Students & The Pandemic by Aaliyah

February 16, 2021


Students & The Pandemic

In the article, “I Felt Like I Was Suffocating” by Aya Raji speaks on the pandemic and how it has affected teens’ identity and mental health.  Social isolation has been a major issue regarding the school or any part of social life which has been a result of anxiety and depression.  Students have become unmotivated due to problems from the pandemic such as sick family members or a parent’s loss of a job which Emma mentions in the article.

It is significant to look for signs of mental illness and try to find ways to prevent disorders such as anxiety and depression.  The young teens and adults have had to deal with major changes within this pandemic that has affected them in a various number of ways.  However, there have been some “silver-linings” as this time of social isolation has had one individual come to terms with their true identity and help self-reflect.  So indeed there is the negative  part of this pandemic but it is important to focus on the positive aspects and to try and prevent any negative outcomes to the best of your ability.  

How can young people find ways to get through this difficult time?