Stranger Than Fiction by Andre

February 25, 2017


Stranger Than Fiction

One weekend when I was camping on a three day trip with my friends from my soccer team and it was one of the most fun and sad times of my life.I had a ton of fun when we would fish,hammock, and even take hikes around the woods. After our long day we would go our campsite roast marshmallows joke around and then try to sleep. On our second day camping on our three day camping trip we came back to the campsite after fishing to find it was overrun with raccoons. Our food wasn’t very well sealed and a ton of raccoons came to our campsite and ate all of our food. We were trying to find out who left the food open and I remembered that I was super hungry in the morning and ate a lot and I guess I didn’t seal it well. That cut our camp trip short and we went home later that day and they still tease me about it to this day.