positivity where you are getting a reward for your success, like money or recognition, which is dependent on others views upon you. Next there is internal negativity, which is a fear of self failure, and is dependent on your own opinions of your success. Finally there is external negativity, which is fear of respect from others, which is dependent on others views toward your success. The one most wanted to achieve is internal positivity because it comes from a place that is controlled by yourself, but we leave in a society today where external negativity is much more prevalent. The main disabler of success is intact limiting beliefs on yourself. Everybody brought up today is told what they must be and how they must act, so when brought up with a difficult challenge, you are limited by your thoughts that you were taught. This goes along being brought up in a negative environment. By being taught you can only do certain things, you will stay limited to do those things. Once you let go of the perception that you are limited, you realize you have the ability to greater things.

Here is a link to my hypothesis annotation on one of the articles I found.


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February 12, 2018 3:46 pm

This is a great post and you were able to argue effectively. Most people nowadays are too concerned measuring other people’s success with other people. The only thing I would ask is this: do you think you find more sources? You have a really abstract concept, and finding sources/information with this could be troublesome. I enjoyed your post and good luck on your final paper!

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