In the article, Life and Stress I learned that many of us deal with the struggles of stress on a everyday basics. Which is a huge problem. Stress as we all know is not good. It causes us to to feel overwhelmed and angry. Not to mention is bad for our health. Many are affected by stress during high school and college. For the reasons that their are a variety of school work that comes with many assignments and then even sometimes maintaining a job. There are a variety of reasons for stress. Stress affects us negatively but we must find ways to relive the stress and to overcome difficult obstacles.

I believe that having stress relievers methods are needed to be able to control our stress. Because I know how difficult is is to feel overwhelmed and drained. Stressing over so many things. Its not easy. Sometimes we feel as the world is against us or we tend to feel so angry and furious, sad and for some its gets to a point where they become depressed. Or we take our anger out on the people we love. It changes our moods and our actions towards ourselves and others. We become to be hard on our self and others. It becomes a dark place. Which is not good. I also believe that we need to speak more of stress to help each other out.

What are methods you uses to relieve stress or control your stress?

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March 28, 2022 8:15 am

Dear Fatima,

I am impressed by your post ” Stress is difficult” because you explain how stress makes people feel not only frustrated but also very sad and overwhelmed. I can agree with you that having a lot of homework and work can be very stressful because you feel like there’s no time to do anything and that’s why the stress kicks in.

one sentence you wrote that stood out to me is: ” I know how difficult is it to feel overwhelmed and drained. Stressing over so many things. it’s not easy.” I like what you said here because you express yourself and I know that a lot of people can relate to you.

Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I love how you can express yourself and elaborate on what stress causes us to do. I would like you to continue doing what your doing, keep up the good work.

Felipe Vargas

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