Stress Management by Agnes

April 27, 2017


Stress Management

Well, actually I only used my technique once which was playing basketball for almost an hour. But the other techniques that I used were surprisingly helpful. I enjoyed not being about to think about what is causing me to be super stressed out and also having a bit of fun while using the technique. What I didn’t like about the technique I chose was that I wasn’t able to do it every day because of my decision to start after March, but also I didn’t enjoy not being able to keep up, which was challenging.
This technique was recommended by my sister last year and it worked for awhile so yes I do recommend working out, but only if you can keep it going on a few times a week. But I also recommend talking it out with others as well because it really helped me out even while working out at the same time. So either or would be a good suggestion on stress management.

Photo by garlandcannon