Stressors and there impactors by KeJahn

May 5, 2017


Stressors and there impactors

I just watched two videos about stress called “How stress can make you sick” and “ How stress affects the brain”. Here’s what I understand about stress now. Being sick can affect you also when you are tired, and depression or anxiety can mess with you on your day-to-day life.

I feel like they do affect me because when I’m tired I don’t feel like being at school and then  will end up being irritated to the point to where I will feel stressed and want to give up on school.

What was interesting was the way that your brain activates your stress levels once it feels a certain way and then how the body reacts to those things. Meaning, the stress makes your body tired and irritable. It can also make you angry. It is important to find ways to avoid stress levels because it will lead to depression and will make you have bad days in work and school and affecting your education and life.